How to get likes on TikTok

TikTok is a social network very different from the others, but where the number of followers and likes is still key. Now we are going to learn how to get likes on TikTok by following the rules of this short video platform where viral rules.

We have already compiled some general TikTok tricks , but this time we are going to focus on getting more likes for the clips we upload.

It is one of the factors to appear in the main feed and grow views on TikTok , so we must use all the possibilities at our disposal.

The heart icon that represents “like” or “I like it” is always very visible on TikTok, so with the right content and a series of good practices we will increase the percentage of views with likes.

Post frequently

As in any social network, to gain visibility on TikTok it is necessary to stay active, uploading videos daily (even several times a day), which will help us connect with our audience.

Although a high number of posts does not directly affect likes, ultimately it does favor them. We will be more present in the feed, our followers will see us daily and that will generate links that will lead to likes for the videos they like.

Attention to viral and challenges

Although original and different content sometimes triumphs, the basis of TikTok are “recycled” formats , which become fashionable for a few days during which countless versions of thousands of profiles appear.

Therefore, we have to be very attentive to the hashtag of the moment and the challenges (“challenges” to do certain tests), in addition to the viral audios for the content.

Except in accounts with a closed theme or companies where they do not fit, it is always advisable to join the trends that arise.

Interact on TikTok

One parameter that TikTok takes into consideration is the interaction between members. Therefore, it is important that they make comments, that other people mention us and that they share our videos , all this will help us get likes.

If our account is not well known, a good idea would be to interact with other people to be reciprocated . If we put a comment on their videos, it is possible that they will do the same in ours, something that benefits both of us.

Also, we can do a duet on TikTok , because collaborations help a lot . The ideal would be to get them with users who have many followers, but possibly they are not interested, and you have to resort to others of a similar level to ours.

Quality content

The quality of the clips is very important. Although sometimes you can get likes with a blurry and poorly lit video, in general the better the presentation, the better the results .

Some apps can help us, for example, Video Star creates quite popular effects, and there are also alternatives to Video Star on Android that will help us give it a special touch.

On the other hand, sometimes being original pays off . Although hashtags and virals are key on TikTok, we can always give them a personal touch, or even get out of the usual formats.

It is important to use good music, if possible fashionable , and that everything is dynamic and striking , because we only have a few seconds.

TikTok’s audience is still mainly teenagers, and although some older or humorous tiktokers are successful, in the end those who get the most likes are girls or boys who are young and handsome.

Find your niche

The content that TikTok shows us is not only based on the profiles we follow, it also takes into account likes, views and interactions. So it may be worth focusing on a specific segment of users to get their likes.

For example, there are those who mainly search for humorous videos, quick crafts and kitchen tricks have also become somewhat popular , apart from music, which is the core of TikTok.

Ask for likes, but be careful with tricks

Although the brevity of the clips on TikTok leaves little time to ask the viewer for anything, tricks can be used to get them to like us with a certain naturalness .

For example, we can show a situation or problem and say “like it if you agree” , or carry out surveys where each action (follow, like, comment and share) corresponds to an option.

Now, you have to be careful about promising things that are not going to happen . You can get thousands of likes or comments claiming that certain hidden content will be shown this way, but it is not ethical, and it will displease our regular followers.

Although it is a profitable technique in the short term, accounts that use this type of trickery to gain visibility could find themselves in trouble in the future.

Attention to the purchase of likes

We have already seen that there are ways to get likes on Instagram , some quite incorrect, such as buying them from a service that will use third-party accounts to inflate our statistics.

Apart from the fact that paying for likes borders on fraud (it deceives followers and goes against TikTok’s terms of use), we should not rule out that the social network will take action in the future against those who resort to this practice.

In conclusion, getting more likes on TikTok is feasible, although it requires work . Now, with the increase in users in the app, it is now possible to even earn money on TikTok for those influencers who achieve many quality followers.

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