What to do if the phone does not see the SIM card

Every year smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter: new technologies appear, such as unlocking using biometrics, software chips, such as the ability to set a password for certain applications, but everything remains the same with old problems. It is enough to enter only the first few letters into Google, and immediately the search engine gives you the phone does not see the SIM card . Today we will try to understand such a seemingly simple problem and discuss all possible ways out of this situation.

I think many of us are afraid to pull the SIM out of the phone. Personally, every time I carry out this procedure with some apprehension to see the very notification SIM was not detected, Insert SIM. What if the tray gets stuck and the SIM card can’t be pulled out or the module will suddenly drive off? Moreover, this is quite common among smartphones.


  • oneThe phone suddenly stopped seeing the SIM card
  • 2The smartphone stopped seeing the SIM card
  • 3How to activate a SIM card on your phone
  • 4How to reset network settings on your phone

The phone suddenly stopped seeing the SIM card

If no prerequisites for the problem were observed and your phone suddenly stopped seeing the SIM card , try restarting the device and check if your airplane mode is on by swiping off the top curtain. The advice seems trivial, but sometimes in a hurry we completely forget about simple things.

If that doesn’t help either, insert the card into another phone . So you can kill two birds with one stone: if something is wrong with the SIM card, it will not work on the second device. If the problem is in your device, another smartphone will cope with the task without any problems.

The smartphone stopped seeing the SIM card

There are many reasons why the phone may stop recognizing the SIM card , here are the main ones:

  • Incorrect installation in the tray.
  • Damaged or dirty contacts in the phone.
  • Damage to the SIM card itself.
  • The SIM card has expired.
  • SIM card is not activated.
  • SIM card is incorrectly cut to mini-SIM, micro-SIM, nano-SIM.
  • You are using a phone locked for a specific operator.

First you need to decide: did you pull out the SIM card in the near future. It is possible that the problem was caused by improper installation of the card. Most phones have a pointer in the tray that shows where the contacts are. Try to rearrange the SIM card according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This simple tip will help you deal with the problem quickly enough. In principle, this is what happens in most cases. The card is inserted without looking and immediately begins to panic.

Another situation is also possible: contacts on the SIM card or in the phone tray are out of order. In this case, pay attention to their condition: carefully examine both the phone and the card. If you manage to notice any damage, it is better to contact your cellular operator as soon as possible.

It often happens that the user did not take out the SIM card for about six months and suddenly found that it stopped working. Well, this is quite natural. Do not forget that there is a SIM expiration date , after which the SIM stops working , and the number of the previous user can go to another person.

If you bought a phone brought overseas, it is likely that it only works with a specific operator. In some cases, the situation can still be corrected, but most likely you will have to purchase a new phone . We have already talked about how to check a BU smartphone .

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How to activate a SIM card on your phone

If you have moved the SIM card to another slot or bought a new one, it is quite possible that it will need to be activated. Usually, the smartphone itself warns its owner about this need, but the message may not come.

In this case, you can activate the SIM card manually. Different manufacturers offer different methods, but they are all roughly similar. I’ll explain using Samsung phones as an example :

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings, Wireless & networks.
  • Then tap on the SIM cards and mobile networks.
  • Select the required SIM card and turn on all the toggle switches.

How to reset network settings on your phone

The last thing to do when you find a problem is to check all the settings on your phone. It is likely that the firmware or system update on the smartphone is to blame.

First, try resetting your network settings . This will help you return to the original Wi-Fi, mobile internet and Bluetooth settings. Therefore, keep in mind that all paired devices will be forgotten, VPN and Hotspot will be disconnected, data on connection to Wi-Fi networks will be lost.

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings, System.
  • Next, find the Reset settings item and click on it.
  • Then click on Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet and Bluetooth settings.
  • Agree with the procedure.

It will be very unpleasant if you lose all your data in vain. Therefore, before you reset the settings on your smartphone , go back to the beginning of the article and rule out all possible hardware problems.

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