The best gadgets from AliExpress that you can buy as a gift

Today’s traditional selection of what I found in a week on AliExpress? can hardly be called thematic. Let’s just say it’s just cool gadgets. Some of them are not too late to order as a New Year’s present for yourself or your friends thanks to fast delivery. Today we’ll talk about external batteries, unusual TV remotes, a smart bucket and even a car compressor a little larger than a smartphone. It will be interesting and, as always, with links.

Large external battery

Baseus is known and loved by many for its quality accessories . And so we found another one that can really be recommended for purchase.

It is an external battery with a capacity of up to 30,000 mAh and a capacity of up to 20 W. There is support for PD, which means that compatible devices will charge much faster. It is now on sale at a discount you can believe. With fast delivery from a warehouse in Russia, the price for the maximum version will be only 1,850 rubles. If you’re interested, it’s time to check the offer.

Universal flexible wire

Charging is often a problem, but Chinese craftsmen have figured out how to make it more convenient. It was only necessary to add additional hinges to the cable.

This cable not only can rotate 360 ​​degrees along one axis, but also bend 180 degrees along the other. Due to this, it will not be loaded when charging during use and it will be convenient to connect it to the phone. There are different types of plugs and a magnetic pad on the cable. You just need to combine them, and charging will go. Plugs can be purchased separately to fit all connectors and use one cable.

PowerBank Baseus

Here’s another external battery. Its maximum capacity is 20,000mAh and it is fast too. At a price of 1,800 rubles, if you didn’t have time to buy the one mentioned above, this is a good option.

There is a screen on the case for displaying the charge level. And many connectors. In addition to the two regular USBs, there is a microUSB input and a USB-C output. If you have an iPhone, then you will appreciate the ability to charge this PowerBank via Lightning . This way you can use just one cable while working with this battery.

TV keyboard

Sometimes it seems that it is not very convenient to use a smart TV, typing the necessary characters through the remote control in the search. Then it turns out that it is really terribly inconvenient and did not seem to you.

But in this case, you either need to buy a large keyboard, or do it somehow through the phone, which is not always possible, or just buy a normal remote control. This one is available in several versions, and you can choose for yourself depending on the language (there is with Russian characters) and backlighting. Suitable not only for Android TVs, but also for laptops, you only need a free USB for the signal receiver.

Laptop Stand with cooling

Modern laptops are cool, but they get hot under load. There is plenty of such a load now. Games, graphics, some browsers. All this leads to overheating and loads the built-in fan.

To cool the device better, you need to use such a stand. Several large fans are built into it, which, due to their size, do not have to be rotated very much. As a result, the stand is quiet and does its job very well. You can buy them in Russia, but it will be more expensive.

Smart trash can

The trash bin is not the cleanest thing in the house. Therefore, it must at least be closed with a lid. But this lid is often dirty and unpleasant to touch . But there is a smart bucket.

It is enough to bring your hand, and the proximity sensor will notice it. He will give a signal to open the lid, you throw the trash and move on. The seller positions this as a bucket for a bathroom or toilet. For the latter, there is even a version with a brush. But the version without it can be used in other rooms as well. For example, in the kitchen or office.

Can I buy a Gameboy

And here is the same gameboy that was something transcendental during my childhood. It was harder to buy back then than the PlayStation 5 is now.

Get no illusions – this is a remake, but rather nostalgic. Includes 400 games in 8-bit quality and a 3-inch LCD display. Even if this is not the same device, now everyone can afford it.

Automatic bicycle pump

Here comes Baseus again. This time with a compact battery pump for car and bike.

The device is slightly larger than an external battery for a phone and there is always a place for it in the glove compartment, backpack or bike bag. But it will definitely help you out if it flattens the wheel. Without it, you simply won’t go anywhere .

The battery lasts for about 9 car wheels, 17 motorcycle wheels or 8 bicycle wheels. The latter are simply pumped up with more pressure and require more energy.


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