How to Activate Roaming or Data Roaming

Many of us see the words roaming or data roaming on our device, but not everyone knows what they mean, the benefits they can give us and when we should activate it. So we invite you to stay and see how to activate mobile roaming and all its benefits.

What is Roaming or Data Itinerancy?

The first thing you should know is that data roaming and roaming are the same thing, it is essential to know how it works, especially if you are a person who travels a lot to other countries and needs to use your mobile phone from another operator that is not yours. But what is Roaming?

To explain it in simple terms, we can say that data roaming is when you connect to the internet from a different network than the one you have contracted on your cell phone , or in other words, roaming allows you to be able to call, send text and access the internet when you are outside the coverage area of ​​your operator, so if you activate romaing, being in another country, you can connect to another operator to be able to send messages , make calls and connect to the internet, but the cost of using this tool can become very high.

How do I activate data roaming?

In many countries of the world the cost of using data roaming can be very high, recently in the European Union, an agreement was reached, under certain conditions, the operators will stop charging high costs for the use of roaming, but if you do not belong to the European Union, you will not be able to enjoy this same fate , since it can become very expensive to use roaming, so we recommend you use it only in case of great need or in case of emergency, since your bill can give you a hard time. 

The best thing you can do is check with your operator before leaving the country, so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises, and that is that prices may vary , depending on the country from where you connect and the agreement you have reached. operators, to which you belong and to which you want to connect, so if you are going to leave the country, check first with your operator about the costs and rates of the country you are going to .

It is very important that you activate roaming, only when you are going to use it, because if you leave it activated, you will continue to receive internet data, which entails a cost and an increase in your bill, so be very careful with this.

How to activate Roaming on Android

All mobile devices have data roaming by default, so it does not matter what type of cell phone you have , you can activate roaming whenever you need it, but not all Android mobiles activate it in the same way, so that we will show you how to do it in the three best-known brands that use the android operating system. 

How to Activate Roaming on a Samsung Mobile

To activate roaming on your samsung cell phone, you should know that you have to have mobile data activated, because if you don’t have it activated, you won’t be able to activate data roaming. Once mobile data is activated, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the “settings” of the phone.
  2. Click on “connections” .
  3. Go to “Mobile Networks” .
  4. And finally enable the option to activate «Data Roaming» .

Now you can surf the internet and make calls from other countries, just remember to check with your operator, the rates that are handled in that country.

If you want to disable data roaming, you just need to do the same steps you did to enable it, so it will be very easy for you to do so.

how can i activate roaming

How to Activate Data Roaming on Huawei

Huawei cell phones still use android operating system, so it is very easy to activate data roaming, so please pay attention to the following steps:

  1. Select “Settings” .
  2. Click on “more” .
  3. Go to “Mobile Networks” .
  4. Enable the “Data Roaming” option .
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How to Activate Data Roaming on Xiaomi

The Xiaomi cell phone brand has been a great boom in this industry, since no one expected another giant to come out to fight with samsung, huawei and apple, but Xiaomi is here to stay and today many people have one, so below , we will show you how roaming is activated on a Xiaomi mobile.

  1. Go to «Settings» .
  2. Click on “SIM Card and Mobile Networks”.
  3. Click on “Data roaming” .
  4. Click on where it says “Never” .
  5. Choose the “Always” option .

In this way, data roaming will be activated when you need it, remember that if you are not using it, it is best to deactivate it, to avoid charges to your bill.

how to activate data roaming

How to Activate Roaming on Iphone (IOS)

To activate data roaming on iPhone, you must follow a few very simple steps, so it will not be difficult at all to do so.

  1. Go to “Settings” .
  2. Click on “Mobile Data” .
  3. Activate the “Mobile Data” tab .
  4. Once the data is activated, click on “Options” .
  5. From there you can activate the “data roaming” .

As you see, it is very easy to do it, but remember that you must first check with your operator, so that you avoid problems with your bills, since using data roaming abroad can be very expensive.

How do I activate roaming on my mobile?

How to Deactivate Roaming or Mobile Data Roaming

If you want to deactivate data roaming because you will no longer use it , you just have to do the same process you did to activate it, remember that you must deactivate it once you stop using it, because if you don’t you can, your bill will be very high.

So be very careful when you go on a trip and remember to check with your operator the rates of using data roaming abroad. 

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and we will help you solve any questions you have. 

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