How to change your view on GTA

The camera is a fundamental component of any video game. A seemingly simple change of camera can change everything, making the experience better or worse. A close-up camera, for example, makes the action more adrenaline, while a spaced one allows you to observe the surrounding game world in a more complete way.

Rockstar Games is one of the software houses that have always carefully evaluated this aspect, to the point that all the most recent titles of GTA , the company’s flagship series, enjoy a rather complete system for controlling the view.

How do you say? Are you aware of this and, in this regard, are you wondering just how to change your view on GTA ? No problem: I’m here to help and tell you how to best manage this aspect in some of the most recent titles in the saga. Find everything explained below!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to change your view on GTA 5
    • How to change your view on GTA 5 for consoles
    • How to change your view in GTA 5 for PC
  • How to change GTA San Andreas view

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to change the view on GTA , I think it may interest you to know more about this mechanic.

Well, you should know that, although already in titles like GTA San Andreas it was possible to change the camera mode (bringing it back and forth), the title of the Rockstar series that most of all made use of the mechanics linked to the view is GTA 5 .

The video game originally released in 2013 “plays” often with the camera, just think of the possibility of changing characters . The most intriguing feature from this point of view, however, is the transition from the classic third person to the first person . Put simply, in Grand Theft Auto V it is possible to look at the game world directly from the eyes of the character .

This mode, which arrived in 2014 along with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, allows users to see what the Rockstar title offers from another point of view. In fact, the first-person view is considered more immersive by a good number of people. Sure, not everyone appreciates the change in perspective, but the feature is definitely worth a try.

Besides, if you have played GTA in “classic” way in the past and want to replay it, you might as well try to perform this in person , so try to understand why at that time many people were open-mouthed because of this possibility.

How to change your view on GTA 5

Now that you are aware of the general situation related to the possibility of changing viewpoints, I would say that it is time to take action and actually explain how to change view on GTA 5 by analyzing both the console and the PC version of the game.

How to change your view on GTA 5 for consoles

If you have GTA 5 for PlayStation or Xbox , this is the chapter of the guide for you.

However, before explaining how to do the operation, which in reality is not at all complex, I would like to clarify that on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 , or the consoles on which Grand Theft Auto 5 originally came out in 2013, unfortunately not you can take advantage of the first person view that I described in the preliminary chapter .

In fact, you must know that Rockstar has taken advantage of the performance of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , which clearly have a much greater computational power than the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360, to actually be able to make the first-person mode of GTA 5 work . Not surprisingly, as already mentioned above, this feature arrived at the same time as the launch of the game for the eighth generation consoles.

In any case, to change the view on PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One / Series X | S , just press a specific button on the controller. More precisely, on PS4 and PS5 you have to use the touchpad , while for Xbox the button to use is the View button (located at the top left of the pad). Incidentally, these are also the keys to use to simply widen the view .

For the rest, using these buttons, you can switch in an instant from third-person to first-person mode . This means you can make as many camera changes as you like, customizing the game experience the way you want.

For example, you might think about driving in third person , so as not to have too many problems from that point of view, but then carry out the missions in first person , so as to get a more adrenaline-fueled action.

Obviously, the choice is up to you. However, if you want some advice, if you are preparing to replay Grand Theft Auto V for the umpteenth time, perhaps because you have chosen to buy the Rockstar title on a new platform, it could be interesting to perform a “run” (or lead to I finish the game again) all in first person.

In fact, in this way you will be able to see the game you already know from another point of view, making the most of the computational power of the console from which you have decided to perform this operation.

In any case, just to give you some indications related to the older consoles, that is Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 , you must know that in that case it is still possible to change the angle of view (even if you cannot pass in first person while walking). To do this, you can use the Back (Xbox 360) or Select (PS3) button.

For the rest, you may be interested in going to the game settings for more options regarding the change of view. In fact, in the latest generation version of the game there are options that allow, for example, to automatically activate the third-person view when you get into a vehicle .

To do this, just go to the Visual section of the game settings and activate the Allow independent visuals option . Furthermore, by going to the Commands section , you will find other options such as the ability to manage the sensitivity of the aim in first person .

In short, whatever platform you usually play GTA 5 from, there are some options to act on the game view. Simply choose the way that suits you best to play the Rockstar title.

How to change your view in GTA 5 for PC

In case you were wondering, yes – the ability to use first-person mode is also available in the PC version of GTA 5 . In fact, Rockstar has decided to implement the functionality also on this platform: on the other hand, the computational power is certainly not lacking in the computer field.

In any case, everything works exactly as I described in the chapter dedicated to the console world . However, in this case the button to use is simply V . So just press this button to switch from the classic third-person view to the first-person view whenever you want .

For the rest, as already explained above, you may be interested in consulting the game settings , since there are several additional possibilities.

How to change GTA San Andreas view

How do you say? Have you decided to play GTA San Andreas again , originally released in 2004, but you don’t remember how to change your view anymore ? No problem, I immediately refresh your memory.

Well, on PC the key to use to change the camera mode is V , while on the consoles in which the game was originally released, that is PlayStation 2 and Xbox , the buttons to use are, respectively, Select and Back .

If, on the other hand, you fall into that group of people who have decided to buy a version of the iconic Rockstar North title for a more modern platform , the method for changing the camera mode is a little different.

For example, if you have purchased Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for mobile devices (it is available on both Android and iOS / iPadOS , you can change the camera mode by simply “pinching” the screen (thus performing the classic zoom ).

For the rest, over the years, between backward compatibility and more, GTA San Andreas has also landed on other platforms, for example on PlayStation 4 . In these cases, the controls may not be quite clear , as obviously the DualShock 4 is very different from the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 controller (and in fact the Select button is not present).

In any case, you should know that on the DualShock 4 the Select button can be “emulated” by pressing the left part of the touchpad . Using, therefore, the part closest to the Share button on the touchpad, you can in fact take advantage of the Select option that some dated titles used for various operations.

In short, now you know a little everything there is to know about the possibility of changing the view on GTA . For the rest, I would recommend that you take a look at the page on my site dedicated to GTA . Since you are a fan of the Rockstar series, you might find a good number of other tutorials that could do for you.


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