World of Tanks game – where to start for a beginner

World of Tanks game. To learn how to play World of Tanks for a beginner, you need to learn the basics of the game. At first glance, the game will seem difficult to manage, because the battle takes place on tanks of the mid-20th century. However, just a few minutes in the online game, and that’s all, you are already aware of the management of iron horses!And so let’s get started. First, create your personal account. When registering, enter an invite code for tanks , which allows you to immediately receive premium tanks of the third and fourth levels, useful resources such as 600 gold units, free experience and credits. All this is very useful at first for a beginner.

Where to start for a newbie

Once on the battlefield, you should not immediately rush into battle. A beginner is recommended to take a “young fighter course” or, in a simple way, training in the use of equipment. The learning process will help you get a lot of useful information, raise your rating, get inside the game currency, equipment, as well as the opportunity to get a premium account for three whole days!

Useful recommendation! To get started, study the tanks of American and Soviet production. Heavy equipment is unpretentious in management and operation.

How to change nickname

If, when registering your account in World of Tanks, you chose a nickname that you later no longer like, then you can change it. To do this, go to the Personal Account tab, and select “Change name”.

However, remember that the change will not cost you for free, you will have to pay in gold coins in the amount of 2500 pieces.

To confirm your identity, you need to enter your account password and e-mail specified during registration. The nickname will be updated within 24 hours!

How to change the sound of shots

Out of habit, the beginner will be irritated by the sound of shots of live shells. This problem is easy to fix, just replace the sound with another one. Download the modpack and enjoy better sound quality that takes you into combat.

How to increase the size of the mini map

The mini-map allows you to quickly navigate the terrain, track the location of the enemy or clan comrades. To increase its size, use the special keys “=” (increase size) and “-” (decrease size). The mini-map can be hidden from the field so that it does not interfere. To do this, press the M key.

This small guide for beginners will allow you to enjoy the online game on the Internet. Create your clan, join battles, think over fighting techniques, plunge headlong into the world of martial arts.

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