Why Microsoft Mice are a great New Year gift

The New Year is getting closer, but many have not even begun to think about gifts to loved ones. Going through the options, few people remember an unobvious, but very useful thing – a computer mouse. Together with Microsoft, we have compiled a guide on high-tech and productive devices that relatives, friends and colleagues would like to put under the tree.

Why a computer mouse is a really cool gift

It is impossible to imagine a modern person without a computer. We solve work tasks, do creative work, plan a schedule, and even relax in front of a PC or laptop screen. At the same time, the importance of accessories often goes unnoticed.

If for PC owners there is no alternative to a mouse, then laptop owners get used to working with a touchpad. But a comfortable and technologically advanced mouse accelerates the performance of any computer operation. The sensitive movement sensor makes the cursor much faster and more accurate than similar control via the touchpad.

The company the Microsoft  – one of the first who thought about user convenience, and in 1983 established a two-button mouse. Since then, the accessory has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, it evolved along with the development of technology and the emergence of specific software and ultimately became an indispensable assistant for designers, animators, sound engineers, video editors, e-sportsmen, gamers, architects, retouchers and a dozen other specialists.

How to choose a mouse as a gift

In the collection of mice from  Microsoft, it is easy to find both basic budget models and ultra-sensitive professional devices. Therefore, the main thing is to decide what type of user the person to whom you want to present a gift belongs to.

For adepts of simplicity and functionality

An office worker doesn’t need a gaming mouse. If the person for whom you are looking for a New Year’s gift does not do specific work on the computer and generally prefers simple devices, you should pay attention to the basic models of Microsoft devices . In this case, for a low price, you get a reliable and productive device with a set of the most necessary functions.

At the same time, Microsoft designers have made really stylish accessories that outwardly do not at all look like devices in the economy segment. For example, the compact wireless Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse in a futuristic palm-shaped design is available in five colors: classic matte black and glossy gray, peach, mint and blue. It is compatible with Bluetooth-devices not lower than version 4.0, perfectly picks up a signal at a distance of 10 meters and comes with a battery that will last at least a year.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is also a basic model , but its functionality is broader. For example, the wheel allows you to scroll the document not only vertically, but also horizontally. Powered by Microsoft’s unique BlueTrack technology, the device combines the power of an optical sensor with the precision of a laser. The beam size used in BlueTrack is four times the size of conventional optical mice, so this device can work on almost any surface. An unobvious bonus: such a gadget is suitable for left-handed people, since the keys are designed symmetrically, and their functions can be customized.

For those who are not used to sitting still

Those who work remotely or are freelancing have specific technical requirements. A laptop should be light, efficient and with a powerful battery so that tasks can be done anywhere: at the desk, on the floor at a friend’s house, on your knees on an airplane. The mouse should also keep up. Compact, manoeuvrable, with a sensitive sensor that responds well to any surface. It is also important that the device fits as comfortably as possible in the hand and does not strain the wrist. Especially for those who are not tied to a comfortable desktop, Microsoft is releasing the Ergonomic line of mice. All are designed as an extension of the hand with a soft thumb rest.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is available in four colors: matte black, pastel blue, glacial and peach. Thanks to the smart switch function, you can link the mouse to three devices and masterfully maneuver between them while working. This model has an extended battery life – thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology, it keeps a charge up to 15 months. In addition to the standard keys, there are two quick access buttons on the left case, which are easy to customize for any task. The wheel scrolls in four directions, this is especially important for those who work with retouching, construction and video processing.

Another model of the ergonomic ruler is Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse . The height and angle of the body, the round streamlined shape and the notch for the thumb help to keep the hand in a comfortable position, so that at the end of a busy day, the person will not feel aching fatigue in the joints. The wheel is adapted for convenient four-way navigation. The BlueTrack sensor is in place, so the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse glides smoothly over any surface. It is also ideal for working with Windows. A special button with recognizable windows brings up the Start menu, and the Back key simplifies navigation. In general, this is a universal gift: you do not need to worry about the presence of Bluetooth and its version of the person to whom the mouse is intended, because the device is connected via a USB adapter.

For connoisseurs of aesthetics and design

With a special passion, you should choose a device as a gift for a creative person and someone who appreciates the design vision. As a rule, such people are pure visuals, and for them the appearance of the mouse is as important as its technical characteristics. In this case, take a look at the Modern line.

Perhaps the most unusual and stylish models in it are the curved Arc mice. The base Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse quickly goes from non-working to working thanks to its innovative design. You just need to bend it and easily slide your finger along the scroll bar. It responds precisely to movement using Haptic haptic feedback that vibrates with subtle vibrations to indicate the speed of a document or web page. Each Arc Touch Mouse is equipped with a unique USB nano-transceiver that fits only one mouse. This technology helps protect your device from theft. Such a mouse is presented in black.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, check out the premium Microsoft Arc Mouse . This is the thinnest and most fully touch-sensitive wireless mouse in the Microsoft collection. To turn on the Arc Mouse, you need to bend it into an arc. In the flat position, the mouse is automatically turned off. The device is equipped with a proprietary BlueTrack sensor, so you can work with it anywhere – from granite work surfaces in the kitchen to a fleecy carpet in the living room. The mouse connects to the computer using Bluetooth 5.1 technology. The choice of colors will help even the most fastidious esthete find a gift: in addition to classic black, there are lilac, pale pink and gray-green. And this mouse is also very pleasant to hold in hand, because the top panel is finished with a soft-touch coating.

There are options for stylish mice in a classic case. For example, the slim Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse with a minimal design. It comes in five matte colors: black, light gray, peach, mint and pastel blue. This model also received support for BlueTrack technology.

For those looking for a really special gift, Microsoft has released two Special Edition devices. The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Camo and  Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse are bundled with  exclusive desktop themes for Windows 10 and 11. The latter will be appreciated by people who adhere to the rules of conscious consumption: the body of each mouse Ocean Plastic Mouse is 20% recycled plastic extracted from the ocean. The box is also environmentally friendly: there are no unnecessary packaging inside, and it itself consists entirely of recycled wood and sugarcane fibers.

Both mice in the Special Edition line keep up with their predecessors in terms of technology and efficiency. They are equipped with technology, the Bluetooth ®  5.0 the Low Energy, so for the batteries can not worry until the next New Year. Also, both devices have smooth and precise 4-way navigation and are suitable for left-handers because they are designed symmetrically, and the buttons and scroll can be customized.


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