The best armor in God of War

The best armor in God of War: In this article, you can find out where the armor and accessories for armor for God of War are located. 

In Sony’s God of War, players travel across large regions, killing enemies and searching for various armors with weapons. The guide will focus on armor that enhances Kratos’ abilities and will increase his strength. In addition, the hero has some advantages over other players, which he gets thanks to the armor. Some armor can be useful in one situation, while others are completely useless. Among other costumes, we single out those that differ from the rest.


As you know, the new Game+ game mode allows you to get the most powerful armor sets in God of War. This guide will list all the types of armor you will get when you first play this exciting game. It is also possible to find other options that can be used in the “New Game+” mode.

What is the process of making the Traveler’s armor?

With this unique advantage, you can protect yourself from attack for a certain period of time. On paper, he loses to others in speed and maneuverability. But he has one very useful property – he can outperform others in speed and maneuverability. Traveler’s Shield Board gives the player the ability to take hits without taking any damage. However, this function is not very important during the game and there may come a time when it becomes simply indispensable. An immeasurably more difficult challenge in Muspelheim, requiring the player to kill 35 opponents without taking any damage. You can pass the test without the Wayfarer armor, but thanks to it, you will be able to avoid a blow without losing your efforts.

  • Protective suit for the traveler + – protection on the attack
  • Traveler’s Gloves + – increase damage against all types of weapons, except for firearms
  • The Wayfarer’s Warrior’s Belt is something out of the realm of fantasy, but according to the description of the bonus, it’s not there.

What does it take to make armor?

To make Traveler Armor, you will need to pay Hack Silver and the materials that were obtained from defeating the Travelers. When killing five and six people, you will receive materials for making armor. If you have a desire to make it as better and more perfect as possible, then you will have to kill in large quantities ..



An equally important advantage is the ability to protect against magical influences and protection from enemy attacks.

The only difference from other sets of armor protection Warlord Legend is that it can only be upgraded to level 7 in the normal game and has no way to increase the level above 7. It cannot be considered underestimated. At the same time, it will not interfere with your actions, and will also protect you from the most powerful enemies. It has high durability and a very large passive perk. This increases the defensive ability, gives a bonus to runes and cooldowns, and guarantees good protection against enemies. This type of weapon is ideal for those people who like to play with runes in combat and not only. As a protection against Kratos’ rune attacks, the armor has the function of a sorcerer’s protective barrier, which is able to protect against all damage.

  • When using the Sindri + royal armor, you can count on protection from attacks and the ability to use runes
  • Gloves of Sindri+ that were designed to increase fire damage
  • Due to the increased cold damage dealt in Sindri+ Royal Legguards, it can now be increased

What is needed to create?

Until the participants are ready to craft the Sindri armor set, they will have to go through the entire Dwarves side quest. After that, you must fulfill the last condition “Glory to the king.” Before you will be recipes for the manufacture of two sets of royal armor, which you will need to get from a blacksmith or gunsmith. After completing the assembly of the first set, you will need to make the second one using only handmade silver.


How can I get Brock Royal Armor?

Increases storm speed by 10%.


While equipped with Hindley’s royal armor, Brock’s royal armor set can be upgraded to a maximum of level 7, so it looks quite disadvantageous compared to other epic or even ultimate armor sets. They also have a high level of utility. Brock’s armor set includes such advantages as: – an excellent set of characteristics; – great quality; – great price. Each piece of Brok’s armor increases Kraton’s Fury tenfold, allowing the player to use Spartan Warrior’s Fury more frequently. It also has a high defense rating, so it can be used for those who rarely use rune attacks.

What are the ways to make armor?

When the player manages to collect the armor sets of the Broker and the Dwarf, he will need to complete all the requirements of the dwarves, including the quest “Glory to the King”. Then you will need to get the recipes for making two sets of royal armor, as well as the items that are needed to create them. After using one of the kits to create another kit, you can make it yourself using only broken silver.


  • Brock’s Royal Breastplate includes: Ultimate Sacrifice, Hacksilver
  • Wearing Brock’s royal Dwemer gauntlets: Screamed of the Innocent, Hacksilver
  • Dwarf Crowned Belt Brok’s: Dragon’s Fury, Hacksilver

Under what circumstances can the Ashes of the Lost armor set be used?

“Fiery Revenge” is an opportunity not only to destroy enemies, but also to get a small damage bonus from them. If you have all the Ashes of the Fallen armor, then the chance of triggering increases.

The new set of armor for the Fallen has several beautiful items, among which is the ash armor. A wonderful set of universal armor. At the same time, he has at his disposal 100 places of armor and adds 24 places of power. This unique armor-piercing perk, Fiery Vengeance, deals great damage to enemies who dare to attack Kratos. A great passive-active ability that reduces the hit points of enemy heroes when Kratos attacks, makes it easier to complete the task and reduces the number of hit points.

Ashes of the Fallen

With the Fallen Ashes set, players will need not only unquenchable embers to craft the Fallen Ashes armor, but also special combustibles found on one additional world of Muspelheim. To improve armor and increase durability, there are additional resources in Muspelheim that will improve armor and make it more durable.

You will need to find among the ancient treasures of Iron Bay or Nibelheim the Ancient Ore of the World, which was found in the Legendary chests of Iron Bay or Nibelheim, as well as Ax Blades from the Legendary chest of Iron Bay and Nibelheim, respectively.

In order to complete this project, players will need to find Everburning Embers found in one of the additional game worlds, Muspelheim. Because of this, you will have to look for additional resources to improve the armor. In order to get the Primordial Ore of the World and the Bane of the Aesir, which are hidden in the legendary chests in Railway Bay and Niflhelm, respectively, you need to get the Primal Ore of the World and the Bane of the Aesir in Iron Bay and Ni.

  • Armor of the Ashes of the Fallen, composed of Everburning Embers and Hacksilver
  • And not only gloves, but also the armor of the ashes of the dead – this is nothing more than unquenchable coal and chopped silver.
  • Belt from the ashes of the fallen: Coals and silver rubles will not go out

This is a Valkyrie armor set.

And this is the property that gives them the advantage of having a low chance of getting a defiant warrior or an opponent that does not allow the opponent to interrupt the attacks of the kratos after each successful attack.

In the game, to improve your armor set, you will need to destroy the nine Valkyries encountered throughout the game. For this reason, in order to achieve the desired armor, they can only be obtained by defeating the three Valkyries – Hild (by loading armor, armor and belt), Gindur (body armor), Euron (belt). A set of armored suit for Valkyries has a number of advantages in terms of protection and durability, as well as exposure time; in addition, it increases the number of additional points of enchantment upon reaching 8th level. When attacking with a rune, the cooldown is accelerated.

  • Kisare’s aura of invulnerability allows the opponent to interrupt Kratos’ attacks on each successful hit.
  • If you kill an enemy with the Valkyrie’s Gauntlet and get the ability to restore all runic attacks, then the chance of restoring all runic attacks will be very small
  • Use the Valkyrie+ Legguard Belt to gain the blessing of Runic Power when making a Rune Attack

Craft Armor

Unique Benefit: Recalcitrant Warrior Aura – Low chance of obtaining Recalcitrant Warrior from each successful hit.

When three Valkyries are destroyed, players will receive a set of Valga armor and will be able to use it. For a set of material for a complete upgrade of the set, in the Valkyrie you will have to fight the six remaining Valkyries.

Ivaldi’s Fog of Death Equipment

Due to its unique property, the essence constantly restores health (up to 5 times).

You will have to spend a lot of time and effort on acquiring and upgrading the Iwadi Thunder armor, but this armor will give you fantastic benefits for gamers. It consists of three sets of armor, which can be obtained by passing through the Mist Echoes in the Niflheim Labyrinth. The choice between armor sets should be based on their possible use.

Here, at level 7, such armor gives 46 strength, 112 attack runes and 137 defense. However, this armor has another purpose – it constantly restores the health that Kratos receives after he wears it. However, this armor does not provide a health boost, so it is the least preferred when fighting the toughest bosses and enemies.

What is needed to make

In order to create the Ivaldi Armor of Gloom, players must visit the additional kingdom of Niflhelm and take a rusty piece of Ivaldi Armor from the workshop. The resulting item will allow them to create armor from items that were purchased in the Labyrinth. Here you will need to find material to improve the armor.

“Eternal Fog” by Ilya Ivanov

Due to its unique property, the essence constantly restores health (up to 5 times).

The second version of the Ivaldi armor is the eternal fogger. At level 9, he offers 137 strength, 250 defense, and 176 survivability. Very strong armor! And, of course, this is a very important weapon in the game fight. Convenient construction, which is suitable for combat in conditions of limited space and lack of room for maneuver. Iwald’s armor set includes health regeneration.

At the moment, the only disadvantages can be attributed to the lack of bonus programs. There is one feature in rune magic that makes it even more powerful and useful magic attack. She lies in the fact that she is able to make Kratos almost invincible. However, due to the fact that Ivaldi’s armor does not have bonuses to the power of runes, it cannot be called strong.

Armor of Ivaldi

Users who want to create Ivaldi’s immortal armor can be advised to go to add. kingdom of Niflhelm and find a rusty piece of Ivaldi armor in the workshop and take it. Upon obtaining this tool, they will create armor from the items that were found in the Labyrinth. Here you will need to find material and resources to upgrade armor.

Ivaldi’s Fog of Death Equipment

Essence is a universal remedy for restoring health. She is able to restore health up to 5 times.

Ivaldi has another set of armor. According to the developers, this armor system is the best among the standard game modes and includes a set for the New Game+ mode. In order to improve his power to the level of 85 strength, 68 attack runes (164 defense), 164 defense (50 survivability) and 50 survivability (40 armor).

In addition, he has the advantage of “essence regeneration” – he can repair damaged tissue. The most important factor is that this set has more harmonious core stats compared to the other two sets of armor. Suitable for any building. In terms of usability, they are more preferable for the first set of armor, but at the same time they are not suitable for any of them.

This unique perk has the ability to constantly regenerate health.

Niflheim contains all the pieces of the armor set. Reservations will be made in the Ivaldi workshop and in the labyrinth. To access the kit, do the following:

  • In Niflheim, you need to talk with Sindri and start his quest;
  • Dial Echoes of the Mists
  • With Sindri, you can return to the workshop (on the pedestal in the first room of the labyrinth) and take the key to the workshop (the stone will need to be activated on the pedestal in the first room of the maze)
  • The materials that will be required for creation and are necessary for improvement can be obtained by exploring the Niflheim labyrinth. In general, you will need silver, Niflheim alloy ingots and echo of the mists

What set of Ivaldi’s Dead Mist armor can be made?

If the player wants to make himself a deadly Ivaldi armor, he will have to visit the additional kingdoms of Niflhelm and take a rusty piece of Ivaldi armor from the workshop. They will be able to make armor from items that were found in the labyrinth.


Upgrade materials (except for the standard silver) can be obtained by killing other Valkovri, and then you have to destroy them all.


But that’s not all: God of Rage – Increases the rate of rage generation, but reduces its amount and accelerates its consumption during Spartan Rage mode. Additional elements of the set will enhance both effects.

With this transformation, Kratos became a true warrior god. Ares Armor provides 136 Strength, 200 Defense, 76 Luck, and 100 more duration. That’s enough to convince players to start a New Game and get the suit. At the same time, it significantly increases the rate at which Fury is generated and significantly reduces the time it takes to spend it. But there are some trade-offs: players with it will have to sacrifice some rage stats.


Ares armor

Once you’ve won the dragon fight, the Ares armor can only be crafted in New Game+. There is nothing difficult to create, this set requires a large amount of crushed silver and osprey, a rare ingredient that can be found in chests or plucked from other enemies in the New Game+ mode.

How to upgrade: you need about 200,000 silver and 64 units of Scapa.


The advantage in the form of this armor allows you to increase the damage from Kratos’ normal attacks. Additional pieces of Zeus armor greatly increase both of these effects.

Kratos’ father had this armor sometime in the past. Many consider this to be the best set in the game. Gives him 145 strength, defense and rune attack; adds a perk that significantly increases the power of a warrior’s standard attacks. At the same time, this perk also increases enemy damage to Kratos.

Information for those who are going to create the armor of Zeus

Armor for the hero can only be made after killing the dragon in the “New Game +” mode. This set will require a lot of Silver and Scape, a rare ingredient that can be found in chests or forged from other enemies in New Game+.

You will have to deal with the genocide of the Valkyries in New Game+:

  • It can be obtained by killing Sigrun (Roll Queen)
  • In order to do this, you should use leather and suede gloves.
  • Wedding ring – Hildr

To improve the Valkyrie Armor set, you should use the materials that were obtained as a result of killing other Valkyries and their allies.

War Cod Equipment

The advantage of the combat cod is that the charge is an application of health or rage followed by a massive explosion that deals cold and fire damage to all surrounding enemies.

If you meet Brock in New Game+ and buy armor from him, you can immediately get it. You will have to put soap and breaking silver into it. She gives Kratos improvements in four parameters at once – protection, vitality, strength and luck. All items immediately receive eight different levels.

  • The war cod tunic uses a stone of health or rage, which is able to cause a powerful explosion in direct contact with the enemy.
  • In the case of using health stones, Kratos gains rage from their use, and in the case of using combat cod – from their absence
  • War Cod Belly Vulnerability – When using a Health or Wrath Stone, KRATOS gains a protective barrier that absorbs any enemy attacks.

As well as a set of ancient armor

With the help of such a unique advantage as a natural shield – resistance to fire, cold and poisons is increased by 33% (accumulates up to 85%).

They can be purchased from the Dwarven Shop to get special body parts for the Ancients. At the same time, they increase the parameters of strength and defense, increase resistance to elemental damage. They can be purchased in New Game+ and you can purchase tier 7 armor. Cold, fire, or poison resistance is increased by 33% for this armor, up to a maximum of 85 percent in total.

What can you make “Ancient Armor” from?

Where to begin? On the first attempt to improve, it is worth collecting some silver (about 30,000), on the second attempt – 100,000, as well as 64 units of Scapa (this material drops from enemies and treasures only in New Game +).

What do you need to create an Ancient Armor set?

  • Belt of the Ancients: Hewn Silver in normal play or Scape, and Hewn Silver in New Game+
  • Gauntlet of Ancient Armor: Hack Silver in normal play or Scap and Hack Gold in New Game+
  • Elder Armor Belt: Hack Silver in normal game or Scap and Hack Gold in New Game+

Lost single collection of armor set

And another plus is the low possibility of a sudden increase in strength, protection or runic power when receiving damage from the enemy.

To craft the armor, you will need a special recipe, which can be obtained by completing three side quests for the undead in nine lakes – Hammerfall, Deathweight, and Anatomy of Hopes. The main thing is that this armor strengthens defense, as well as luck and recovery.

How to make Tyr’s Lost Unity Armor

What is the process for creating a Lost Unity armor set?

  • Tyr’s Lost Unity Chest Armor: Silver Gold of Aegir, extra silver in regular game or extra Scap and rubles extra silver in New Game+
  • On Tyr’s Lost Unity Gloves: Aegis Gold, Tyr’s Tribute, and Hacksilver in New Game+
  • Tyr’s War Belt of Lost Unity: Aegir’s Gold, Tyr’s Offering and Hacksilver in normal play, or optional Scap and Hacksilver in New Game+

Armor that was made from molten lava.

Due to the fact that the magma shield has a unique advantage – it can create a fire shield for the enemy, which will deal fire damage to them and prevent them from interrupting your attacks. If you have a full set of armor, the chance of triggering increases.

Then you need to go to Muspelheim, where you can get the armor recipe. It does not increase the level of protection of the character, but increases his stability. You can purchase level 8 armor in New Game+.

Smoldering Sulfur Dust Armor Set

Being able to get a fire aura is one of the biggest perks. Increases strength and restores health. Having a full set of armor increases the chance of triggering.