How to Create a Google Form in 8 Easy Steps

How to create a Google Form begins by going to then select a question and follow the next instructions to complete. Google Form links can be shared online.

Google Forms or Google Forms is a service for creating and distributing forms online so that they are easy and practical to use. The steps for making it are quite easy, you only need internet and a cellphone or computer.

Filling out forms is an activity that is often done every day. Almost everyone must have filled out a form. As technology evolves, forms are now available digitally and can be created and distributed online. Thus, the scope of people who fill out the form will be wider and the responses obtained will be more and more.

One of the providers of form creation features is Google. Through Google Forms, users can create digital forms online. The ease of making digital forms brings many benefits.

Academics who are conducting research can get more respondents without the hassle of searching in a particular area. Companies conducting customer satisfaction surveys can also use Google Forms to cover a wider range of customers.

This Google Form service is free of charge. When compared to conventional forms that still use paper and energy to distribute, Google Forms are superior because they are cheap, fast, and easy to use.

Google Forms are also easy to edit, so form creators can verify and double-check before saving and distributing.

Then how to create a Google Form? Follow these steps.

How to Create a Google Form

Creating a Google Form begins with preparing in advance what questions will be used in the form. Form creation is done online, so make sure the internet network is stable to support smooth creation.

In addition, Google Forms requires a Google account to create it, make sure you already have an active account. After confirming these things, the Google Form is ready to be created. Check out how to create a Google Form below:

Open Google Forms on the site.

  • Click the Blank section with the + symbol.
  • A new form will open.
  • Add a title and description of the form.
  • Furthermore, users can add questions.
  • Choose from several types of answers provided. The options are text, multiple choices ( multiple choices ), checkboxes ( checkboxes ), linear scale ( linear scale ) and so on.
  • When you’re done, click the Send button at the top right to get the link.
  • Google Form is complete. The link can be shared to get a response.

How to Create Google Forms for Exams

The Quizzes feature in Google Forms can be used for exam tools. How to create a Google Form for an exam is the same as making a regular form, then click the Settings button > Quizzes > Make this a quiz and then click Save.

Editing Google Forms

Google Forms can be edited at any time even if they have been shared. This allows the form builder to add questions, insert images or videos, and change the appearance.

Add Image or Video in Google Form

The form builder can add an image to the question or the answer to the question type in the form of multiple choices ( multiple choices ) or checkboxes ( checkboxes ). To do this, open the form.

Click a question or answer. On the right, click the add image/video icon, then insert the desired image. Finally, upload or select an image/video. The results will appear in the desired section.

Changing the Appearance of Google Forms

To beautify the appearance of Google Forms, creators can choose the desired color. The colors that can be changed are the main color and the background color. The trick is to click the Theme icon at the top right, select the desired header image, color, and font. Automatically, Google will save the selection.

Choosing a Google Form Response Storage Location

When submitting a form, responses can be collected within the form or separately in Google Sheets. The form builder can choose where to save the responses by opening a Google Form.

At the top left, under “Responses”, click Summary. Then at the top right, click More More and then select a response destination. Choose one of the two options:

  • Create a new spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet for responses in Google Sheets.
  • Select existing spreadsheet: Choose from existing spreadsheets in Google Sheets to save responses.

Attaching a Document in Google Form

The Google Form builder can allow respondents to attach documents. Usually this feature is used for registration forms that require documents from the registrant. To attach documents, respondents must be logged into Google before they can upload documents. The way to allow respondents to upload files is:

  1. Open Google Forms.
  2. Click Add question, then enter a question to get information.
  3. Next to the question, click the down arrow and select upload file.
  4. Specify the types of files that other people can upload. If it’s only a specific file type, click Enable and then select a type.
  5. Set the maximum size for all files collected via the form.
  6. After getting a response in the form of the required documents, the form creator can view the document through Google Forms through the Responses section.
  7. To view all received files, click Summary. If you want to view individual documents, click Individual and select the document to open.

That’s how to easily create a Google Form. It can be concluded that Google Forms has various benefits and is very useful for academics, companies, and the general public.

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