How to make brown dye in Minecraft

How to make brown dye in Minecraft: Having decoration paint can easily brighten up the aesthetic of any item or structure you want to change. What almost all dyes have in common is that they will require an ingredient or a set of ingredients that you will need to collect in order to make them. Brown dye is no exception to this rule.

How to make brown dye in minecraft0

Versions of Minecraft that support Brown Dye

  1. Java Edition;
  2. bedrock edition;
  3. Playstation Edition;
  4. Education Edition;
  5. Pocket Edition.

Version that does not support brown dye

  1. Version 360.

In this article, we will look at exactly what you need to get brown dye in the game, and what ingredient you need to get it.

Materials needed to make brown dye

It only takes one ingredient to make brown dye, and that ingredient is cocoa beans.

The beans themselves are not all that rare or difficult for you. Most likely it may be difficult for you to biome in which they are located. Cacao beans are only found in jungle biomes, and this particular biome can be quite difficult to find due to how rare they are.

How to make brown dye in Minecraft1

How to get brown dye in minecraft

Keep an eye on the savannah and desert biomes as you travel around their borders, and eventually you’ll find a biome in the jungle with enough time. The cocoa beans themselves can be found on tree trunks that make up the ecosystem of the jungle biome.

They hang from these trunks like chandeliers, and with a precise blow, you will be able to collect the coveted beans.

How to make brown dye in minecraft 2

From there, you simply turn it into a dye and you get what you wished for!

How to make brown dye in minecraft 3

What is the use of brown dye in Minecraft?

When it comes to brown dye, you have a lot of options for what you can do with it. Here is a list of elements that you can create below with this dye:

  1. Own bed;
  2. Brown candle;
  3. Brown stained glass.

As you can see, the items brown dye can create are purely for cosmetic purposes. In short, it changes the color scheme of the item based on the brown complexion of the dye you use.

How to get cocoa beans in Minecraft without the jungle?

Going into the jungle, you also have the opportunity to purchase cocoa beans from wandering traders or fishing.

However, keep in mind that both options will not always be successful.

Are cocoa beans the only way to get brown dye?

You have the option of getting the dye through the Traveling Cart, like cocoa beans, but that won’t be a very efficient method. You can always access them through the item menu in creative mode.

Video guide

If you want details on how to get brown dye in Minecraft, you can watch this video:


Brown Dye is one of the easiest dyes to find and craft in Minecraft if you have easy access to jungle biomes.

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