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Yandex Radio is a music streaming service, an online radio station from Yandex that broadcasts music, depending on the user’s tastes. Yandex Radio Online allows users to independently select a genre, era, occupation, mood to select musical works played on the air of a virtual radio station.

Yandex Radio is a streaming (streaming) broadcasting service, unlike music radio stations such as Avtoradio, Russian Radio, Retro FM, etc., which broadcast a software product created at a particular station. Yandex Radio is a virtual radio station on which the user independently forms what he will listen to, depending on his preferences and interests.

Yandex provides a huge selection of music: more than 100 music channels and a library of more than 20 million pieces of music are available to users. The music channels contain collections of playlists by genre, mood, occupation, era. The Yandex.Radio service is closely related to the Yandex.Music music service, from where you can also go to the radio. Yandex Radio uses tracks from Yandex Music on the air.

Features of Yandex Radio

The closest analogue of the Yandex Radio service is the Pandora (radio) music streaming service, available only to users from the United States. In Russia, there is a somewhat similar service Zvooq (Sound).

To listen to Yandex Radio based on your preferences and interests, it is recommended to register on this online service. Register on the service using your Yandex account from email. Registration in Yandex Radio is available through social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, My World Mail@Ru).

After registering with Yandex Radio, based on your listening history, your personal unique radio station will be generated that matches your musical tastes. A registered user directly influences the broadcast of music, approving or, conversely, disapproving of the compositions that sound on the air, independently forming the broadcast of the station.

Of course, no one forbids listening to Yandex Radio for free without registering on the service, just in this case, the music will be less in line with your preferences or interests. The process of forming a choice of user interests is somewhat reminiscent of a similar function in Yandex Zen .

Yandex Radio has a paid subscription, in which the user will receive the following benefits:

  • lack of advertising in Yandex.Radio and Yandex.Music (the subscription is the same for both services);
  • higher quality music sound.

When used free of charge, short audio commercials are sometimes broadcast between the played musical compositions. I don’t think it bothers most listeners.

Yandex Radio is available not only as an online service that can be listened to on a computer; for Android and iOS mobile operating systems, you can download the Yandex Radio application from the Google Play Market or the App Store.

Using the Yandex Radio online service is practically no different from using the versions of the application for mobile devices, the differences are only in the features of the PC interface and the mobile device.

If your smartphone has very little free memory, the battery runs out quickly, and a new application will inevitably consume additional device resources, use Yandex Radio as an online service. Log in to Yandex Radio from any mobile browser, register, use the service without installing the application on your mobile device.

In this article, I made an overview of the Yandex Radio online service. The service requires constant access to the Internet.

Music selection on Yandex Radio

Follow the link: to enter the Yandex Radio service. The main page of the Yandex Radio service will open, which has a simple, minimalistic interface.

On the left side of the window there are sections for selecting the type of music that will be played on the radio:

  • personal stations.
  • Genre.
  • Mood.
  • Occupation.
  • Epoch.
  • The authors.

A personal station will become available only after registration on the service. By registering, you can listen to your favorite music and share compositions with friends.

The “Genre” section presents a large selection of popular genres, including classical and Soviet music. In musical genres, you can choose a more specific direction of music. For example, in the “Pop” genre, the following musical trends are available: “Pop”, “Russian pop music”, “Disco”, “K-pop”.

In the “Mood” section, choose the right music for your mood. Here you can choose among various states of mind, among them, for example, “Antipyretic”, “Dreamy”, “New Year”, “Rain outside the window”, etc. According to the selected mood, the music that sounds on Yandex Radio is selected.

The “Activity” section will help you choose the music tracks that are suitable during certain user activities, for example, “Party”, “Driving”, “Background Music”, etc.

In the “Era” section, music lovers are waiting for compositions grouped by the time of creation of musical works: “Eternal Hits”, “1950s”, “1960s”, “1970s”, “1980s”, “1990s “, 2000s”.

The “Authors” section is represented by stations of popular publications and well-known journalists. It used to host music radio stations, which were later removed due to disputes over advertising rights.

In the upper right corner is the volume control and the “Settings” button. Enter the settings, select the mood, tracks, language, suitable for the corresponding genre.

Music personalization on Yandex Radio

To personalize music, you need to help Yandex adjust to your interests: choose the right genres, listen to the suggested songs.

Press more actively on the “Like” (“Like”) button for approval if you liked the composition, or vice versa, on the “Dislike” (Dislike) button in order not to listen to such music in the future. This will help Yandex find the most suitable music for you. In order for your choice to be taken into account, authorization on the Yandex Radio service is required. Your preferences will be taken into account.

You can listen to your personal station or, provide a choice of music at the discretion of Yandex Radio, after selecting the genre, mood, era, etc.

Yandex Radio on your wave

Launch your personal station (“On your wave”) in order to listen to Yandex Radio hits. In the central part of the service page, the cover of the album of the piece of music played on the air is displayed, in the darkened areas, the covers are displayed: on the left – the sounded composition, on the right – the next track.

When you move the mouse cursor over the sounded track, and then click on it, the broadcast history opens. The user can restart playback of one or another track that has already sounded on the air.

If you move the mouse cursor over the next track, and then click on it, the playback of this song will start without waiting for the current track to end. Thus, the transition between compositions is carried out if the next piece of music needs to be broadcast.

Click on the button with three dots to listen to a track on Yandex Music, share a track with friends, or share a station. This option is available to registered users.

On the Yandex Music service, other works by this artist are available for listening.

Yandex Radio eternal hits

In the “Era” section there is a subsection “Eternal hits”, which contains works from different eras that have stood the test of time. Older listeners will remember familiar songs, while younger listeners will be able to broaden their horizons.

Try Yandex Radio, perhaps you will like the online music service. It is very pleasant to listen to your favorite songs and melodies collected in one place.

Article Conclusions

Yandex Radio is an online music streaming service, radio broadcast is formed based on the preferences of a particular user. The user independently selects the genre, mood, era, to select the appropriate music that sounds on the air. After registering on the service, using the user’s playback history and ratings, a personal radio station is created that broadcasts songs on the radio based on the interests of this user.

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