How to connect Android to Mac

How to connect Android to Mac; You can say as much as you like that a Mac computer and an Android smartphone are incompatible things, but users do not think so. Apple computers are good in many ways: compact body, high-quality assembly, high speed. True, such cars have a small nuance – an ecosystem. Tim Cook’s charges did a great job on the iPhone-Mac combination, but they completely refuse to pay attention to the fans of the green robot. Today I propose to analyze the native way to connect Android to Mac and touch on all the pitfalls of this problem.

I have nothing to hide: I myself use a MacBook and consider it to be one of the best laptops on the market. This is largely due to the peculiarities of the profession: every day you have to write a lot of letters, and doing this on a Mac is a thousand times more convenient than on another computer. By the way, not all colleagues share my opinion . Well, to each his own.

How to connect Android to Mac

And why to connect a smartphone to the Mac ? Of course, this is primarily done to transfer photos, documents or other files in order to free up storage on your device.

Of course, this can be done using third-party software and a USB cable , the benefit of such applications in bulk. If you are not aware of this method, I recommend you an article by the author of Vladimir Kuznetsov . A colleague cited as many as 4 applications that can cope with this task without any problems.

The method that I will give below is convenient in that it does not require any third-party software. Mac developers mostly use iPhones, so they transfer files via AirDrop. But sometimes it happens that you need to transfer files here and now. There is neither strength nor desire to download something and understand the settings.

How to Transfer Data from Android to Mac

By default, Mac does not see Android smartphones. Given how committed Apple is to ensuring that users only buy their hardware, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is done on purpose. We do not need high technologies for the procedure, Bluetooth alone will be enough.

To transfer data from Android to Mac , follow the steps:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • On a Mac, click on the apple icon in the upper left corner.
  • Next, go to System Preferences, Sharing.
  • In the left corner, find Bluetooth Sharing.
  • Check the box next to it, as shown in the picture.
  • Next, in the When receiving files and Folder that other users can view, select Ask what to do.
  • Open the required file on your Android smartphone.
  • Click Share, Bluetooth and select your Mac from the list of devices.
  • Next, confirm the transfer on your computer.
  • Ready.

I believe that every self-respecting owner of an Android smartphone should know this method. Yes, with your Mac, you can download at least 5 applications and configure them as you need, but as soon as the owner of the MacBook appears among your friends, and the files need to be dropped quickly, big problems will arise. I tell you this from experience.

Yes, there is Telegram, which allows you to drop documents up to 1.5 GB, but this is not enough. Have you ever seen how much 4K 60 fps videos weigh?

How to transfer files from MacBook to Android

In the opposite direction, this method also works. Everything is as easy as shelling pears here:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • On a Mac, click on the apple icon in the upper left corner.
  • Go to System Preferences, Bluetooth.
  • Find your smartphone in the list of available devices.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Next, click on Send file to device.
  • Select the desired file to transfer.

Be aware that files may not be sent the first time. Sometimes you will need to do the last two points several times. However, for many, this method is much more suitable than all the others. Moreover, after you set everything up once, it will be much easier further.


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