Fierce Frost on Dragon Ridge in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact have a game mechanic, which can seriously complicate beginners (and not only) study of Dragon Ridge – a mountainous area, just south of Mondshtadta. For those who are just going there or have already encountered difficulties, we tell you how to survive the cold.

How Fierce Frost works in Genshin Impact

In general, the mechanics simulate frostbite well – the longer you stay away from heat sources, the more the blue bar fills up (it is located under the health bar). As soon as it fills up completely, the character will receive the “Fierce frost” status and begin to lose health.
What you need to know about her:
  1. Usually the scale fills up at a rate of 1% HP per second, meaning you have 1 minute 40 seconds until you start losing health. No matter how much you pump HP and how many artifacts you use to increase it, this will not help here – you will freeze at the same rate.
  2. If you plunge into cold water , then the scale will begin to fill up twice as fast (it will fill completely in 50 seconds ).
  3. If you are fast swimming in water , the gauge will fill up in just 35 seconds .
  4. During a blizzard (valid in certain regions of Dragon Ridge), the bar will fill up in 40 seconds .
After filling the scale, HP does not drain instantly, but it is removed quickly enough – this can cause problems if you are frozen in the middle of a battle or somewhere far from heat sources. Therefore, you need to prepare for a trip to the mountains in advance, and on the spot, monitor the position of the nearest heat sources.

How to Survive Bitter Frost in Genshin Impact

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to keep warm in the game. Let’s talk about everything in order.

Archon statue and teleportation points

Near the only statue of the Archon, located on the mountain, and all teleportation points, the “Fierce Frost” effect passes and does not accumulate. The only drawback of this way to warm up is that the safe zone is very small, so such places are only suitable for catching your breath a little.

Characters with Pyro

If you are going to Dragon Ridge, be sure to take at least one Pyro character: even the default Amber will do if there is no one else yet. Pyro the hero will not only help you melt the Cryo shields of enemies faster, but will also allow you to ignite heat sources (more on them later).
And Cryo characters, by the way, do not have increased resistance to frost. So taking them in the hope of avoiding the cold is not worth it.

Bonfires and torches

You can warm up by any fire or torch (fires with cauldrons on which you can cook food are also suitable). If they go out, use the characters’ Pyro skills to rekindle the flame. During fights with opponents, stay close to the bonfires, which are usually placed on enemy bases.

Pyro monuments

Stone monuments can be found on Dragon Ridge. If you activate this (just walk up and press the interaction button), then a small area around it will warm up, and your wards will receive a temporary invulnerability to the mountain cold.

Fire fairies

Everything is simple here: if you are near this creature, you are not afraid of the cold. As long as you lead the fairy to her “nest”, she will warm you in flight, and after that the statue with the fairy will become a permanent source of heat, like the Pyro monument. Do not neglect the help of fairies: sometimes only thanks to their presence it is possible to pass this or that section.

Scarlet quartz

During the quest “In the Mountains”  you will encounter a new type of ore – Scarlet Quartz, which is needed to break ice. Break a piece of ore and pick up a quartz shard for a special temporary effect. While he is on you, the hero will be immune to cold. Quartz works, however, for a relatively short time, plus it will not warm the character. If, while picking up ore, you are already under the influence of frost, then the shard will simply stop filling the scale for 25 seconds. Useful when you need a spare time to get to the heat source.

Tomato stew

This is a special dish that greatly slows down the accumulation of “Fierce Frost”: with it, the scale will be completely filled in 3 minutes 20 seconds, that is, twice as slow. And the stew itself lasts for 15 minutes. It sounds pretty imbibed (it is: tomato stew is indispensable for exploring the mountain), so you can get its recipe only after completing the world quest “Ah, fresh meat!” 
The quest becomes available after completing the quest “In the mountains”. The quest required to obtain the recipe is given by Harris, the cook at the camp in the Highlands of Roaring Winds.
Please note that cooking requires a rather rare ingredient – frozen meat . You can get it by killing frozen boars in the Dragon Spine Glaciers.

Heat bottle

When used, this item removes the effect of Severe Frost from the character. You can get a recipe for its manufacture for pumping the Permafrost Tree to level 4 , and craft the item itself – from a blacksmith. But note that the gadget is disposable and disappears after use, just like regular food.

Travel Friends

Dragon Ridge is a terrain that is many times more convenient to pass in cooperative mode (especially if your partner is higher level and is ready to drag you up the mountain). Together, it will be much faster to deal with enemies, and speed is vital here so as not to freeze in the middle of the battle.

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