How Indeed works

I am sure you will agree with me that looking for a new job is a job in itself, which very often requires time and effort. Fortunately, however, it is possible to refer to numerous online tools that facilitate communication between companies and candidates, simplifying the meeting between supply and demand.

Today I would like to talk to you about one of the most important platforms active in this field, that is Indeed: it represents one of the most used solutions in the personnel selection process of various companies, and provides both workers and recruiters with various interesting features that make the whole process more transparent and orderly.

In short, understanding how Indeed works can be an essential resource both for improving your employment situation and for identifying suitable candidates to fill vacant positions within a company. If you want to deepen the subject, I leave you to read my guide immediately, wishing you good continuation and, above all, good research!


  • How the Indeed site works
    • Upload your CV
    • Consultation of announcements
  • How the Indeed app works
  • How Indeed works for business
    • Publication of an announcement
    • Search for a candidate

How the Indeed site works

To get started I’ll show you how the Indeed site works , which is the most used and functional channel for job search on the platform in question. The first essential step to be able to take full advantage of the tools it provides is to register for an account: to do so, connect with your favorite browser to the main page of the service , then press the Login button located at the top right.

If you wish, in the screen that is shown you can use your existing account relating to Google , Apple or Facebook services by pressing the appropriate button, and be sent back to the relevant authentication form, otherwise click on Create an account located at the bottom to the screen.

If you opt for the latter solution you will have to provide your personal email address and indicate a password , select the role I am looking for , complete the captcha recognition and, finally, press the Create Account button : an email will be sent to the address previously communicated , and you will need to click on the confirmation link therein to complete the process.

Upload your CV

The second essential step to be able to propose yourself as a candidate for the job offers that you consider suitable for your skills is to provide all the information relating to your professional life : once authenticated on the Indeed site, then, presses on the profile symbol located at the top of right and click on Profile .

Then, click on the Upload your CV button to import a curriculum vitae made by you (in this regard, if you have yet to write it or want to perfect it, I think you will find my information in this article very useful ) and select the document of yours. interest.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to manually enter the various information relating to your identity and work experience, click on Create a new CV and fill out the first form with your personal and contact information, then press the Continue button .

Then, complete the data relating to your education and click on the Save button : if, for example, you have multiple qualifications, repeat the operation providing the relevant information and press the aforementioned button from time to time to register them. Once finished, press the Continue button to proceed with the next steps. If you have omitted some important details, instead, just click on the item Previous section to retrace your steps.

The next section concerns your work experience : here, therefore, it is necessary to provide a detail of your current and / or previous employment, indicating data such as the name of the company , the location , the period of employment and an exhaustive description of the role held and related duties.

Also in this case it is possible to insert more experiences by pressing the Save button , or to move on using the Continue button . If you have never worked before, do not worry: just leave all fields blank and enter the check mark in the appropriate box at the bottom of the form that contemplates this condition.

Finally, enter your skills by typing them in the appropriate field there and press the Add button . Once this operation has also been carried out, you will be able to consult the basic format of your new online curriculum , make any changes to the sections already completed by clicking on the pencil icon , or delete them with the tool marked with the image of a basket , as well as insert new work experiences or academic qualifications using the button with the [+] symbol .

Furthermore, in the same way you will also have the possibility to add valuable information relating to the languages ​​spoken , the certifications obtained or, for example, the link to your personal site , to your Facebook profile or to other resources that you consider relevant. As soon as you are satisfied with the result, press the Save and continue button located at the top right to start looking for a new occupation.

Consultation of announcements

Once registered and after completing the profiling on the Indeed site correctly, you can start the consultation of the ads and send a possible application to the most interesting job offers: just go back to the main page of the site, authenticate yourself with the credentials just registered through the Login functionality , and press on the item Search job .

Afterwards, you can simply type in the field What a keyword related to the profession or company who wishes to enter where you want to be hired, type in the next field where the place in which you want to perform the activity, and to press the button Job search for view relevant results below.

Alternatively, if you have special needs, you can also use the Advanced Search function located next to the button just mentioned, which allows you to define more criteria and insert additional keywords. Then you can skim the results using the filters that will be shown below the form you just filled out, by clicking on the various items present and choosing the option that you think best suits your needs: for example, you can limit the search range to only previously defined location, or expand it up to 100 Km.

To view the details of an offer, simply click on the relevant box, and this will be shown in full in a special panel on the right. From here, you can also apply for the selection by pressing the Apply now button . On the next page you will be given the opportunity to choose the curriculum to submit to the company: if you opt to use the one created on Indeed, consider that you can easily modify the content using the appropriate item before sending the application.

Once the CV has been selected, press the Continue button , check the contact details shown and the indication of a previous job position that you consider relevant to the one for which you are about to propose, and possibly make the necessary changes. At this stage you can also add a cover letter by clicking on the relevant item and directly typing the text in the field that will be shown to you at the same time.

Before continuing, consider the possibility of activating a Job Alert : it is a service that basically generates an alert by sending via email a feed related to the search preferences just set. To do this, place a check mark in the text box next to Notify me by email when similar vacancies are available .

Subsequently you will have to confirm the subscription to the service by clicking on the link contained in the e-mail message that will be sent to you at the same time. You can change this setting and disable the alerts at any time by accessing the Email preferences section from the menu that appears by pressing the profile symbol .

In the next step, you may need to answer questions developed by the employer to check for any requirements relating to, for example, willingness to work shifts or other essential characteristics required by the employer. Finally, you will be shown a summary of the application that is about to be forwarded: if you want to change something you can still do it by pressing the Go Back button , otherwise proceed definitively by clicking on the Continue button . You will then be able to consult the responses to your applications by accessing the Messages area using the relevant function located at the bottom right of each page, or by pressing the cartoon symbol. located at the top right.

How the Indeed app works

If you are often on the go and prefer to use a mobile device to consult the ads, Indeed has developed a convenient solution for this type of need: in the next paragraphs I will show you how the Indeed app works , which is available for Android smartphones and tablets. (also check on alternative stores if your device does not include Google services) and iOS / iPadOS .

Just click on one of the links above and press the Install / Get button to have it immediately available: just consider that if you have an iPhone / iPad you will also be asked to verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or password Apple ID .

At the first start, to access the service, you need to register immediately : you can proceed by pressing the Login button and recognizing it with a pre-existing Google or Facebook account , or choose the Create an account option and enter the various personal information in the following steps, exactly as shown in the chapter on signing up to the platform from the Indeed site .

Also in this case, once authenticated, the first action I recommend you to take is to create a curriculum vitae : to proceed in this sense, press the ☰ symbol located at the top right and press the Profile item from the contextual menu, then touch the Quick CV Creation button .

Next, choose whether to import a document written by you directly from the device memory or from a cloud service to which you are subscribed, such as Google Drive , OneDrive or Dropbox ( Upload CV option ), or follow the wizard proposed by Indeed (option Create a new CV ).

In the latter case it will be necessary to fill in the same forms indicated in the procedure for creating the Indeed curriculum from PC, as explained in the dedicated chapter , and essentially composed of the sections relating to Contact InformationEducation and Work Experience.

Once this phase has been completed, to start browsing the advertisements, press the ☰ symbol again and select, this time, the item Search for work . In the screen that is proposed to you, therefore, indicate through the appropriate fields the profession for which you want to propose and the location in which you want to work, then press the Search job button .

The results will be shown a little further down, but you can filter them further by pressing the selector symbol located on the left, applying one of the conditions shown in the next screen and pressing the Update button , or using the options, which vary according to the type of occupation, proposals just above the results.

To view the details of a job offer, press the relevant box: if you believe that this may be compatible with your professionalism and you wish to submit your resume, then, touch the Apply now button , then check the pre-filled contact information based on to the data provided during registration, select the curriculum and accompany the application with any additional information (such as a cover letter), by pressing the Continue button at each step to advance in the process.

Also in the mobile version it is possible to activate the Job Alert service which sends the feed of offers similar to the one for which you are applying via email, simply by inserting the check mark in the appropriate box to accept the terms of service , to then confirm the intention via the link in the validation email.

How Indeed works for business

If, as a recruiting officer, you want to learn how Indeed works for companies , consider that the platform in question offers several solutions that can meet various recruiting needs. Let’s see below what it is.

Publication of an announcement

Undoubtedly, the publication of an advertisement represents one of the simplest ways to start the search for a specific professionalism. Indeed allows you to do this for free: just connect to this page of the Indeed site and register exactly as shown in the initial chapter of the guide, considering only that when filling in it will be necessary to select the item I offer a job .

Once this is done, click on the Publish ad button on the page indicated above and, subsequently, complete the fields therein with the required information, such as the name of the company , your role within it, the position sought and the location in which the activity will take place, then presses the Continue button located at the bottom.

In the next steps, enter the contact and company information, the details of the job offered (availability, hours, type of contract, salary), the method of receiving applications , the description of the ideal profile and, finally, define the qualifications essential to be able to carry out the activity that the candidate must demonstrate, including a possible preliminary test .

At this stage, I also point out the possibility of inserting sponsored ads , which will be given greater importance in the search results displayed by users: in fact, you can choose to activate a daily budget based on your needs and pay in relation to clicks. that will run on your ad.

Search for a candidate

Indeed allows companies to directly access the database of the numerous resumes registered on the platform, and perform the search for a candidate in a targeted manner through the use of specific functions. To use it, however, it is necessary to activate a subscription , with formulas starting from 100 euros per month for the Standard version (30 contacts per month) and 200 euros per month for the PRO version (100 contacts per month), net of taxes and applicable costs.

Once you have chosen the solution that suits your needs, simply connect to this page of the Indeed site dedicated to companies, click on the Search CV item located at the top left, and fill out the form therein to filter the results.

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