What to listen to besides music

In 2021, there is so much content that it is difficult to single out one thing from all the diversity. For example, in recent years, a lot of options have appeared: YouTube on Android TV has taken the place of terrestrial TV , during breaks at work it is not necessary to smoke near the cooler, because there are videos on TikTok and Reels on Instagram. Even music has ceased to be a panacea for idleness – for example, time on the road can be spent usefully, learning a lot about what is happening in the world. And I’m not talking about boring radio stations, which are all over the place with ads, pop hits and experts’ reasoning about the essentials. We will tell you what you can listen to besides music.

What is a podcast

One of the most popular pastime is podcasts. In 2021, almost everyone considers themselves a podcaster, as in 2010 everyone considered themselves a DJ. Podcasts are audio programs or video blogs that are hosted on music platforms. You can listen to them online, or you can download them to your device. Nowadays, there are also popular video podcasts posted on YouTube, which we end up listening to instead of watching . They can be documentary, entertainment, sports and music.

It is believed that the main difference between podcasts and radio shows is the way they are distributed and the lack of a schedule. That is, you can listen to them at any time. In addition, there are fewer restrictions on podcasts – the presenters can express themselves much more freely, discuss sensitive topics, thereby avoiding the restrictions of radio broadcasts.

Short podcasts of up to 30 minutes are popular because they don’t take a lot of time. You can also listen to podcasts at an accelerated pace, with a speed boost of up to 1.5x – don’t miss a thing and save time. On the other hand, I can recommend KuJi, Bedtime Stories and the Lifehacker podcast.

What is an audiobook

Only once in my life have I met a driver who was listening to an audiobook by Konstantin Paustovsky while driving ! Overall, there is nothing better than being educated while driving. Nowadays, there are audiobooks of various genres, and voice actors are selected as if the author of the book reads it himself. In addition, audiobooks are very close to people for the fact that from childhood everyone is taught to read aloud.

Audiobooks create an atmosphere of comfort and home coziness, wherever you are. In any case, there is a great chance to listen to something from the school curriculum that you missed. Now a similar format is available on many digital platforms, publishers and even Yandex.Station: yes, Alice can reproduce books!

What sounds are soothing

For over 10 years now I have had the habit of falling asleep to music . Not so long ago I tried to switch to the sounds of nature – it turned out that I sleep much better and better this way. And waking up to the conventional sound of rain is many times more pleasant. It is the sounds of nature that relax a person, affecting the autonomic nervous system – experts recommend turning them on more often if you are in a state of stress. Some businesses have long been using forest noise to make employees less nervous and work more productive in such an environment. 

What is ASMR

Remember those weird videos of pretty girls eating, rustling packaging, or just breathing? The ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridional Response) genre appeared just a couple of years ago, and now it seems to be a little forgotten. But in vain: such sounds give a pleasant relaxing sensation throughout the body. This effect appears due to whispering, rustling, crunching and breathing.

YouTube is full of ASMR videos , where people breathe, eat and even unpack their smartphones in complete silence using sensitive microphones. It is a pity that the videos are not able to convey the smell of a brand new smartphone, which was just taken out of the box – it would be very cool. ASMR is a great way to relax and diversify your leisure time, taking some rest from the music.

Movies in audio format

I drew attention to the fact that I have been listening to TV shows and films in the background lately. The same goes for YouTube. I thought there was one like that, but no! On VKontakte, you can find a whole group where people share films and TV shows in audio format . By the way, it is not so important whether you saw this series or not – you still listen and visualize, for the most part without missing anything superfluous. This is a convenient way to consume content while driving: the picture will not distract from the road. And this way of listening also allows you to do more of your own business or fall asleep well – no harmful light from the screen , which causes insomnia.

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