How to breed pigs in Minecraft

How to breed pigs in Minecraft: Among the many animals you can breed in Minecraft, there are a few as common but as reliable as the humble pig. This is a farm animal that many will want to have on their farm. If you use it correctly and effectively breed, then you will get experience and a lot of food.

How to breed pigs in Minecraft

In this article, we will look at exactly how you raise pigs and what you need to do to unlock the full potential of this pig farm for your personal benefit.

What do you need to raise pigs

Pigs are not expensive in terms of what is required of them to start the breeding process. However, what makes them quite unique in this regard is that pigs have several options for what they can be fed. Here is a list of those products:

  1. Carrot

How to breed pigs in Minecraft1

  1. Potato

How to breed pigs in minecraft 2

  1. Beet

How to breed pigs in Minecraft3

You will also need fences to keep the pigs indoors so that the two pigs you are trying to breed are next to each other and do not move away.

How to breed pigs in Minecraft4

How to breed pigs

When you have at least one of the food items listed above, then all you have to do is feed it to two pigs, which will make them emit hearts that will signal that they are both in love mode.

How to breed pigs in minecraft 5

After that, the two pigs will grow up and create a piglet, which will inevitably grow into an adult.

How to breed pigs in minecraft 6

Why raise pigs

There are two useful sources of resources that come with raising pigs: experience and food. With an extended pig farm and an efficient breeding process, you can have an abundance of both resources on hand for your personal use, whether you’re low on feed or just want some easy experience. You can also ride pigs provided you have a saddle with a carrot attached to a stick, so pigs can be an easy means of getting around.

What do pigs like to eat in Minecraft?

As mentioned above, pigs have three different types of food they can eat:

  1. Carrot;
  2. Potato;
  3. Beet.

How long does it take for pigs to breed in Minecraft?

The initial breeding of pigs takes almost no time. However, to re-breed, players must wait 5 minutes before the pigs are ready again.

Video guide

If you want a simpler example of how to raise pigs in Minecraft, then check out this video:


As mentioned above, pigs can be helpful. They bring a lot of food, experience and mode of transportation if you really want it. A good Minecraft player will take advantage of all of these and use them to the fullest.

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