What is Norton Utilities Premium?

For a computer user, there is nothing more annoying than a very slow system to perform the simplest tasks. Fortunately, there are solutions to increase the performance of this hardware. These are PC cleaners. Among these computer cleaning tools is Norton Utilities Premium. Find out everything you need to know about this tool!

Norton Utilities Premium: what is it?

Norton Utilities Premium is a powerful software created by NortonLifelock that comes with several features. Its role is to optimize the Windows operating system when it loses performance. After its intervention, the PC will function normally without slowing down.

Unlike other PC cleaners, Norton Utilities Premium has the advantage of being lightweight. Therefore, it operates on the PC very efficiently. For those who are looking for a reliable application to increase the performance of their laptop, Norton Premium is one of the best tools they need.

Norton Utilities Premium: features

Norton Utilities Premium has many features for automatically optimizing the processing performance of a running PC. Indeed, when certain applications are launched on the computer, they often excessively drain the resources of the PC. This usually results in disruptions that cause the computer to start slowing down. This software solution remedies this by strengthening the memory as well as the hard disk of the computer.

In addition to this main functionality, Norton Utilities Premium has secondary functions which are:

  • Computer cleaning and speeding up

The software solution corrects the malfunctions usually encountered on a PC and which slow it down.

  • Identifying and removing intrusive startup programs

In reality, these programs contribute to the slowing down of the PC. This software then takes care of deleting them to increase the processing speed of the computer.

  • Freeing up (defragmenting) hard drive space

Useful programs installed on the computer are therefore more easily and quickly accessible.

  • Safe disposal of personal files

As a result, no one, except the owner of these files, will be able to access them.

  • Preservation of confidentiality

Norton Utilities Premium completely and irreversibly cleans the computer’s web browser history.

Considering all these features, there is little chance that a slow PC user who installs Norton Utilities Premium will not find satisfaction in their problem.

Interface and ergonomics

The Norton Utilities Premium editor does not seek to change what already works perfectly and works as simply as possible. Indeed, like all the software suites of its publisher, this PC cleaner has an interface in “SAAS” mode . The advantage of the latter is that it has become almost unique to the publisher, which works perfectly well for it. As a result, the usual users of its solutions quickly take them in hand. Overall, this interface presents no problems.

Thus, at the reception of the application are presented pictograms as pleasant to look at as they are easy to understand. The user will easily guess the functionality of each of them. When all is well, the software indicates this by the green color of the modules .

By double-clicking with the mouse or double tapping with the finger, the user is directed to the sub-module of his choice. It is also simple and easy to navigate the software. The user always easily knows the section in which he is.

Norton Utilities Premium subscription price

Even though the Norton Utilities Premium PC cleaner is suitable for a particular use, it is more so for professional use. Indeed, the annual subscription to this software solution is €39.99 for 10 computers.

The publisher offers additional services for a better user experience. The prices of the latter are added directly to that of the main subscription. A tacit renewal is made at the end of the subscription. It should be noted that the subscription price for a service with NortonLifelock is subject to change at any time. However, the publisher takes care to notify its customers by email before sending them an invoice.

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