How to merge Word documents

How to merge Word documents. While working in the Microsoft Word text editor, the user may need to merge Word files into one document. The necessary information may be in different files, so the user needs to combine several Word files into one document.

Usually, if you want to merge multiple Word files together, you use the manual method of opening each file and then doing copy and paste operations. If the text inserted from other documents is short, then this is not a big problem.

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However, this method will take you a lot of time and effort if you are working with documents containing long text. You can solve this problem more quickly and efficiently.

Using the Text Merge feature in Word helps users add or paste content from many documents that have the same theme into one file for fast and efficient work. This is much easier than manually opening each file and then copying text from other documents into it. Pasting like this takes a lot of time and can be confusing due to possible errors.

Ways to combine multiple Word documents into one

There are several ways to combine two Word or more documents into one file. Right in Word, users can take advantage of a built-in feature that helps you combine Word files in one place.

Combining Word documents into one file helps to solve several problems:

  • Quickly add content from other files to editable text.
  • Combining text content from different files for further processing of the document.

You can combine several Words into one document in the following ways:

  • Using the built-in tool of the MS Word program on the computer.
  • Using a web application on an online service that has the function of combining Word documents.
  • Combining Word files manually by copying and pasting content.

In this guide, we will talk about how to merge Word documents into one file in MS Word 2019-2007 versions and separately in MS Word 2003.

How to merge Word files into one document

This instruction is valid for the following versions of Microsoft Word: Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, Word for Microsoft 365. The suggested steps are the same in these editions of the application.

Go through the following steps:

  1. Open the Word file to which you want to add content from other documents.
  2. Click the mouse cursor at the location where you want to paste the contents of another file, that is, at the position where the second Word file will appear.

You can paste data from another file at the end of this document or anywhere else in the middle or at the very beginning.

  1. Go to the “Insert” tab in the Word window.
  2. In the “Text” group, click on the arrow next to the “Object” icon, and in the drop-down menu, select “Text from file …”.

“Text from file” is a feature that allows you to combine Word files into one document. This capability is available in versions of Word from 2007 to present and is in the same location, so you can easily find this option.

  1. In the “Insert File” window, select the Word files you want to merge with the original file, and then click the “Insert” button.

You can select one file or multiple Word documents to insert at once. Please note that when multiple files are inserted at the same time, the contents of these files are added to the document in the order in which these files are located in the source folder.

The order in the list of files depends on the file name, which are sorted alphabetically. You can pre-sort the files in the order you want.

All selected files will be added to the insertion point. You can individually insert individual files in different places in your document.

The speed of the process of combining Word files into one document depends entirely on the size of the file as well as the number of Word files. If these are two short text files, then the contents of the files will be merged immediately. Otherwise, you will need to wait a bit for the merge process to complete.

The content of the documents is inserted in the formatting that was in the source files at the time of merging. Then, if necessary, you will need to bring the formatting of the merged Word document into a uniform form.

How to Combine Multiple Documents in Word 2003

In Microsoft Word 2003, you can also combine the contents of multiple documents into a single file. This process is slightly different due to the different interface of the app.

To merge multiple documents, do the following:

  1. First place your mouse pointer where you want to paste other documents. You can also open a new Word page to paste new content in that place.
  2. Then click on the “Insert” menu, and in the drop-down context menu, select “File …”.
  3. In the “Insert File” dialog box that opens, find the documents you want to merge, select them, and then click “Insert”.

The contents of the selected file or multiple documents will be displayed immediately after the specified cursor position. Do the same for all the other files you need to merge in order to get the correct order.

Article Conclusions

When editing a Word document, you may need to paste content from other files created with this application. Therefore, many users need to know how to combine multiple Word documents into one file.

Using the built-in function of Microsoft Word greatly simplifies the work, because the user can quickly add all the text and other objects from other files to the right places in the document being edited. As a result, as a result of the merge, you will receive one document in which content from several other files is inserted.

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