How to view WiFi password on android – 3 Ways

Let’s see how to view WiFi password on android phone running the Android operating system. In different situations, it becomes necessary to find out the WiFi password on Android, for example, to connect another mobile device to your network.

Most users, after setting up a wireless network, do not remember the password for Wi-Fi, because the mobile phone prompts you to automatically enter credentials when connecting to the network.

This is very convenient, but because of this, users often forget their password. Sometimes, a previously saved password is lost. While everything is working, no one thinks about it.

Usually, the user has several options for connecting via Wi-Fi:

  • Private unknown network – to connect, you need to enter a password from this network. There is no access to this network because the password is unknown.
  • Public network – free wireless access via Wi-Fi, operating in some places or establishments. The Wi-Fi password is provided to users by the administration of the organization or automatic connection to the network works.
  • A private home network is your network or your friends’ network, which you can access from any mobile device by providing a password.

If you need to connect another mobile device to the wireless network, you will need to enter the Wi-Fi password. Bought a new phone, tablet or laptop, or came to relatives. I needed to go online. What to do if the password is forgotten?

The first thing that comes to mind is to look at the Wi-Fi password on the computer . And if, at a given time, a stationary PC or laptop is not available, for example, someone took a laptop with them on a trip, what should I do?

There are ways to view the Wi-Fi password through a phone or tablet running the Android operating system. In the article you will find instructions on several ways to solve the problem.

In order to view the password from Wi-Fi on an Android phone, we will use three methods. In the first method, you will see the Wi-Fi password from the router settings, the other two methods will require Root rights, which are necessary to obtain information about the wireless network from the configuration system file.

Some operations on Android require root rights that are not available to the user on a mobile device. The user receives these elevated privileges at his own risk. Incorrect actions when obtaining rights can lead to a malfunction of the phone. Remember that obtaining superuser rights leads to the loss of the smartphone warranty.

How to view WiFi password on android – 1 way

With the first method, we will do without additional superuser rights (root rights) on the mobile device. We will enter the router settings in order to view the Wi-Fi password there.

Prerequisite: The mobile phone must be connected to this Wi-Fi network.

Turn on the browser on the device, enter the IP address of the router. The vast majority of devices use one of the following addresses: or

The IP address of the router can be found in the instructions, or you can see the address on a sticker glued to the product case.

A window will open asking you to enter a username and password.

In most cases, the default login and password are identical: “admin” and “admin” (without quotes). In some cases, the login starts with a capital letter. Usually, users do not change the authentication parameters to access the router settings, so it is likely that these parameters will work.

Check the Wi-Fi password in your router settings.

I use a TP-Link router, how to get a Wi-Fi password, I will show using this device as an example:

  1. Open the “Wireless” tab and then “Wireless Security”.
  2. In the “WPA/WPA2 – Personal (recommended)” section, the Wi-Fi password will be displayed in the “Wireless Password” field.

If the router settings page is not optimized for viewing on a mobile device, rotate the smartphone screen to landscape orientation, zoom in on the phone screen.

On routers of other manufacturers, enter the settings in a similar way, the device settings interface will be different.

With this method, you can use the device manufacturer’s router app from the Google Play store, if available.

How to view WiFi password on android – 2 way

The following method assumes that the smartphone or tablet has root rights that give access to the configuration files of the Android operating system.

Naturally, it will be possible to obtain information only if the mobile phone has already connected to this router before.

We need a file manager program for Android that supports root. In this article, I use the Total Commander program.

  1. Run Total Commander, go to the root directory along the path:
  1. Highlight the “wpa_supplicant.conf” file, copy the file to another folder, open it in a text editor.
  2. In the open file, find the name of the desired network (SSID), the line will psk=”пароль_от_wi-fi”display the password from Wi-Fi.

How to view WiFi password on android – 3 way

Using the third method, we will try to automatically find out the Android Wi-Fi password using the application. This method works when root rights are used on the phone in the Android operating system.

There are numerous applications in the Google Play Market that show information about Wi-Fi connection settings that work when you have superuser rights on your mobile gadget.

For example, I will use the WiFi Key Recovery program. Such programs independently extract information from the system configuration file with data about the wireless connection.

  1. Install the WiFi Key Recovery app on your smartphone, grant Root privileges to the program.
  2. The application window will display, among other things, the password for the Wi-Fi network.

After use, remove the application from your smartphone, the program is no longer needed.

Article Conclusions

If the user needs to view WiFi password on Android mobile device, use several methods to do this. In one case, you can view the WiFi password from the router settings. The other two methods require root rights on the mobile device.

In the first method, the user will independently open the system configuration file, and the second method will work using a specialized application that will automatically show Wi-Fi network connection data.

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