Telegram folder in a smartphone – what is it and why is it needed?

What subfolders are in the Telegram folder, and what is stored in them?

Telegram is considered one of the most convenient and secure messengers, but it can quickly fill up the phone’s memory with various files. We tell you where the Telegram folder is located, why it is needed, and what is stored in it.

In order for the user to have quick access to any files that are sent to him, the messenger automatically downloads these files and saves them in the Telegram folder. To find this folder, you need to go to the file manager of the mobile device and select “Phone” or “Internal memory” in the sections in the memory. The Telegram folder is towards the end of the list and contains several subfolders that are worth considering separately.

Telegram Audio folder

This folder stores audio files sent to the user, as well as all voice messages from chats. It can also contain audio files that the user has received, but has not yet had time to listen to. Any files from here can be transferred, for example, to a memory card or deleted. The main thing is to leave the folder itself to avoid problems with the application. You can delete content without any negative consequences.

Telegram Documents folder

The Documents folder contains several types of files that have been sent to the user:

  • Stickers.
  • GIF animations.
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other program files.
  • PDF files.
  • Some other file formats.

If the user cannot find some file in other folders, it will most likely be stored in Telegram Documents. The names of all files will differ from their original names, so it is recommended to search based on the date the file was added to the folder.

Important! To keep the original name of the file or document, the user can manually download the desired file from the chat in the application. However, in this case, two copies of this file will be stored in the phone’s memory: one downloaded manually, the other downloaded automatically.

The contents of the folder can be viewed using the gallery, video player, and other programs, depending on the file format. The user can move or delete any file in the Documents folder.

Telegram Images folder

This folder stores all images, pictures and photos sent to the user. They also have different names from the original. Saving images from chats manually, the user will be able to keep their original names, but this will lead to duplication of files. The contents of a folder can be deleted or moved to any other folder on your phone or memory card.

Telegram Video folder

Video files viewed in chats or on channels are stored here. They can be opened with a standard video viewer. The user can delete the contents of the folder or move the desired files to another location.

Autosave files can be useful for quick access to them. However, many users may not even be aware that the space in their phone’s memory is occupied by files that they once viewed. All subfolders in the Telegram folder can be cleared – this will not affect the work of the messenger in any way. It is necessary to leave only the folders themselves, deleting their contents.

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