How not to lagging on Roblox

I know, it is particularly frustrating when, during an online Roblox session , the game slows down drastically, leaving you clearly behind the other participants and, above all, making it virtually impossible for a peaceful continuation of the game.

The cause, as you probably already know, is very often due to a phenomenon infamous among players with the term lag , a contraction of the English expression latency gap , which indicates, in fact, a latency in the synchronization between the devices connected to the servers. of game.

If you often find yourself with your arms at your sides in resignation due to this type of situation, you will agree with me that it is absolutely time to remedy them! I have prepared this tutorial, therefore, just to show you how not to lagging on Roblox , providing you with some useful information on the various countermeasures you can take to limit these dramatic slowdowns (within the limits of the possible). So, are you ready? Perfect, I just have to wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!


  • How not to log on Roblox mobile
    • Roblox settings
    • Speed ​​up your device
  • How not to log on Roblox PC
  • Optimize the connection
    • Roblox Settings on PC
    • Speed ​​up your computer
  • Connection problems

How not to log on Roblox mobile

Do you usually use your smartphone or tablet to play? In this case there are several tricks you can refer to to understand how not to log on Roblox mobile : you can act, in fact, on the graphics settings of the game itself, but also on different aspects relating to the consumption of resources on the device : it is possible that some applications they absorb more than they should, and it is appropriate to limit their activity.

Roblox settings

First of all I suggest you immediately check the Roblox settings , in particular those relating to the graphics engine : you could solve many fluidity problems simply by lowering the claims in terms of resolution and use of resources of the game itself, aligning the graphic parameters to the possibilities. of your smartphone or tablet.

After starting the Roblox app, and connecting to the server of your favorite game on which you experience the undesired latency, press the square icon with a dot inside, in the top left and, from the screen that you opens, tap on a gear symbol .

Various options will be loaded, including those relating to graphics: locate the wording Graphics Mode and check that Automatic is set to its right , which optimizes performance based on the specifications of the device in use. If it is in Manual mode , you can easily change it on the aforementioned item.

If, on the other hand, you want to try to keep the Manual graphic mode, you can try to intervene on the indicator below, to the right of the Graphic quality option : by pressing the [-] symbol you can decrease the value as you wish and try the effect of the changes until a satisfactory combination is reached. Finally, to make the new settings effective, simply press on the X symbol , at the top left, in order to return to the game session.

I also have another piece of advice to give you, that is to clear the cache of the Roblox app: it will surely help you to lighten its workload and the processing of the various processes that interest it. To perform this operation, however, you will have to close the app and, from the main screen of your device, keep the Roblox icon pressed and then choose the App information item from the menu that is proposed to you. Alternatively, go to the Settings> Apps> Roblox menu of your device.

You will access a new screen with all the data relating to the use of the app. At this point, presses on the item Storage space and cache , then press on the Clear Cache option , in order to free up useful memory space and streamline both the start and the operation of the app.

Speed ​​up your device

Were the instructions in the previous chapter not enough to solve the lag problems on Roblox? In this case you can try to speed up the device by changing some specific settings of your smartphone or tablet.

To get started, before playing the mobile version of Roblox, close all apps that have not yet been closed and that are running in the background , continuing to take advantage of the device’s RAM memory. To do this, press the button with the symbol of the square or the two overlapping rectangles which is generally located at the bottom right and you will be shown in preview mode all the apps recently used and still active.

To close them, if they are listed horizontally, drag each window up or down, while if you see them sorted vertically you will have to do the operation to the right or left. To view background apps on an iPhone or iPad , depending on the device model and iOS version, you may need to swipe your finger from bottom to top on the Home screen or press the Home button twice , then close each screen by dragging it up or down.

It might also be helpful to free up the storage space on your device. In this regard, I recommend that you first of all uninstall the superfluous apps by following the instructions you find in my tutorials on Android and iOS / iPadOS .

Then I suggest you also clean the cache files, following the instructions you find in my guides on how to clear the cache on Android and how to clear the cache on iPhone .

How not to log on Roblox PC

Are you experiencing annoying slowdowns on the computer version of Roblox ? In this case I have some useful tips that you can refer to to understand how not to lagging on Roblox PC , which concern both the graphics settings of the game itself, and the execution of some simple operations on the operating system that will allow you to improve the fluidity of the game. your gaming experience.

Optimize the connection

Even if you play from a PC, the first thing you need to do is to optimize the Internet connection you use to play as much as possible : you can follow the tips I have already given you earlier in the chapter dedicated to mobile devices .

Roblox Settings on PC

First of all, I suggest you to intervene promptly on the Roblox settings on PC , in particular for what concerns the graphic aspect. After starting Roblox, and logging in to your favorite game, click on the icon with a square and a dot inside it , located at the top left, to open the settings screen .

Then press on the Settings item and locate the Graphics Mode option : if you see the wording Manual , I suggest you change it to Automatic by clicking on it, so that the system determines the right configuration to obtain maximum performance.

If, however, you prefer to keep the Manual setting, you can always act on the Graphics mode option below , by clicking on the [-] button in the indicator to the side to decrease the quality of the graphic aspect of the game. Then press the icon with the [X] at the top left to return to the game screen and check the effects of the changes just implemented.

Speed ​​up your computer

Did changing the game’s graphics settings not have the desired effect? Don’t worry, there are still many solutions that you can consider: it is possible, in fact, to speed up your computer by limiting the consumption of resources by other software, update the video card drivers , or even use a certified booster .

First of all, therefore, I suggest that you close all the programs that you do not need during your game session. You can act directly from the taskbar at the bottom and right-click on the icons of running programs, which appear underlined in blue, then click on the Close window option .

If you have a Mac , you can perform the same type of operation from the Dock bar , at the bottom, where the applications are running: by clicking on it with the right mouse button and then pressing on the Exit item of the context menu.

Alternatively, on a PC with Windows , press the key combination Ctrl + alt + delete and select the Task Manager item from the menu that opens, in order to access the Task Manager window , through which you can identify all the running processes . Select, by clicking on them, only those known to you (I recommend, otherwise you could block activities essential for the operation of the operating system) and press the End task button at the bottom right.

The corresponding functionality on macOS is called Activity monitoring : to start it, press on the Launchpad (the icon with the colored squares at the bottom left), type the words Activity monitoring in the search field at the top and click on the relative icon (a black window with a path inside). Double-click on the item relating to the programs known to you that you want to close, then, in the window that appears, press the Exit button and then press the Exit button again .

Another very useful solution is to update the video card drivers : in fact, the manufacturers of the various chipsets often release updates aimed at improving the functioning of the devices, and it is advisable to periodically check that these are updated to the latest version.

To proceed on a Windows PC , connect to the official website of the card manufacturer, enter the model of the card and proceed with the download and then the installation of the latest drivers. I have well explained how to do it in my tutorial on how to update video card drivers .

On Mac , video card updates come in OS updates, so just update macOS to make sure you’re using the latest ones.

A final operation that I strongly suggest you to consider is to use a booster , that is a program capable of optimizing the performance of the computer in relation, for example, to the use of the same for gaming. I recommend, however, to rely only on certified boosters and therefore not to install poor quality software that could cause damage to your PC. Among the best solutions of this type is Razer Cortex , which I told you about in detail in this guide .

Connection problems

The slowdowns you are experiencing during gaming sessions on Roblox may not be due to the performance of your computer or the graphics settings of the game itself, but rather be attributable to connection problems that you are not aware of.

First of all, since 4G connections (the most used in the cellular field at the time of writing this guide) generally have longer latency times than home ADSL / Fiber, I recommend you play on fixed and non-mobile networks, possibly taking the Wi-Fi network directly from the main router and not from any repeaters , and possibly – if you play from a PC – connected via Ethernet cable and not via Wi-Fi.

I then advise you to improve the performance of your connection to the maximum, as much as possible, by changing the Wi-Fi channel in use, the DNS servers set on the router or only on the device from which you play and avoiding other “stressful” activities for the connection while in the game.

To ascertain the correct functioning of Internet connectivity, I recommend that you also perform a speed test : you can find galore on the Internet, all extremely easy to use. Let’s see, for example, how to use Ookla Speed ​​Test , one of the best known and safest you can refer to.

First of all connected to the main page of the service from your favorite browser, then click on the GO button to the center of the screen and wait for the test to be performed by the service, which will cover both the download phase (therefore the ability to download data ) and upload (sending data to your provider’s server).

At the end you will see a summary screen, thanks to which you can evaluate if the data are in line with the subscription plan signed with the line manager and if they are sufficient to guarantee participation in online gaming sessions on Roblox.

Consider that the developers recommend a bandwidth of at least 8 MB if you play alone (or more if several people within the same home network connect at the same time), but also that some more elaborate games require much higher resources too. at the connectivity level.

Finally, also check the settings of your router , in particular regarding the ports : Roblox uses the range of UDP ports 49152 – 65535 , so it is important to make sure that all those between these two values ​​are open on the firewall of your device to ensure that the program can easily connect to the game servers.

The easiest way to access the router is to connect from your browser to the address or (this data changes according to the specifications implemented by the manufacturer) and enter your credentials in the authentication screen (if not remember, check the label that is usually placed at the base of the device or read my tutorial on how to find the modem password ).

Normally the functionality to open the ports is found in the Firewall menu , but I suggest you read my dedicated guide , where I show detailed instructions to perform this operation on all the most popular models of routers: I am sure you will also find those for your device.

I hope you have definitively solved all the lag issues on Roblox thanks to my advice. If this is not the case, I can not help but refer you to the developer support page , where you can also find, for example, various answers relating to specific problems in use by different types of devices.


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