How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone.

If you’ve ever had an iPhone, you should know that it doesn’t allow you to send and receive data via Bluetooth . Apple believes that in this case, firstly, the wireless connection will turn into a tool for distributing pirated media content, and, secondly, it is fundamentally unsafe. After all, Bluetooth allows you to transfer any file , which means that there is a high risk of either infecting the device with a virus or other malware, or damaging the file system. Therefore, when it comes to transferring data from iPhone to Android and vice versa, there is a problem. But there is a way out.

In fact, there are quite a few options for transferring data from Android to iPhone and vice versa. But in most cases, file transfer requires some effort on the part of both the sender and the recipient, because in order to establish a connection, you will need to perform a number of mandatory actions.

The first one needs to upload files to the cloud, and then share the link with the second one. In principle, there is another option to use the messenger. But only Telegram has no restrictions on the type of files and their size, and, unfortunately, not everyone uses it. So it will be a one-sided game.

Transfer files from Android to iPhone

Whether business Send Anywhere. This is a service originally focused on transferring data from device to device , without using Bluetooth and other wireless connections, except for the Internet. Despite the fact that, in fact, this is cloud storage, it is not arranged like all the others.

Its key advantage is that the files are transferred directly from your device and do not need to be uploaded to the cloud. It is enough just to mark them, click “Submit” and give the user the departure number, and he will be able to download them at the same moment. Very comfortably.

  • Download Send Anywhere to your Android smartphone and make sure the recipient has downloaded the iOS version;
  • When you first launch, be sure to give the application all permissions to access files on your device;
  • In the “Submit” section, check the boxes for all the files you want to transfer and confirm the sending;
  • Tell the recipient the code or QR code to access the files, or send them a link.

The actions of the iOS user who is the recipient of the files should look like this:

  • Download Send Anywhere to your iPhone and launch;
  • Give the application all necessary privileges;
  • Go to the “Get” tab and enter the key;
  • Wait for the files to download and save them to yourself.

Download file from phone

Despite the apparent abundance of action, the entire procedure for transferring files from Android to iPhone is performed in just 2-3 simple steps. And the longest of them is waiting for the download on the part of the recipient, and even then only on the condition that the transmitted data takes up a lot of disk space.

Thus, you can transfer almost any type of data between iPhone and Android . These can be photos and videos, screenshots, music, documents, installation files, and anything else. iPhone will accept any files. And if necessary, they can be uploaded immediately to iCloud.

Send Anywhere offers the possibility not only of direct transfer, but also of sending files by link. True, for this you have to register. Fortunately, it is not necessary to come up with a username and password. You can log in using your Facebook or Google account by clicking on the appropriate button.

Since the transfer of files is carried out through the cloud, the storage of files for later download by the recipient is limited in time. But on the other hand, if you are close to each other, you can transfer data directly, bypassing the cloud storage. It is enough to launch the application on both devices and wait for pairing.

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