How to find out what music is playing on your smartphone

I remember how, 10 years ago, a friend told me about the possibilities of the Shazam music recognition service . It seemed that the chip came straight from the future. In just two clicks, you can find out almost any track that plays nearby. However, Shazam has always had one big nuance: if music is playing on your phone, it was only possible to recognize it by picking up a second device. It is clear that no one liked it. But over the years, everyone got so used to it that they still do it. Today we will tell you how to recognize music on the phone on which it plays and forget about this problem forever.

It would seem that quite recently we exchanged cassettes with music, but today we can recognize any track from our phone without any problems . It’s scary to imagine how far technology will go in the future.

How to recognize music on your phone

You can hardly find a person now who has never heard of Shazam. Millions of people around the world use this service every day, but hardly half of them know about the music recognition feature on their smartphone .

To find out what song is playing on your phone , you just need to follow a simple instruction:

    • Download Shazam to your smartphone via Google Play using this link .
    • Open the application, go to the library (in the upper left corner).
    • Then click Settings, Overlay on top of other windows.
    • Turn on the toggle switch next to Display over other apps.
    • Press and hold the start button in the center of the screen.
    • Minimize Shazam and open on your smartphone any song or video with music that you want to recognize (any social networks, applications, a voice recorder – everything will do).
    • Wait for recognition and find the track using the link provided by Shazam.

Please note that the service itself offers to enable recognition on top of other windows at the bottom of the screen. You can also tap on the Try Now button and Shazam will guide you to the desired item in Settings.

Plus, don’t forget that you can also shazam from a computer . Even in the background. This is done using a special permission that works on all browsers with the Chromium engine. Earlier, the author of Ivan Kuznetsov spoke about him . Be sure to check it out.

How to find out the song from the video

With the method described above, you can search for music anywhere. At least in the video, at least on any other platforms. As cool as Shazam is, it’s still far from perfect. Check out the app reviews on Google Play . Many note that the service is not able to parse even some English songs. What can we say about domestic performers.

Here is what one user wrote:

Developers. After the update above, the app got messed up. Instead of popular songs, he finds some unknown musicians. It’s impossible to find anything. Constantly misses looking for the wrong thing. I can even make a video of how it happens. Please fix!!! I give one star! Thank you…

Fortunately, to learn a song from a video on YouTube or other sites, there are many other ways:

  • Google for certain words.
  • View the name of the song in the description of a particular video.
  • Scroll through the comments where users share their finds.
  • If you are looking for a movie soundtrack, you can Google the OST and the movie title.

I have listed the most popular methods above. They work in almost any situation, but there are exceptions. Especially for this case, we have released a separate article, where we analyzed some more cool ways to recognize music through your phone.

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