Error attaching attachments in Windows 10 Mail “We Could Not Add All Your Attachments”

The application allows you to attach different images, audio recordings and files to messages. In addition, you are able to attach a picture directly to your message. Sometimes you want to attach an attachment, but the error shown in the screenshot below pops up.

If you encounter a problem, try the methods below.

Don’t select files from Quick Access

When you try to select a file from those you recently interacted with (Quick Access), a conflict occurs and an error notification pops up. To avoid this annoying issue, select the attached file from its actual storage location without using Quick Access.

The volume should not exceed the maximum allowable

The application allows you to attach a large number of files at the same time (depending on the characteristics of the e-mail service), most likely you have exceeded the number or “weight” limit (the size is calculated in gigabytes).

  • Here use WinRAR and 7-Zip to compress to an acceptable size.
  • Reduce the number of attachments or send them one at a time.

Try to resend the email.

Reset Mail

If a checkbox appears about the problem of attaching attachments to an email, reset the settings using the instructions below. Important : the ability to reset is available on assembly 14379 or later. Press Win + R. Type “Winver.exe” in the start menu and check the version of your update.

As you can see, the assembly shown in the screenshot is not enough to perform this method. 1.Open Options .

2. Click on the Application icon .

3. Find Mail & Calendar in the list . Click on the icon and select Advanced options .

4. Click on Reset and confirm. The data will be reset (you will have to re-enter your account and password).

5. Start Mail, enter your account information to download messages.


It is advisable to resort to uninstallation and reinstallation at the very end, but this will solve the problems. Reinstalling will delete everything related to the application, including the data that is causing the malfunction. Therefore, you will have to enter your account information again.

  • To remove, use paragraph 3 of our article.
  • Download and install the free app fromofficial site

And in

Microsoft store

you will find similar apps and extensions for Windows 10.

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