Chopta Trek: Places to Visit near Chopta Trek

Chopta carries a divine sense of beauty in their existence. Located in the premises of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary of Uttarakhand, attracts numerous seekers from all over India. This is also the hub for many treks that arise from here to higher altitude temples and summits. Visions are blessed with abundant vistas of rare species that are nearly impossible to discover in any other region apart from the Himalayas. April to November serves as the best months to visit this hill station and subsequently, a significant crowd could be seen flocking this place. Chirps and melodies of various kinds of birds are found at this place that adds a relaxing effect to this trek and a reason to wipe away the worldly fatigue. There are a handful of places and treks identified below that are their source from Chopta trek.

Tungnath Temple

Of the five Kedar temples, this is the third and most famous pilgrimage center in the region. 3.5km away from Chopta to Tungnath Temple is accessible through an easy experience of trekking. The temple has existed for about a thousand years and various deities are found in the form of idols in the place. The surrounding settlements of this place are worth a visit and explore. A thick mount of snow covers the temple and the meditating view of the temple is best witnessed during winters when it appears isolated and peaceful.

Chandrashila Trek

Chopta is often recognized by the Chopta-Chandrashila trek that is considerably popular. Chandrashila is 5 km away from Chopta, on the way crossing Tungnath temple. The sprawling green meadows that come your way to exhilarate the soul is a long-awaited scenario. Chandrashila is bestowed with a temple as well to glorify your expedition further. Pay a visit to the temple to calm a racing heart and observe the depth of nature and mountains. Eminent views of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Kedarnath Dome are common on this trek.

Deoria Tal

As the name suggests it is a lake with a magnificent landscape to offer its seekers. This is one of the weekend treks that emerge from Chopta. Spotting musk deer in this region is a famous attraction of this location. The lake draws your attention to neglect the reality for a while and lets you drown in the amazing reflection of the panoramic mountains on the brink of the sky. Dense forests occupied by rhododendrons and oaks are no exception at this trek. Lending a night to this adorable destination can change your perspective on things.

Dugall Bitta

This is a station to perch while returning from Chopta. 7km behind Chopta, this location has recently turned into a widely preferred destination for short trips. Two mountains on either side of this hamlet make its presence even more significant as a tourist spot. This has remained an unexplored location for ages and sustains mainly people of introverted nature who are seeking a break from the crowd and social life. Activities such as forest camping, cycling, wildlife photography are extensively feasible at this place.

Ukhimath Trek

Consolidate an immense religious significance as this is considered to be the abode of Lord Kedarnath. 29km from Chopta. Popularly inhabited by high priests, this region is flocked by the devotees of Lord Shiva every year. There are a handful of temples in this location that have alternate or similar openings. A fulfilling Char Dham yatra is not possible without visiting this place. The trek to Deoria Tal happens to be crossing from Ukhimath. Peak views are enormously pleasing from this region that brings to your vision Chaukhamba, Meru-Sumeru, and Kedar Dome.

Bisurital Trek

An offbeat destination, which shelters a magnifying lake, is 30 km away from Chopta. The lake is known for its valuable bath that cures many acute illnesses. January and February are advised to be avoided while planning for this tourist spot. Cascading waterfalls and alpine animals are found to be intriguing your senses. This is an unadulterated location that is overlooked by trekkers.

Rohini Bugyal trek

Silent towers of rhododendrons isolated by human beings and pleasant melodies of the birds make this delightful enough for trekkers. 8km from Deoria Tal, Rohini Bugyal arrives once you start coming across a variety of colorful rhododendrons. The Jhandi Dhar ridge is adorned with gorgeous sights of Chandrashila peak, Kedar Dome, and many more. Jhandi Dhar falls on your way to Rohini Bugyal. The minuscule meadow of Rohini Bugyal is enough to lift your spirits and make you feel accomplished as you approach the highest point of this trek.

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