How to locate a Mobile or Track my Cellular Device?

Have you lost or stolen your mobile? , it is a very adverse and ugly situation, but it has happened to many of us, that we forget our cell phone in some establishment, in the seat of the cinema, on a restaurant table, on the bar counter, etc. 

But we can also have the bad luck of coming across a thief, who shamelessly strips us of our belongings, including our mobile.

If you are going through this situation, all is not lost, since there are certain tools that will help us locate our mobile , we do not guarantee 100%, but in many cases of theft or loss, the mobile has returned to its rightful owner.

So, stay and we will show you how to locate a mobile or cell phone, so that you can recover it. 

How to locate an Android cell phone for free and without an application?

If what you want is to locate a mobile without the use of applications, you must do the following steps, however, for this method to work, you must meet three requirements.

  • If when you lost the mobile it was on or off.
  • If you had an internet connection when you lost it.
  • If you had the GPS activated.

If your mobile meets these three conditions, you can carry out the following methods.

Locate a Mobile with Find my Android device with Gmail (Google Maps)

Many people were angry with google , since it did not have the support to locate the cell phone in case of theft or loss, and apple already had this tool for several years.

This tool helps us to track an android mobile, it should only be notified that we have lost it or that it has been stolen. 

The Find My Device tool uses google maps and tracks the location of the mobile, in this way we can see where it is , but in the event that the mobile is turned off or for some reason we cannot see its exact location, we can see where it was for last time, this will be of great help to find the stolen or lost mobile. 

To locate a cell phone, we must enter Find my Device and follow the steps that we show you below:

  • Enter your gmail and password, this email must be the one you had on the stolen or lost mobile.
  • You activate the three functions to have communication with the lost mobile. 
Locate Mobile Free

In addition, you can activate the following functions:

  • Activate an alarm, this will be activated even if the mobile is silent.
  • Lock it so no one can use it.
  • In extreme case you can erase all mobile data.

How to Find my Iphone Cell Phone Free and without Applications?

In recent years, the theft of iPhone cell phones has decreased considerably , since they implemented a tool that does not prevent it from being stolen, but in the event of theft or loss, it helps ensure that your mobile cannot be used by someone other than you. This has meant that thieves are not aiming to steal an iphone or any other apple product.

Locate an Iphone Mobile with Find My iPhone

All apple devices have the Find My iPhone feature. When you activate this function , you will be able to track and locate an iphone mobile.

If you think that you will no longer be able to recover your cell phone, you can erase all its content, from find my iphone, in addition, you can activate the “lost mode”, this function makes your mobile lock and become useless for whoever has it.

How to Track an Android Cell Phone with Apps?

If you want to have a second option to search for your cell phone, you can make use of certain applications that will help you track the cell phone.

The best applications to find a mobile are:

Locate Mobile or Cell Phone with Cerberus anti-theft

If you want to find your mobile device, the best application to do it is cerberus anti-theft, since you can not only track the location of the mobile, but also have the following options:

  • Activate an alarm.
  • Activate the camera and take photos of the  thief.
  • Activate the microphone to hear everything around you.
  • You can lock the mobile.

Locate Mobile or Cell Phone with Android Lost

With this app, you can locate the mobile in two ways: accessing the web and with SMS commands.

In addition, you can delete all the data that is stored in the cell phone, activate an alarm, lock the cell phone, you can also redirect calls and in the event that the SIM is removed, you will receive a notification message.

How to Track iPhone Mobile with Apps?

iPhone devices already have Find My iPhone, but if you have something up your sleeve, you can use external apps that will be very helpful.

Locate Mobile or Cell Phone with Prey anti-theft

With this app we can track a mobile and know its current location through GPS. This app is free, but it has premium features, but with the free version we have more than enough.

It is also available for android.

Locate Mobile or Cell Phone with Spyzie

This application is very effective, but it is paid, with it you can find a mobile device without being the owner.

It is widely used by companies to keep employees under control.

Find my Lost Cell Phone and Find it is Possible

Believe it or not, it is very possible to find your mobile , especially if you have done any of the previous methods, you should only use the option that you think is most convenient.

Remember to activate icloud on your iphone device, this will be of great help in case of theft or loss. 

On your android phone, you need to enter a secure gmail account and password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess.

What to do if you finally cannot Locate a Stolen or Lost Mobile?

If you have already carried out all the previous methods and you have not been able to recover the mobile, we recommend that you do the following steps:

  1. Talk to your operator and tell them everything that happened.
  2. File a police report.
  3. Lock your device so that no one can use it and it is unusable for anyone except you.

Ways to find your mobile online that do not work

All the methods that we show you on this website are legal and effective to your needs, but many websites circulate on the internet, which tell you that if you pay, they can help you recover a cell phone, but this website only wants your money and does not they will help.

For that reason we show you two alternatives that are surely frauds:

Locate My Mobile or Cell by IMEI for free

This is not true, since the IMEI of your cell phone is only the identification of your device, the IMEI makes it unique, but a mobile cannot be located through the IMEI.

Track cell phone by number free on the Internet

Finding a mobile through the number is not possible, because if it is turned off, you will not be able to locate it online, if you come across this type of website, do not enter, it is a fraud.

Locate another mobile Off

Locating android mobile while it is turned off is impossible, this is not real, they only do it to get your money, so do not fall into these traps.

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