Where and how to buy Windows Servers

It’s time to upgrade your company’s fleet and you’re looking for advice on where and how to buy Windows Server at a good price. Your goal, in fact, is to maximize the performance and security of the PCs in your corporate network while keeping your budget under control.

No problem: in this tutorial I will guide you in what are the most convenient options to purchase original licenses for Windows Server to be used in your company. First, however, I will give you a quick summary of what are the main editions of Windows Server available on the market and their characteristics, so that you can have a clear idea of ​​where to direct your investment.

Courage: take five minutes of free time, identify the edition of the operating system that best suits your business and find out where to find the best prices on Windows Server and its integrations ( CAL server and Microsoft SQL Server database ) thanks to the indications I am about give you.


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Best prices on Windows Server

If you want to know which are the most reliable and affordable Windows Server resellers and you need help finding the right licenses for your business, read on – find everything you need right below.

Purchase Windows Server

Windows Server is Microsoft’s family of operating systems intended for servers, useful for centralizing both internal and external network functions, such as remote access to corporate resources, web and email server management, DHCP, DNS and more. . There are several editions with different prices, features and requirements – let me explain them to you in detail.

  • Windows Server Essentials Edition is the version of the operating system dedicated to small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices. It has a server licensing model and does not require a Windows Server CAL.
  • Windows Server Standard is the version of the operating system dedicated to physical or slightly virtualized environments. Includes core Windows Server functionality, hybrid integration, permissions for two isolated Hyper-V OSEs / Containers, unlimited Windows Server containers, and a single storage replica volume of up to 2TB. It has a core-based licensing model and requires a Windows Server CAL.
  • Windows Server Datacenter Edition is the version of the operating system dedicated to highly virtualized cloud and datacenter environments. Includes core Windows Server functionality, hybrid integration, unlimited permissions for isolated Hyper-V OSE / Containers, unlimited Windows Server containers, storage replication, software-based networking solutions, and software-based storage. It has a core-based server licensing model and requires a Windows Server CAL.

Obviously, it is possible to buy Windows Server directly on the official Microsoft website , but if you want to save money I recommend that you contact reliable external Windows Server suppliers .

An example above all is  Mr Key Shop , a site managed by a company with offices in Italy and England that offers  100% original licenses  for all editions of Windows, Windows Server, CAL server, Microsoft SQL Server database, Microsoft Office and antivirus at cheaper prices than the “list” ones. This is possible as the site resells unused licenses from companies and companies that have switched to the cloud (in full compliance  with European regulations on the matter ).

The purchase of licenses on Mr Key Shop takes place completely digitally, therefore very quickly and 100% Eco-Friendly without sending physical products; it includes a money- back guarantee  and free Italian specialized assistance  (which is a fairly rare commodity for services of this type, usually without support or with support only in English).

To buy a license for Windows Server on Mr Key Shop, just connect to this page of the site and choose the edition of Windows Server you prefer from those available (e.g. Windows Server 2022 , Windows Server 2019 , Windows Server 2016 , Windows Server 2012 , Windows Storage Server 2016 or Windows Storage Server 2012 and add it to the cart by clicking on the appropriate button.

Once you have selected all the products of your interest (on Mr Key Shop there are also licenses for Windows 11 and Windows 10 , Microsoft Office packages , including the most recent Office 2021 , and for the most popular antivirus ), go to the  checkout  and complete payment by following the quick on-screen instructions: many secure payment methods are supported , such as PayPal ,  Amazon Pay  and  card .

Within a few seconds you will receive an e-mail  with the license and all the instructions to activate Windows Server (if you don’t know, you can download Windows Server from the Microsoft website and try the operating system for a period of 180 days).

Are you a software reseller or an IT company? In this case, I suggest you also take a look at Mr Key Shop’s MKReseller Program , thanks to which you can access discounts reserved for resellers and get a software price list tailored to your business with a personalized discount code valid for everyone. purchases on Mr Key Shop, further discounts on purchases of over 30 product keys and free preferential assistance.

Another site you can turn to is Amazon , where however you have to pay some attention to the degree of reliability of the sellers from whom you go to buy the license and the prices offered, which are not always so convenient compared to the official list ones: mine advice is to look for the Windows Server licenses carefully, check the comments carefully and then possibly continue with the purchase following the classic procedure .

Purchase Windows Server CAL

CAL licenses ( Client Access License ), also mentioned above, are those that allow access to instances of Windows Server and are required from every user or device that accesses a server equipped with the Microsoft operating system to take advantage of of its functions (e.g. those of file sharing or printing).

They are divided, in fact, into CAL licenses for USER per single user (allowing the latter to access the functions of one or more servers) and CAL licenses for DEVICE per device (which grant the right to use the functions available in the corporate network for all CAL-licensed devices).

If you have installed Windows Server on your company’s servers and now you need to integrate CALs, you can buy them directly from the Microsoft website or, if you want to save money, by relying on reliable external resellers .

Also in this case, among the most reliable suppliers there is certainly Mr Key Shop , on which you can find licenses for Windows Server 2022 CAL , Windows Server 2019 CAL , Windows Server 2016 CAL and Windows Server 2012 CAL , all at a great price. For the purchase, which always includes digital delivery in seconds , money- back guarantee and support in Italian , you can refer to the information I gave you earlier in relation to Windows Server.

Alternatively, there is always Amazon , where, however, I remind you that you have to be careful about the reliability of the sellers and the prices offered.

Purchase Microsoft SQL Server

I don’t think Microsoft SQL Server needs too many presentations: it is one of the most used relational DBMS in the world, able to guarantee excellent performance and high security in operations such as query execution and analysis of structured and unstructured data.

There are various versions and editions available: the most recent is Microsoft SQL Server 2019 which includes all the most advanced features of intelligence, performance, availability, security, cloud readiness and support for BI and analytics. It can be found in various editions: the free Express version allows you to create small applications for Web and mobile devices up to 10 GB in size; the Standard one offers complete programming functions, greater security and high performance with Big Data clusters for mid-level applications and data marts; that Enterpriseputs on the plate everything you need for the scalability, security and performance of your business and for Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence and level 1 database workloads; finally there is the Developer edition that allows you to use the features of the Enterprise Edition to create, test and demonstrate applications for free in test environments (therefore not in production ones).

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 , Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and previous versions offer a few less functions, but they are still very valid and can be purchased at cheaper prices than the 2019 version. For a more detailed comparison I recommend you visit the Microsoft site , where you can also buy full price licenses.

If, on the other hand, you want to save a few euros, I also recommend in this case Mr Key Shop which allows you to purchase 100% original licenses for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 , Microsoft SQL Server 2017 , Microsoft SQL Server 2016 , Microsoft SQL Server 2014 at a great price. , Microsoft SQL Server 2012 , and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with digital delivery in seconds , money back guarantee and support in Italian , For the purchase procedure you can always refer to the instructions I gave you earlier in the chapter on Windows Server.

If for any reason you prefer to contact Amazon, always remember to search carefully, paying attention to the degree of reliability of the sellers and the prices.

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