How to copy items in Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to get more out of what you have but didn’t want to use creative mode or certain cheat codes? There is an alternative method for you where you could work the game physics to your advantage in order to duplicate your items. Luckily, there is such a glitch that can help you in this area, and in this article, we will look at this method to help you in your efforts to reach this goal.

Easy Step by Step Guide to Copy in Minecraft

Step 1

Collect the item you want to copy and place the chest directly in front of you.

How to duplicate in minecraft0

Step 2

Place the desired item in the chest and then close it by pressing the close button in the corner of the screen.

How to duplicate in minecraft1

Step 3

Open the chest again and touch the item you placed in the chest. Do the same by going into your inventory, touching the copy of the same item you placed in the chest.

How to duplicate in Minecraft2

Step 4

Save and exit, then immediately return to the world you just left. This item should be duplicated in the same chest you were fiddling with.

How to duplicate in Minecraft3

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