Wild West Ride 7 Best Las Vegas To Reno Road Trip Stops

Are you going on the road trip from Las Vegas to Reno Road? The trip from Las Vegas to Reno Road features some exciting experience, beautiful places to visit and life full of memorable memories. The tourists going on the trip from Las Vegas to Reno Road gets an amazing chance to explore the not so famous beautiful adventurous places and natural places during the road trip. Every traveler with be left with unforgettable memories. At the same time, considering Spirit Flight Booking will provide easy travel and amazing experience for the trip.

Before moving into the journey, Travelers must know some of the interesting gems and natural places that they can come across on the way to Reno Road.

The 7 best places to visit in the trip from Las Vegas to reno Road:

1. The Motor Speedway:

The Motor Speedway, one of the finest places in the road trip from Las Vegas. The Motor Speedway is in Nevada. This is an amazing place. It allows travelers to get a deeper knowledge of the motorsports. The vast motor racing complex present here. It is the home to many racing events. Travelers can enjoy watching NASCAR races in their visit to Motor Speedway. Travels can also experience driving. This adventure offers a lot of experience and life long memories.

2. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area:

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada. This place features some diverse mountains and beautiful natural beauties. Travelers can also experience adrenaline-filled climb. This place is also well-known for mountains and vast red sandstone. At the same time, this area is also filled with natural beauties. The tourist will be filled with a lot of joy and amazing memories.

3. Death Valley National Park:

Another amazing place of Neveda includes the Death Valley National Park. This is one of the largest national parks of the country. The national park features vast desert. It also includes huge mountains, sand dunes and salt flats. The natural park provides an life long memories. For easy travel tourists can consider Spirit Airlines Flight Booking.

4. Gold Point Ghost Town:

In the road trip from Las Vegas, Travelers will find one of the finest Historical sites starring Gold Point Ghost Town. It was once a thriving mining town. This place features wooden building and unique arts. This place allows travelers to experience the Bygone era of the American Wild west.

5. International Car Forest:

The car forest at Goldfield is in Nevada. It provides an amazing experience for all the travelers. The outdoor arts are amazing. This place is filled with vehicles including bus, cars and trucks. The vehicles are assembled in the artistic and colorful manner. This place invites every tourist to visit this place.

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6. Tonopah Historical Mining Park:

Tonopah Historical Mining Park, the country’s rich mining Heritage. The mining park allows to explore the beautiful sculptures, underground tunnels and equipment. At the same time, the outdoor museum at former silver mine is a must visit place. It allows the learn more about this Historical Mining Park.

7. Hawthrone Ordnance Museum:

The Hawthrone Ordnance Museum provides the tourist with some life long experience. The museum features extensive bomb collections, ordnance artifacts and artillery shells. The museum allows travelers to know about the role of Hawthrone in ammunition storage and disposal.

Booking Airlines to Spirit Airlines:

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Summing Up:

Travelers moving in the trip from Las Vegas to reno Road, will come across some of the amazing gems and historical places that one would like to visit. Booking Spirit Airlines flights offers an easy and cheap trip.

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