How to see when PlayStation Plus expires

It may happen that you subscribe to a PlayStation Plus subscription , perhaps of a long duration and not to remember precisely the expiration date. Consequently, the need arises to retrieve this important information with the intention of marking it somewhere, or to make personal considerations about the possible renewal of the subscription.

How do you say? In fact, it has happened to you too, but you are afraid of getting lost in the various navigation menus and would you like support able to show you the correct procedure step by step to quickly carry out this simple operation? Well, you’ve come to the right place: this guide is designed to help you easily identify how to see when PlayStation Plus expires directly from your console, from your PC or, if you prefer, from smartphones and tablets via a handy PlayStation app.

You will see that, by following my advice, you will quickly be able to determine the method that best suits your needs, without wasting precious minutes and nervous energy. What are you waiting for, then? Make yourself comfortable and read the next paragraphs carefully: in no time you will have the desired information at your disposal. I just have to wish you good reading!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to see PlayStation Plus expiration
    • From PS4
    • From PS5
    • From PC
    • From smartphones and tablets

Preliminary information

PlayStation Plus, as you well know, is a subscription service that integrates several additional benefits over those provided by the free PlayStation Network account , such as the ability to access online multiplayer sessions , download a selection of monthly games for free and enjoy of some dedicated discounts on the PlayStation Store . It also allows you to have 100 GB of cloud storage available for saving, very useful for increasing the memory of the PlayStation .

At the time of subscription, however, automatic renewal is activated on the payment method set and it becomes very important to keep the expiration date under control in order not to run into unwanted payments.

How to see PlayStation Plus expiration

In the next paragraphs I will show you how to see the PlayStation Plus expiration using three ways: directly from the menu of your console , via computer (by logging into your PlayStation account from the browser), or even on the move on a smartphone or tablet (using the official PS App) . The choice is yours on how to proceed.

From PS4

If you want to understand how to identify the expiration of the PlayStation Plus subscription from PS4 , after turning on the console, if you have activated multiple profiles, on the first screen scroll with the directional keys of the controller to select the main one on which the icon with is present a symbol in the shape of a golden cross . This symbol is used to identify the user to whom a valid PlayStation Plus subscription is associated. Then press the X button on the controller.

You are now on the main screen of your PS4: move to the top menu, always using the directional keys of the controller, precisely on the first icon (also in this case it is identified by a symbol in the shape of a golden directional cross) and press X , in order to access the subscription management area .

From this screen select, again with the arrows on the controller, the Manage subscription button . Press X on the controller, then, from the drop-down menu that appears, scroll with the cursor down to the Subscription item and press X on the controller again .

In this new screen that will be proposed to you, you will have all the information you need and which summarizes the type of subscription you have chosen. In the Title field you can check the subscription method and its duration and, subsequently, you will see the charge and the start date . Immediately after you will see the fields that interest you the most, i.e. Expiry and Next renewal date .

The last field concerns the state of the subscription. Finally, there are two buttons, namely Extend , useful for renewing the expiration of the subscription to PlayStation Plus or, on the contrary, Disable automatic renewal to cancel the subscription .

From PS5

If you have a PS5 , you can easily check the expiration of the PlayStation Plus subscription by logging into the console with your PSN account (i.e. the account to which the PlayStation Plus subscription is associated, marked with the golden cross icon ) and going to the menu the settings (the ‘ gear icon at the top right of the console main menu).

Then, go to the items Users and accounts , Payment and subscriptions , Subscriptions and, finally, PlayStation Plus and you will arrive at the summary screen with all the data on the PlayStation Plus subscription, including the expiration date and next renewal.

From PC

Are you in front of your computer monitor with the intention of immediately finding the expiration of the PlayStation Plus subscription from this device? Nothing could be simpler: open your favorite browser and go to the official PlayStation Plus site . Click on the Login button at the top right and, on the next page, enter the login ID , which coincides with the email address indicated during registration, then click on the Next button .

Now it’s time to type the password in the relevant field, then click the Next button . If you have activated two-step verification , you will need to enter the OTP code generated by the app or received via SMS in the appropriate field that you will see on the browser screen, by clicking on the Verify button . In case of problems, I point out my guide on how to recover the PlayStation account .

You have now landed on the main page of your PlayStation Plus profile. Then click on your profile icon , at the top right and, in the drop-down menu that appears, identify the item Manage subscriptions , then click on it. A special side panel will open: if you have deactivated the automatic renewal you will see the Expiration date item , otherwise you will find the same information in the Next renewal date item .

From smartphones and tablets

Are you in constant motion and, not having your console or PC at hand, do you want to check the expiry date of your PlayStation Plus subscription from your smartphone or tablet ? You can do this using the handy PlayStation App , available both for Android devices (also on alternative stores , for devices without Google services) and for iPhone / iPad .

From the reference store, then tap the Install / Get button and wait for the download and installation (on iPhone and iPad you may be asked to verify your identity).

At the end of the procedure, open the application and, on the first screen, tap the Login button . Then type the login ID (corresponding to the email address), then tap the Next button . Now enter the password and tap the Login button . If you have activated two-step verification , also enter the OTP code generated by the app or received via SMS.

At the first start you will be prompted to accept the terms of use: tap on Confirm and continue , then tap the Next button four times : in the last step you will also be connected to a console to which you are already connected with your account . In the last registration screen, choose whether to receive notifications on promotions and offers by tapping, at your discretion, on Yes or on Maybe later , then tap the Next button again .

You have finally landed on your main profile screen on the PlayStation app. Now, tap on the gear icon located at the top right, then on the next screen tap again on the Account Information item (under the PlayStation Network item ).

In the new screen, press the ☰ button located at the top left and then, in the scrolling panel that opens, tap on the Subscription option . In this last section you will find the information you need: if you have deactivated the automatic renewal, you will see the Expiry date , otherwise you will find the same information under Renewal date .

With this I have shown you all the possibilities to check the expiration of your PlayStation Plus subscription. I hope I have been of help and I trust that you have easily obtained the information you were looking for. If, however, you have encountered any problems, I recommend that you contact PlayStation support , from which you can ask for any clarification.


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