How to make stone bricks in Minecraft

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft: There are many different types of rocks that you can work with in Minecraft. From humble cobblestone, you can make cleaner or more detailed stone blocks for your buildings. Making stone bricks in Minecraft is not that difficult, but it will take time. There are many different types of stone bricks that can be used to change the texture of your buildings.

Materials needed to make stone bricks in Minecraft

  1. 4 ordinary stones;
  2. Bake;
  3. Stone cutter (optional).

To make stone bricks, you will need to make regular stone blocks. You can do this by cooking blocks of cobblestone in your furnace. This will give you normal stone blocks. If you have regular stone blocks, you can use them to craft stone bricks. The stone carver is optional, if you want to craft stone bricks one by one, the stone carver gives you that option. Otherwise, you can make 4 at a time using 4 regular stone blocks.

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft

First you need to collect the cobblestone. Usually players in the world have enough cobblestones, but if you find yourself in a new world, then collect cobblestone by mining stone with a pickaxe. If you have a silk touch pickaxe, you can skip straight to the crafting recipe.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft0

Once you have enough cobblestone, you can make a furnace if you don’t already have one. Create a furnace by placing 8 cobblestone blocks in the crafting menu, leaving the middle space open.

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft1

Once your furnace is done, set it up and place the cobblestone in the topmost slot and the fuel in the bottommost slot. Your fuel can be any wooden object, coal/charcoal, or even a lava bucket. Most plant items will do. No matter what fuel you choose, smelt some of your cobblestones down to regular stone blocks.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft 2

Once you have collected enough common stone blocks, you will need 4 for this recipe, you can use them to make stone bricks.

How to make Stone Bricks in Minecraft3

Each time you complete this recipe, you will receive 4 Stone Bricks. If you prefer to make them one at a time, you can do it with a stone carver. A stone carver is crafted from an iron ingot and three ordinary stone blocks.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft4

In the stone carver UI, you can place a normal stone block in the leftmost slot and you will see several block options open in front of you on the left.

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft5

Select the stone bricks and click on the stone bricks that will appear to the right of the normal stone block to create stone blocks one at a time. This can save you some extra stone if you need less than a multiple of 4.

Command for making stone bricks in Minecraft

In newer Java versions of Minecraft (1.13+), the command to create stone bricks is /give @p stone_bricks # . Where @p is the closest player and “#” is how many stone bricks you want.

In older Java versions of Minecraft (1.8-1.12), the command to create stone bricks is /give @p stonebricks # . It is similar to the previous command, but the syntax changes depending on which version you are playing.

For the Minecraft version of Bedrock (and all others), the command to get stone bricks is: /give @p stonebrick # . Where @p is the closest player and “#” is the number of stone bricks you want.

How to make Stone Bricks in Minecraft6

Using Stone Bricks in Minecraft

There are several different aesthetic changes you can make to stone bricks. Usually they just change the appearance of the block. However, like most blocks, you can use stone bricks to craft stone brick slabs.

1. Place 3 stone bricks in a row on the workbench to make 6 stone slabs.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft7

You can also make one stone at a time by placing a stone brick in the stone cutter UI.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft8

2. Like the other blocks, you can also make stairs by placing them in ascending form: 1 in the top row, 2 in the next and 3 in the bottom row.

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft9

Your 6 bricks will make 4 steps. If you plan on building with more of these steps, consider using a stonemason as each brick will give you 1 step as opposed to the 6 bricks needed to make 4 steps. The ratio is better and you will save time by using a stone carver.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft10

3. You can also make a stone brick wall by placing 2 rows of 3 stone bricks on the workbench. This can also be done with a stone cutter, but it won’t save you any of the efficiency of a stone brick as it would with a ladder. If you need 1 wall instead of 6, then a stone carver is what you need. Otherwise, you can do it the old fashioned way by placing them on a workbench.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft 11

4. Another way to play with stone bricks is to place stone brick vines in them. Using the regular vines you find in the world with stone bricks, you will get mossy stone bricks, which will give a greenish tint to the gray block.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft12

As with the recipes above, you can use Mossy Stone Bricks to craft slabs, stairs, and walls. The recipe is the same except for replacing the stone bricks with mossy stone bricks. You can also use the stone carver to make them 1 or 2 at a time.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft13

5. You can also make cracked stone bricks by placing stone bricks in the furnace. Melting stone bricks will give you cracked stone bricks that will give your blocks some texture.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft14

However, unlike Mossy Stone Bricks or regular Stone Bricks, this Stone Brick variant cannot be made into Slabs, Walls, or Stairs.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft15

6. Finally, you can redesign the stone bricks themselves by creating chiseled stone bricks. To make Turned Stone Bricks, you will need to start with Stone Brick Slabs at a workbench. When you have 2 Stone Brick Slabs, you can place them in the 2×1 column in the crafting menu to make Turned Stone Brick.

How to make stone bricks in minecraft16

These are all recipes with stone bricks in Minecraft. Of course, you can use them for building, but I’ll leave that to you. Consider making a chiseled stone brick pillar or stone brick roof to give your wood house more dimension and texture. Whatever you decide, it’s nice to know that this stone block has many different uses.

How to make cracked stone bricks in Minecraft?

Once you have made stone bricks, you can split them by placing stone bricks in a furnace and melting them down. Melting stone bricks will cause cracks in the stone bricks. While you can’t make stairs, walls, or slabs out of stone bricks, they can be useful for giving a stone structure some texture or making it appear more ruined.

How to make smooth stone bricks in Minecraft?

Smooth stone bricks are obtained by re-smelting ordinary stone. This process can take some time, especially if you don’t have a silk pickaxe. You will need to smelt cobblestone blocks into regular stone, and then turn regular stone into smooth stone bricks. If you’re running low on fuel, consider building a seaweed farm to meet your stove’s needs.

How to make mossy stone bricks in Minecraft?

If you have Stone Bricks, you can combine Stone Bricks with vines found in the Overworld to make Mossy Stone Bricks. These bricks are greenish stone bricks. To get vines from another world, use scissors to pick them from the trees. Once you have combined Stone Bricks and Vines into Mossy Stone Bricks, you can use them to craft Mossy Stone Slabs, Stairs, and Walls. You can also use them as is if you like.

How to get hewn stone bricks in Minecraft?

To make Turned Stone Bricks, you first need to craft Stone Brick Slabs. Do this by placing them in the stone carver or by placing a row of 3 stone bricks on your workbench. If you have stone brick slabs, you can craft chiseled stone bricks by placing 2 slabs in the 2×1 column of the crafting menu. You cannot make chiselled stone slabs, brick walls, or stairs.


There are a lot of things in Minecraft that can be made from stones. Whether you’re looking to find a use for your cobblestone storage or just build with a bit more texture, stone bricks offer you plenty of creative options. Because stone bricks can be made into slabs, stairs and walls, or even other types of stone bricks, knowing what’s available can help your creative vision. By carefully turning all your cobblestones into stone bricks, you won’t be able to turn them back and eventually into smooth stone bricks if you turned them into stone. Consider what your build needs and what textures you would like to see before laying down dozens of stacks of cobblestone.

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