Error code 6 in State of Decay 2

On the licensed game State of Decay 2, an error code 6 constantly crashes. At the same time, there is enough disk space, and the installation itself was carried out correctly. Much the same thing happens when you try to join someone online. The window with the connection hangs for a long time and then a message appears about the specified error. In State of Decay 2, “Error Code 6” overwhelmingly means a connection error. The main problem is the following – without a connection, the multiplayer game simply does not work. In addition, outdated video drivers are another common cause. Users have found several effective solutions to this problem, and in 95% of cases, one way or another helps.

Solution # 1

Need to check if a firewall is blocking the game, outgoing connections are allowed for a normal connection to the video game servers? In Windows, the firewall protects the computer, it is he who controls the outgoing / incoming traffic between the network and the user’s computer. If the firewall is disabled, network traffic through the PC passes uncontrolled. When an error code 6 occurs in State of Decay, 90% of the reason is in the firewall. This game is released by Microsoft, so the client strongly requires that the firewall be turned on for a normal network connection with the host. To enable it, you can use the presented method.

  • Panel / Start.
  • Write (copy) in the system search bar cmd. Click OK.
  • Next, on the command line, enter:
  • Hit Enter.

In the plate that opens, look at the line “Firewall Policy”. Typically, the default should be the following: BlockInbound, AllowOutbound. When the second word is set, this is actually the reason for the error under code 6. It is solved as follows:

  • In the same window (ie “Command line”) enter the following command:
  • And again Enter.

Restart your computer and start the game. If this option did not solve the problem, see further.

Solution # 2

Restarting the router has helped many console users. To do this, go directly to the “Settings” of the console and check the state of your multiplayer. It is also important to check the NAT information.

  • You need to launch the Xbox app.
  • Select “Settings” / “Network” and check “Server connection”.
  • If the “Teredo” message is present next to the “NAT type” field, i.e. does not fit the requirements.
  • Click “Click here for more information” or follow the link –

Solution # 3

Check the video adapter drivers on your PC. According to statistics, users very often have to update software for video cards. The upgrade process is not limited to just one way. Two examples of how to update the video driver on Windows 10. Updating automatically:

  • Right-click Start, then Device Manager.
  • The “Display Adapters” list opens.
  • Click on the name of the PCM video card and select “Update drivers”.
  • Select “Auto Search …”.
  • Wait until the end of the process of automatic search, download, installation of the latest drivers, and then click “Close”.
  • Close extraneous windows – start the game.

Updating the video driver manually: Example for an Nvidia GeForce graphics card. To manually update the software for your video adapter, you need to download the update package.

  • Go to the website of the official source

    and select the “Drivers” section.

  • Fill out the information form on the page and click “Search”.
  • Please select the latest driver for Windows.
  • Wait for the service to find a suitable driver version and click “Download Now”.
  • After downloading the exe-file of the update package, run it by specifying the unpacking folder and click “OK”. The installer path itself can be anything. Choose the most convenient one for you.
  • Upon completion of the unpacking process, the “Installation Wizard” will start in automatic mode. Wait for the process of pre-scanning your operating system to finish.
  • After that, select the option to install the drivers and click the “Accept. Continue”.
  • Select the desired options for installation and click “Next”.
  • Wait for the process to complete and close the window.

You do not need to restart your computer after installing the update. Try starting a video game.

Solution # 4

Some users have solved the problem by synchronizing Windows time directly with the Windows server. In fact, time synchronization is quite an important thing, since update services do not work without the correct time. Moreover, some sites, applications and messengers also do not function. An example of how to implement synchronization in Windows 7 and 8.

  • Go to “Start” / “Control Panel” and in the corner on the right, find the item “View”.
  • Then change the value of “Small icons”. Then the “Date and Time” section.
  • Select the following from the submenu:
  • Then in the window go to “Internet Time”, where all information on synchronization will be provided, as well as the name of the server (if enabled).
  • To change, click “Change parameters …”.
  • In the configuration parameters of the Internet time, there should be a checkbox on “Synchronize …”. Choose one of the servers or enter your own. The official server list is here:

    … Select “Update Now” and “OK”. If synchronization is successful, a notification will also appear in this window.

This will allow you to set the date / time on your PC automatically. After all the procedures, start the game.

More options

The forums offer several more ways to solve the error under code 6 in State of Decay 2.

  • If there are 2 GPUs, use a discrete one instead of the built-in one.
  • Set the Game Priority to High in Task Manager.
  • Disable all background programs.
  • Decrease the visual settings in the game.
  • Make sure your Internet connection is working properly.
  • Check your browser for downloading other online games.

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