4 Future Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2021

Logo designing is no walk in the park. There is a lot to do and be aware of when we talk about logo designing. It requires an individual to be on their toes all the time and be smart enough to know what trends are in fashion and how to go

about them. While I was working on my brand, I wanted to explain my business to the outer world. I was looking for someone who could make me a logo so self-explanatory that people would know in a second what the brand is all about.

Fortunately, I came across this logo design agency, the Ingenious Guru. I told them I was searching for someone who could make a logo for me just how I want and explain the main ideas and trends of logo design that can go with my

business. They understood my point of view and gave me exactly what I wanted. Every year comes with a few surprises, there is no denying this fact, and when we talk about the last few years, these years has been the most surprising

years for us. When everything is in shackles today, businesses and brands are looking for ways to rebrand themselves and create a new identity in the market.

In order to do that, there are few trends that we believe everyone should follow.

Following are the most prominent logo design trends of the year 2021.

  1. Stained and Tinted Glasses

One of the many trends that brands are following today in the logo design industry is stained and tinted glasses. There is no denying that old traditions are making a comeback and we all are reviving the old and traditional marketing ways. When we talk about logo design, we all know they are comparatively a modern invention that often takes inspiration from the traditional marketing aspects.

In the current era, most logo designers are taking enlightenment in the tinted and stained windows and glass from the Dark Ages. After spending most of these in lockdown, it’s time we bless our fragile ecosystem concerning the stained glass logo designs.

  1. Perspective Drawing

Drawing has always been a part of logo designing, as, without it, you cannot get a hold of the overall design process. One of the many things that you should be aware of while designing your logo is to ensure you know the current perspective of drawing trends. We all agree to the fact that the best designs are born from clarity and simplicity. These two kinds of virtues allow the logo designs to smartly and effectively communicate the right identity of the brand to the audience. This is one of the reasons why most of the previous logo designs were focused on flat design and minimalism.

Since most of the designers of 2021 are not ignoring this approach or letting it go, they are trying to source some of the magic that the oversimplification of the designs has lost. One of the most famous logo design trends has been to incorporate the light and subtle angles of perspectives. Try to instill and use the standard and basic drawing techniques, including the linear perspective, foreshortening, and curvature. It is the designer’s responsibility to develop the depth illusion without making the design more difficult.

  1. Simple Geometry

The shapes and everything that you have right in your hand can do a lot more for your designs than your imagination. We honestly give very little credit to these things and do not take full advantage of them. However, while primitive shapes, including circles, triangles, and squares that frequently phased out when they laid the groundwork, we all agree there is an undeniable power in simplicity.

The 2021 designers today are taking full advantage of their power of making the logos with simple shapes and lines. They know how to play with it. The strict and restricted adherence to shape the overall minimalism provides all these logos in the calculated restraints, which lets them take liberties everywhere, which are pretty rich in saturated colors.

  1. Divergent Letters

The font you are using has a huge impact on the kind of work you are doing and the logo in the making. Wordmarks are the kind of logos that are totally dependent on the typeface, which has a straightforward reputation both for better or worse. While planning the brand name for the logo, keep your focus on the overall brand logo, which makes them memorable and does not leave any room for the creative license. The 2021 logo designers are constantly changing the impression of all the letters at a time.

More importantly, in the current era, we see exaggerations of more than one letter within word-marks. It should be a pretty subtle, off-colored title over all the lowercase “I” which is as noticeable as towering chopsticks that form the uppercase “H”. The divergent letter creates the interest points that draw the eye, which provides the brands with the best of both worlds. It combines both type-based and traditional logos that are not afraid to break any rules no matter what comes their way.




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