How to make a YouTube intro

How to make a YouTube intro: Now I will tell you how to make a YouTube intro – a video intro, an introductory part before a movie, clip or video that precedes the main plot. Screensavers are made by film studios and TV programs, any user can make an initial screensaver on their own for their video masterpiece or for a whole YouTube channel.

Do you want your videos to be recognized from the first second? Make a single introduction that will be remembered by the audience and will distinguish your work from thousands of others. If the VideoSHOW editor is at hand , creating an attractive intro will not be difficult.

You do not have to download a large amount of software for different tasks. The program already has everything you need from simple cropping to creating colorful special effects. From the article you will learn how to make an intro and why you can’t do without it.

A splash screen is similar to a book cover. Nobody sells faceless reams of pages in stores, right? To inspire you to create a really impactful intro, let’s first talk about how important it is.

About the importance of the intro in a few words

The value of an intro for video recognition is proved elementarily. Look at this screensaver.

Familiar? Surely, even for those who have not watched the series, the same music sounded in their heads. You may not be able to get rid of her all day now.

Pixar’s jumping lamp or Disney’s famous fairy-tale castle, openings of X-files or Game of Thrones – with the first frames and chords, the viewer is immersed in the familiar atmosphere and understands what to expect from the film.

It works the same way with blogs. High-quality smart reviews or useful video tutorials from one author will be easier to remember, search for and recognize if there are bright intros in the same style at the beginning of each video.

Make your own intro in “VideoSHOW”

In the VideoSHOW program, you can create a video of any complexity – it all depends on your free time and desire. Even if this is your first time working in such editors, do not worry, a clear Russian-language interface and this article will allow you to quickly understand the process and create an impressive intro the first time.

Screensaver per minute

If you need an intro urgently and you don’t have time to develop a concept and implement complex animation for a long time, VideoSHOW offers ready-made intro templates.

Just go to the “Titles” section and choose one of the ready-made templates. To make it easier for you to navigate and select suitable options, the program offers several categories: simple, children’s, thematic, universal.

intro for youtube

Take the template you like and double click on it. Enter a title and subtitle. Actually, this will already be enough to give your video a neat look.

If you have an extra minute, you can personalize your titles. To do this, go to edit mode by clicking on the pencil icon. In the layer list, you can separately select the background, animation, as well as other splash screen elements and replace them with your own options.

intro for youtube

Recognizable intro on your own

Now let’s look at how to make a YouTube channel intro truly personal. To do this, you need to make an attractive visual range by adding text and animation, as well as overlay suitable music. All this can be easily and quickly done in the “VideoSHOW” by going through a few steps.

  1. Foundation creation.

Right click on the pasteboard and paste a blank slide. Set the length of your intro to your desired length – usually no more than 5 seconds, as long intros tire viewers. To set the desired number of seconds, click on the numbers on the slide.

intro for youtube

  1. Background selection.

Now click on the pencil icon to edit. Select the Background tab from the Layers list. You can make it solid by setting the desired color, create an interesting gradient, or insert a custom image from the gallery.

intro for youtube

  1. Adding an inscription.

The splash screen should not only look beautiful, but also carry information about the video and its author. Therefore, text is indispensable. Adding it to the intro is quite easy.

Click the Add Layer button and select Label. You can take one of four types of text: regular, 3D, animated, glowing. When you specify the desired one, a catalog of available styles will appear. Check the one you like.

intro for youtube

This will open the label properties section. Enter the text itself, for example, the title of the video or the name of the author. Adjust its position in the frame, as well as adjust other parameters. Change the font and size, make the letters bold or italic, fill them with color.

Go to the “Animation” tab, here you can make the text appear from the edge of the screen, rotate or fade. Similar effects are configured in the “Animation” tab.


On the first keyframe, set the caption to the position from which it will start moving. Add a new frame and move the text to where it should be in the next moment in time.

You can set an arbitrary number of frames and set a new position of the inscription for each, as well as make it rotate, turn over, increase or move away. To do this, just change the corresponding parameter in the settings.

parameter selection

  1. We decorate the screensaver with effects.

To make your intro look advantageous and professional, it is worth supplementing it with spectacular effects. Add a new layer and select the option “Glow Effects” or “Fall Snow Effects”, etc. A catalog will open in which you need to specify the desired option.

effect selection

As with text, any effect can be edited to suit your goals: change the speed of movement, shape, color.

effect change

  1. Adding music to the screensaver.

Save your settings. In the main menu, select the “Music” tab and add a music file. Explorer will open, in the window of which you need to select the desired song from your computer.

When the melody appears on the timeline, right-click on it and cut it to the length of the intro.

  1. Save the intro.

When everything is ready, click “Create”. Select the desired saving method, for example, in one of the popular formats: “AVI”, “MP4”, “MOV”.

In the program, you can immediately prepare a video for publication on the Internet.

As you have seen, even a novice user can make a 3D intro with interesting animation and special effects. Create your own colorful intros that will be remembered by the audience, and your videos will always collect thousands of views. It is enough to download the irreplaceable assistant of a video blogger – the editor of “VideoSHOW” from the link!

Article Conclusions

With the help of the VideoSHOW program, the user can create an introductory screensaver for his video. A catchy intro draws the attention of the viewer, increases the visibility of the YouTube channel, emphasizes the individuality of the creator, and helps the author in promoting the video.

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