How to enchant in Minecraft

How to enchant in Minecraft: Once you’ve reached the higher material levels in Minecraft, you still have a lot more work to do before you reach the final equipment levels.

Enchanting is how you upgrade your weapons, tools, and armor to great heights and gain a lot of faster speeds, weapon damage, and unique effects that can separate items from each other. There are many different enchantments available and not all of them are compatible with each other. This guide will show you how to enchant in Minecraft.

How to enchant in Minecraft

The first step in enchanting is making an enchanting table. This will require a book, 2 diamonds and 4 blocks of obsidian. In order to mine and collect obsidian, you will need to make a diamond pickaxe. Therefore, before you think about enchanting, you need to get a total of 5 diamonds. Diamonds can be a source of frustration while playing Minecraft due to their rarity. Just remember to dig below level “Y” 16 and be patient. Eventually you will find diamonds.

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Once you discover your diamonds, be very careful when mining them. Dig around them to make sure there is no lava nearby that can burn through your precious diamonds. Return to the workbench to make a diamond pickaxe.

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Now you need to dig up the obsidian. Obsidian is formed in Minecraft when a lava source block comes into contact with water. You can easily find it effortlessly in deep underground caverns, or you can force this interaction yourself with a bucket of lava and a bucket of water.

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Regardless of your method, dig up the obsidian with a diamond pickaxe. Be careful when doing this, lava will usually have more lava underneath it, and caves can be full of hostile mobs. Do your best not to burn to the ground and lose your hard-earned diamond pickaxe.

All that was left was to get the book. Kill some cows for a piece of leather and get 3 pieces of paper from 3 sugar cane. Cows will spawn on any grassy plains, and sugar cane will form on a block of earth or sand adjacent to water. You will most likely have easy access to both of these items at this point in the game. Create a book by placing 3 sheets of paper and 1 leather in the crafting menu.

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All that’s left is to create your own enchantment table. Place an obsidian block in the middlemost slot, a row of obsidian below it, diamonds on either side of the middle obsidian block, and a book in the top middle row to create your enchantment table.

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Next, you will need 15 bookshelves to completely fill your enchantment table. To craft a bookshelf, you will need 3 books and 6 wood planks for each bookshelf. There are 45 books and 90 wooden boards in total. You can make them yourself or take the bookshelves from the villages. This will only reset the books, but can save you a lot of materials.

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Once you’ve made your bookshelves, you can set up a place for an enchantment table. Your enchantment table needs 15 bookshelves placed 1 block from the enchantment table itself to unlock a level 30 enchantment. There are many different configurations that can be used to fulfill this condition.

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For enchanting, you will also need lapis lazuli as an additional enchanting currency. If you’ve found diamonds, you’ve probably already found lapis lazuli underground, don’t forget to collect some of them if you’re going to enchant your items. One lapis is used for level 1 enchanting, two for level 2 enchanting, and three for level 3 enchanting. Level 1 enchantments will cost 1 level and will require between 1 and 10 levels to unlock. Level 2 enchantments will cost 2 levels and require 11 to 20 levels. Level 3 enchantments will cost 3 levels and require level 30 with the enchanting table fully enabled.

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The enchantment table will show you one guaranteed enchantment, there may be more, but sometimes you will only get the enchantments that the table shows you. This is related to the item’s specific enchantment ability. Golden items usually get the best enchantments, while books get the worst.

If you want to change the enchantment you see on the enchantment table, you can do so by enchanting any item. When enchanting an item with a cheap level cost enchant, the enchantment table will offer different enchantments for your items.

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Transfusing an enchantment is all about luck, but sometimes it’s better to guarantee an enchantment than spend 3 levels on something you don’t need.

However, you can now choose which tools, weapons or armor you want to enchant and which enchantments you want to have on your Items.

Using an anvil

You will most likely want to optimize your enchantments and bring your enchantments to the highest levels. There are a few quirks that allow you to combine enchanted items on an anvil. Any work you do with a particular item will result in its cost in levels increasing the next time you use the same item.

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This pickaxe only cost 1 lvl to put I effectiveness earlier. Enchanting this item again will cost more for any additional anvil work, regardless of enchantment level.

However, you can also combine certain enchantments together that cannot be obtained using an enchantment table. For example, the enchantment table never offers repair, but you can use an enchanted repair tool with a tool of the same material to gain an item bonus.

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The pickaxe in the far left slot has Luck II and non-destructive III, the pickaxe in the middle slot provides efficiency II and repair I. Combining into the pickaxe you see above. You can even combine similar enchantments together to improve the enchantment itself.

How to enchant in Minecraft11

In this case, the pickaxe in the leftmost slot has luck II and non-destructive III. The pickaxe in the middle has state II. Combining these two pickaxes will upgrade the Luck Charm to Condition III. Pay attention to the level of the cost of enchanting the anvil. Sometimes a replacement order is more expensive or cheaper.

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While it’s hard to show in screenshots, pickaxes cost 4 levels to set up first, and 10 levels to change order. Be sure to check both options to make sure you’re not paying more than you should.

Finally, make sure you are aware of conflicting enchantments. In the screenshot below, the leftmost pick has a fortune charm, and the pick in the middle has a silk coating. The end result of this arrangement is to overcome the enchantment of the feel of silk. If you swap the order, the anvil will not allow you to combine the combination.

How to enchant in Minecraft13

There are many quirks to remember with adorable items. Pay attention to the little things to save a lot of time.

Enchanting with Commands

Finally, we come to the last way to enchant items in Minecraft. You can enchant items using in-game commands if you had cheats enabled when you created your world. For the latest versions of Minecraft Bedrock and Java, the /enchant <targets> <enchantment> <level> syntax can be used . For example, /enchant @p blast_protection 4 enchants an item held by a nearby player with blast protection IV.

How to enchant in Minecraft14

Try to find out what items you are holding in your hands. For example, you cannot enchant tools with armor enchantments. Obviously you can change the charm you’re looking for with the right syntax.

How to enchant in Minecraft15

These are all ways to enchant items in Minecraft.

Video guide

Does the order of enchantments in Minecraft matter?

The order in which you enchant your tool doesn’t matter. If you use commands to cast incompatible enchantments on the same item, there is a predetermined outcome for this scenario. The only time you enchant items matters when you enchant items at an anvil, as the order of the items you enchant can cost a different number of levels. Just swap items to see if it’s worth more or less.

What is the best way to enchant items in Minecraft?

When you first start enchanting items, you will most likely just want to enchant them using an enchantment table. Try to ensure that you get the desired enchantment by observing the enchantment itself that is offered with the enchantment you are about to receive. Once you have a good base level of enchantments, fill in the rest of the required enchantments using an anvil and enchanted books or other items of a similar type. With enough patience and determination, you can easily get the optimal, perfect enchanted item.


Congratulations, you now know how to enchant your items in Minecraft using all the available options. While rolling dice on the enchantment table can be frustrating, remember that there are ways to reduce the required luck. Consider trading with villagers for enchanted books, combining enchantments on an anvil, and even rerolling on an enchantment table to get the enchantment you need. A complete set of perfectly enchanted gear is not easy to obtain. Keep trying to get exactly what you’re looking for.

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