Error code 6-0x00001000 in Rainbow Six Siege

This error reports that matchmaking service has timed out. Those. in the overwhelming majority this is due to problems with the Internet connection or the inability to auto-update servers.


There are different options for the appearance of this error. The following situations can be distinguished from the most common.

  • When trying to join a multiplayer Terrorist Hunt or Casual one, a message appears: “Error. Rainbow Six Siege: “.
  • Another situation where the error code 6-0x00001000 in Rainbow Six Siege appears even without allowing you to enter the video game. Those. the game opens, but when “creating a squad” gives this error.
  • When this error appears, by clicking on “OK” in its window, the user is displayed in the menu and when he points to the creation of a command again, it again fails under the same code.

To solve the problem, members of the forum are advised to follow the recommendations only in the order indicated below.

Resetting network connection settings

If Rainbow Six Siege encounters error code 6-0x00001000, this step will allow the equipment to re-establish its connection to the ISP. Resetting your router / modem is also called a Hard Reboot.

  • Disconnect your computer / console from your router or modem.
  • Click on the reset button.
  • Then disconnect the equipment itself from the network.
  • If your equipment is equipped with indicator lights – they may be flickering – this is normal.
  • Wait 40-60 seconds. Connect your modem / router to the network and turn it on. The connection may take some time.
  • Start your computer / set-top box and wait for the complete download.

Everything, the factory reset is complete – try running the problematic game.

Check for software conflicts

When an error code 6-0x00001000 appears in Rainbow Six Siege, or the video game is unstable or other problems when connecting directly to the network, one of the probable reasons is a conflict between programs installed on the PC. To check this and, if necessary, fix it, go through the specified path. First of all, you need to check that Uplay PC is disconnected from offline mode.

  • Click on “Menu” in the upper left corner of the Uplay PC application.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Next is the “Network” tab.
  • There should be no check mark in the field “Always run Uplay in offline mode”.

Here you can (which will not be superfluous) to check the proxy settings in Windows. To do this, click the “Change proxy settings” option. This will open the “Windows Internet Options” tab, here you can manage the network connection settings.

Disable firewall

Rainbow Six Siege error code 6-0x00001000 often occurs when the game’s firewall is blocking the game from connecting directly to the game server. Therefore, if the previous methods did not help to solve the problem, then it is advisable to pay close attention to the Firewall. Disable it temporarily.

  • “Start” / “Control Panel” “System and Security” (depending on the type of control panel, the firewall icon may differ slightly).
  • Windows Firewall.
  • Go to the “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off” section.
  • Select a disconnect point for both groups, next to which the inscription “(not recommended)”.
  • After completing the described actions, the defender management window will turn red. And a pop-up message will appear in the system tray that the firewall is disabled.

After all this, start the game, and if there are no problems, then the reason was precisely in the Firewall. Now re-enable the firewall, but add the problematic title to the exclusion list (or whitelist). If the error under the code 6-0x00001000 has not been eliminated, follow the further instructions.

Background applications

Some players have encountered difficulties in Rainbow Six Siege with code 6-0x00001000 due to applications running in the background. When playing Ubisoft video games and this error appears, it is recommended that you close all background applications before launching.

  • Press the win + r keys and enter the MSCONFIG command in the search box. Click OK.
  • When the “System Configurations” opens you need to go to the “Startup” tab and click “Disable all”.
  • Then “Apply”.

Restart your computer and try launching the game. Note that this is a workaround, so changes can be quickly undone by returning to MSCONFIG, but here you will need to select the Normal Startup option.

PC protection and security programs

If the above methods did not help you, then try updating the antivirus software that is installed on your computer. For third-party software, such as ZoneAlarm, Mcafee, Norton Antivirus, Avast or others, make sure you have the latest versions installed. You can check this information on the official portals of the manufacturers.

UPnP Option Connection

Some users claim that this action fixed the connection difficulties of Rainbow Six Siege, and in particular errors with code 6-0x00001000. Universal Plug and Play is used to automatically redirect network ports by applications. This function is enabled in the adapter settings. Unfortunately, the detailed instructions for configuring network ports for different router models may differ. each device has its own specific options. Forum users recommend contacting your Internet provider for advice or using the guide on this site:

Many noted that there are really effective options for fixing the problem under code 6-0x00001000. Developer entries:

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