How to free up space on the Mobile or Cell?

It has not happened to all of us that when we want to download a game or an application to our mobile, a message appears telling us that we do not have enough storage space and this is a headache , because we have to look for what to delete and many times we do not know what to delete of our cell phone.

But don’t worry, we will show you how to free up space on your mobile or cell phone, so that you have enough space to install any app or take all the photos you want.

Why do we have to free up space on the cell phone or mobile periodically?

Before receiving the annoying message of insufficient space and having to delete and delete apps and files from our mobile in order to have a little space in the internal memory of the mobile, you should know that you should periodically delete files that you do not use, because it not only leaves without space to your mobile device, but also makes it slow, the battery discharges faster and can become hot. 

This is many times because we have many apps that we do not need, that we only download, use it once and do not open them again, unnecessary files, etc.

So pay close attention to the measures you must take so that your cell phone does not slow down , run out of space and download fast.

How to free up storage space on Android Mobile

When you feel that your cell phone is slow, downloads very fast and does not have enough storage space, we advise you to follow the following steps, to avoid any problem with your mobile.

1. Clear the cache of the applications to free up storage space on the mobile

This is one of the options that not everyone knows, since every time we open an application or every time we access the internet, unnecessary files are stored in the internal memory of the cell phone.

If we allow the cache to accumulate, it can occupy many megabytes of storage, which means that our mobile does not have space to install or update apps, it becomes slow and it downloads quickly.

To clear the cache of your mobile, follow these steps:

  • Head to Settings .
  • Scroll down to device care .
  • Once inside, click on Storage .
  • Finally click on release .

By doing this you will be able to delete the cache and all the unnecessary files that are stored in the internal memory of your cell phone, remember to do this at least once a week, it is very easy to do and this will help to have enough space to install apps and else.

In this way you can free up space on your mobile without deleting anything important.

2. How to Free up Cell Phone Space by Restarting Apps or Uninstalling Them

Many times it happens to us that we download an app, use it once and then forget about it, if you think this is your case, you can delete that application completely to free up space, especially if that app needs a lot of storage space.

Most of the new mobile phones bring many applications that are useless and that we will never use, sometimes we can delete them, but some do not allow us to delete them, but we can disable them, so that they do not bother us or they are being updated.

3. Delete the accumulated downloads to free up space on the Android phone

Every time we download a file or an audio from the internet, it is saved in our internal mobile memory, if we no longer need that file, we can delete them, since they can take up a lot of storage space and take space away from new apps, photos or videos.

So if you are one of the people who download many files to the cell phone, we invite you to delete the ones you do not need. 

4. How to free up space on my cell phone by cleaning accumulated photos and videos

You are not the only one who has many photos and videos on your mobile, believe me this happens to many of us, but this can be harmful to our cell phone, since due to the excess of photos, images or videos, our phone does not it will take up space, it will get very slow and the battery will lose charge quite quickly.

Therefore, we advise you to delete all the photos or images that you do not need, but if you do not want to delete them because they mean a lot to you, then save them in google photos, since you have the option of storing many photos and videos in it, you will only have to have access to the internet every time you want to see those photos, because if you delete them from the mobile memory, but before you saved them in google photos, you will not be able to access them without internet. 

5. How to Free up Mobile Space by Deleting the Browser’s Browsing Data

Every time we use our browser on the mobile, the browsing data is saved, these can accumulate and take up a lot of space on the device, so we must delete them periodically, at least once a week, so that they do not accumulate many megabytes that remove space from the internal memory of the cell phone. 

How to Free up Space on Iphone IOS

Next, we will give you three tips to save and free up space on an iPhone mobile.

1. The best thing you can do is go to applications and see which app takes up more space on your device. If we don’t need that app, we can delete it or delete all those that we never use. This way you can have a lot of space on your iPhone.

2. You also owe the browsing data, because if they accumulate for a long time they can take up a lot of space, so go to settings, search for the safari browser and delete the browsing history.

3. Clear the cache, but iphone devices do not have the option to do this, to do this we need an application called PhoneClean, this app is very good for deleting the cache that has accumulated on our mobile phone, so we recommend install it and clear the cache once a week.

We hope it has been very helpful, if you have any questions leave it in the comments.

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