Instagram ranking factors for posts, stories and Reels

Instagram ranking factors for posts, stories and Reels. Last year, Instagram detailed the content ranking factors on the social network. Now the service team reminded what authors should pay attention to when creating different Instagram elements.

Ranking factors for posts and stories in Instagram:

  • Information about the publication – the popularity of the post (user likes), as well as information about when it was published, what place is indicated in the geotag, etc. 
  • Author Information – Author Popularity (how many people have interacted with them in the last few weeks).
  • User activity – this factor helps Instagram understand what a person is interested in and takes into account the posts they like.
  • The history of user interaction with someone is necessary to understand how much a user can be interested in content from a particular person (comments are taken into account).

Instagram Ranking factors for Reels: 

According to Search Engines , Reels has its own algorithm, and Instagram is developing this direction with an emphasis on the interests of the user. Therefore, it is human activity that comes first here.

  • User activity – videos that are liked or commented on by the user are taken into account.
  • The history of the user’s interaction with someone – the repeated viewing of the content of a certain author is taken into account.
  • Publication information – information about the content of the video itself and its popularity.
  • Author information – Instagram also takes into account the author’s fame.

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