How to install Play Store on HUAWEI

Have you bought a new HUAWEI smartphone and can’t find the Play Store ? Unfortunately, you should know that all HUAWEI smartphones released since the second half of 2019 no longer have the ability to use Google services, including the Play Store, due to a block that the US authorities have imposed on the Chinese company regarding their collaboration with the US companies, such as Google. For this reason, HUAWEI, to replace the Play Store, has integrated its AppGallery on all its new devices , a company-owned store from which the user can download apps and games.

The HUAWEI store is constantly growing but it is not yet provided like that of Google and the possibility of being able to download different apps is missing. Among the most famous, of course, all those of Google, but also WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Some apps can be downloaded without too many problems from their respective official sites, but the same thing is not true for those of Google.

How do you say? Did you realize it too and, therefore, would you like to get the Play Store to be able to install all the Google apps on your new HUAWEI smartphone? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Today I will explain step by step how to install Play Store on HUAWEI with a very simple procedure but – I warn you right away – unofficial and, therefore, to be implemented with extreme attention.


  • Preliminary information
  • How to install the Play Store on HUAWEI
  • How to download apps from the Play Store on HUAWEI
  • How to remove the Play Store from HUAWEI

Preliminary information

To be able to use the Play Store and Google apps on HUAWEI smartphones again, you have to turn to unofficial solutions, as just mentioned. Specifically, these are applications, available for download on the HUAWEI AppGallery store that allow you to access the Play Store and Google without complications and, therefore, offer the possibility to download all the apps on the latter, including those of Google. They work on all HUAWEI device models without Play Store, so you can use them to install Play Store on HUAWEI P40 Lite and any other smartphone model with HMS .

Since these are unofficial solutions , I advise you not to use your main Google account , but to use a secondary one, perhaps created for this purpose. If you don’t have one available, you can check out my guide on how to create a new Google account .

Why do I recommend a secondary account? Using unofficial apps, like the one I’m about to tell you about, is the easiest way to install Play Store on HUAWEI , but since it’s not an official solution, there’s always a potential privacy risk that you need to put in place. bill. We do not know if the developers of the app have the possibility, or not, to access the data of the Google account that is used by the user, so I advise you to use an ad hoc one, so as not to have problems.

Let me be clear: at the moment no one has encountered problems of this kind in the use of the app that I am about to recommend, and the fact that HUAWEI has accepted it on its store does not let you think about any of this, but caution is never too much and, therefore, I cannot guarantee that in the future “bad discoveries” cannot be made in this sense. For this reason, I do not take any responsibility for any problems related to the use of this app . Proceed, therefore, with caution and only if you really need to use the Google apps on your HUAWEI smartphone.

How to install the Play Store on HUAWEI

Having made all the necessary clarifications, the first step is to download the GSpace app – that is the app that allows easy access to the Play Store on HUAWEI devices – from AppGallery . It is a free, ad-supported, non-invasive solution.

Once the store is open, search for the app in question, in the search field at the top and press the Search button . In the list that appears, you will find the Gspace app listed (be careful not to choose apps like “Gspace32” or similar, which is not the one you need in this case). To avoid problems, you can also visit this AppGallery link directly from your device.

Proceed, therefore, to select Gspace from the list and in the next screen press the Install button at the bottom. The app will be downloaded and then automatically installed on your smartphone.

Now that you have installed the app, you can proceed to set up your Google account, which is required in order to use the Google Play Store on your smartphone. So open Gspace and start its configuration. On the first screen that opens, you will find information regarding the terms and conditions: press the Start button at the bottom and then allow access to the contacts and files on the device.

Now the app will show you a warning that says to use Gspace you need to download an additional kit: to proceed, click on the Continue button . Once the upload is complete, which will last a few seconds, you will find yourself in front of the main screen of the app. You will find icons for some apps, including YouTube , WhatsApp, and Facebook .

At the bottom, however, there is the + button , which allows you to clone the apps already installed on the smartphone and use them on Gspace. In this case, this function does not interest you in relation to the use of the Play Store, but I still wanted to inform you about its presence. Proceed, therefore, with the configuration of the Google account , by pressing the icon of an app that is not already present on your device, eg. YouTube .

After the appearance of a short advertisement, a screen that is certainly familiar to you will open, that of the Google Play Store. Press the single Login button and proceed with the configuration. In the screen for the Google account setup, enter your email address and password of the account you want to use (I always suggest to use one secondary) and touching the button Next on the bottom right.

On the next screen, concerning the Google terms of service, click on the Accept button located at the bottom right. On the next screen, relating to Google Services , you can enable or disable the backup on Google Drive : in this case, again for privacy reasons, I recommend that you disable it and press the Accept button at the bottom right to continue.

Mission accomplished! After a short upload, the main screen of the Google Play Store will open , from which you can start downloading any app.

How to download apps from the Play Store on HUAWEI

Well: you finally have the Play Store on your device and you are ready to use it. So you just have to download any app you want, like on any smartphone with Google services.

How do you say? Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, I’ll guide you. Call up the Play Store from Gspace as seen above. So, in the main screen of the store, press on the search field at the top and write the name of the app you want to download (eg Gmail ); then press on the magnifying glass to search for it.

Now locate the app of your interest in the search results and press the Install button . The store will proceed to download the app and install it.

Once downloaded and installed, the app will not normally appear among the apps on your smartphone, but will be positioned within the Gspace space. If you want to have it on the home of your smartphone, don’t worry: you just have to move it to the list of your apps: to do this, just open the Gspace app , press and hold on the app you want to move and tap on Create shortcut .

In this way, you can move each app that you have downloaded from the Play Store directly to the Home of your smartphone, so you can start it directly without going through Gspace. Unfortunately, the app will always show a short advertisement at every start.

How to remove the Play Store from HUAWEI

If you don’t like the compromise of advertising or you simply no longer need to have the Play Store installed on your HUAWEI smartphone, you can remove it really quickly.

How? All you have to do is uninstall the Gspace app . To do this, you can hold down on the Gspace icon and tap on the Uninstall item in the menu that is proposed to you. If you don’t find it in the list of your apps or on the Home Screen, don’t worry, you can also remove it from the Android Settings .

From your smartphone, open the Settings app (the gear icon ), scroll down and go to App . Press again on the App and in the next screen, write gspace in the search field at the top. Once found, press on the result obtained and then on the Uninstall button .

Once this is done, the app will be completely removed from your smartphone and together with it all the apps you had installed from the Play Store.


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