How to exit Samsung TV Plus

For some time now, using your Samsung TV has become a sort of nightmare: every time you turn on the device, on time, you are shown a series of channels that you had never seen before, totally different from those normally received via antenna or dish. You have also tried to take a look at the various contents that are broadcast by the “mysterious” broadcasters that your TV insists on showing you, but you do not find anything interesting and, moreover, you also fear that this unwanted service has a cost .

So far, the only thing you have understood is that the latter is called Samsung TV Plus , so you would like to see us a little more clearly on the subject and, above all, you would like to go back to watching the channels you used to watch normally: you have already tried , in fact, to tune in to other broadcasters, without however succeeding in your intent. There is no need to continue: I have already understood perfectly what your situation is and, if you will give me the opportunity, I will be happy to help you by explaining how to get out of Samsung TV Plus .

The operation, in itself, is very simple, but I anticipate that on some televisions of the well-known Korean brand it may also be necessary to reset the device, since the service in question may present malfunctions that require a “radical” intervention. Having said that, before getting to the heart of the tutorial, I just have to wish you a good read and good luck for everything!


  • Samsung TV Plus: what it is
  • How to remove Samsung TV Plus
    • Exit Samsung TV Plus
    • Delete Samsung TV Plus channels
    • Perform channel tuning
    • Reset Smart Hub and reset TV

Samsung TV Plus: what it is

In the next chapters I will show you in detail how to get out of Samsung TV Plus ; now, however, I think you may find some brief information about the service in question useful, in order to “focus” on its terms and main characteristics.

Well, Samsung TV Plus is a TV streaming service based on on demand channels broadcast on TV via the Internet . The service is available on all Samsung Smart TVs released since 2016 (and also on Samsung smartphones of the Galaxy line in app format , however I will not deal with the latter here).

Samsung TV Plus is completely free and does not require any kind of subscription or membership. For the use of the service it is not even necessary to make any download, since the same is pre-installed on the televisions of the Korean giant. The latter is, essentially, the reason that prevents the complete removal of the service from your device (I will return to this point specifically later ) and for this same reason it is only possible to deactivate it.

The TV Plus channels are placed starting from number 4000 and the number of them is constantly increasing (at the time of writing there are more than 50), since new ones are regularly added. The content offer ranges from entertainment to current events, passing through music and sport.

How to remove Samsung TV Plus

Is everything clear so far? Well, then let’s proceed with the guide relating to the exit from Samsung TV Plus . The steps that I am about to illustrate should be valid a little for all the televisions of the Korean big, but keep in mind that some menu items may vary a little from device to device.

Exit Samsung TV Plus

As I mentioned earlier, Samsung TV Plus essentially consists of a series of “additional” channels accessible via the Internet; which means that, in most cases, if you are viewing the contents broadcast by one of the broadcasters of this service, to return to the “standard” channels of your TV, just simply type on the remote control the number of the “normal” channel to be watch (e.g. 1 for Rai 1 or 501 for Rai 1 HD).

Alternatively, to “exit” from TV Plus, you can hold down the CH + key or the CH – key on the remote control (the one to change channels by going forward or backward) until the TV displays a channel that is not part of those between the number 4000 and the number 4550 .

However, on some Samsung TVs these simple solutions may not be enough , since for a malfunction of the aforementioned service, once the channels of the same are displayed, it is no longer possible to return to those received by the antenna or dish by typing the number. on the remote control.

If your appliance falls into one of these cases, proceed by pressing the Home button on the remote control (the one with a house symbol ) once the TV is on. As soon as the Smart TV taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen, use the directional arrows to move around the menu, until the Samsung TV Plus icon is highlighted .

At this point, press the Down Arrow key and then press the Down Arrow key again and then Enter (the one with the symbol of a rectangle that is placed between the directional arrow keys ) on the Remove item . At this point, press the Disable button on the screen and that’s it. By doing this you should have just turned off Samsung TV Plus. That wasn’t difficult, was it?

If at a later time you want to retrace your steps and enable the aforementioned service again, press the Home button on the remote control, then move to the left in the application menu, select the Sources item and press the Enter key . Finally, select the Samsung TV Plus icon (the one that shows the name of the service) from the list of available sources and, finally, press the Enter button .

How do you say? Have you followed the above steps to the letter but are still showing TV Plus channels on your TV? If so, press the button again Home , then select the ‘ icon of Samsung TV Plus with the keys arrow keys , press the Down Arrow and in the panel that you are shown, press the Enter the item Remove twice .

Delete Samsung TV Plus channels

If, due to malfunctions of the Samsung TV Plus service , the above procedure does not have the desired outcome, try to delete all the channels included in TV Plus: in this way, the service should be removed from your TV. Carrying out this operation is very simple.

First, press the Home button on the remote control and select the Samsung TV Plus icon with the directional arrow keys . Once the aforementioned icon is selected (and therefore shown larger than the others), press the Up Arrow key . At this point, in the panel that is shown to you, select the Channel List item and press the Enter key on it.

Now, move up with the Up Arrow key and then press the Right Arrow key to select the Edit Channels item . Finally, press the Enter key to confirm and press the same key again to select all the TV Plus channels one by one (in this way you should be shown the check mark next to the name of each of them). Finally, move to the right, select the Delete item and press the Enter key twice in a row.

You should now have completely removed TV Plus from the TV. If this is not the case, repeat the same steps seen above and, in the last phase, instead of pressing the Enter key on the Delete item , press it on the Lock item and, later, confirm by entering the PIN of your device (if you’ve never set one up, just type 0000 on the remote).

If the lock option is shown to you in gray and you do not have the possibility to activate it, press the Settings button on the remote control, then go to Transmission> Apply Channel lock and press the Enter key on the circular box that is shown to you, in order to enable the function.

After carrying out what I just told you, also turn off the automatic updating of applications (every time new channels are added to the service, in fact, the latter is displayed again on your TV and your efforts would be in vain). To proceed in this direction, press the Home key and then move to the left to select the Apps item and press the Enter key on it.

From here, press the Enter key again on the gear icon located at the top right (the Settings item ) and, finally, press the Enter key on the Update item . Automatic App , to remove the tick from the latter.

How do you say? The Edit channels item in the TV Plus channel list is shown in gray and you cannot, therefore, delete the channels of the service? In this case, make sure that the Hospitality mode has not been activated by mistake on your TV (the latter, in fact, prevents access to settings such as changing channels and settings related to the picture, transmission and tuning of channels) . To do this, type in quick succession on the remote control one of the key combinations listed below.

  • With TV on– Mute key + 1 + 1 + 9 + Enter key.
  • With TV off– Info button + Settings button + Mute + ON button.
  • With TV off– Mute key + 1 + 1 + 9 + ON key.
  • With TV off– Mute key + 1 + 8 + 2 + ON key.
  • With TV off– Info button + Menu button + Mute button + ON button.

Once you have accessed the configuration panel, which should be shown at the top left, make sure that the word OFF is shown next to the Hospitality mode item and, if not, select the Hospitality mode item ; then press the Enter key or the Right Arrow key until OFF is shown .

Finally, turn the TV off and on again (I recommend: do not change any of the other settings you see, unless you already have experience with using this “secret” menu of Samsung TVs). Once you have completed the above verification, you can proceed to deleting the TV Plus channels by following the steps I have listed above.

Perform channel tuning

Even a simple automatic tuning of the TV channels could allow you to “exit” without problems from Samsung TV Plus . Not sure how to do it? No problem, I’ll gladly help you do it.

First, press the Settings button on the remote control or, alternatively, press the Home button ; then move to the left in the taskbar, select the Settings item (the one with the gear ) and press the Enter key .

To continue, select the word Broadcast in the menu that is shown to you and then press the Enter key . Go then on the option Auto Tuning and enter the PIN of your television (if you’ve never set, the code is 0000 ). Next, select the type of broadcast for channel search ( Antenna , Cable , Satellite and so on) and press the Enter key on the Search button .

Now you just have to wait for the process to finish and, finally, press the Enter key on the OK button . Once the procedure is complete, the TV should automatically show you the “standard” channels and, in this way, Samsung TV Plus should no longer be shown to you.

How do you say? Still need help with tuning your TV? Then I recommend reading this guide on how to tune channels .

Reset Smart Hub and reset TV

Still nothing to do? In this case you could try, after having carried out the procedures I have listed above, to turn off your TV and disconnect any cables and / or connected devices from it. Leave the TV off and without power for about 10 minutes and then try turning it back on to see if TV Plus is still present.

If this last hypothesis occurs and none of the solutions I have proposed so far have worked, the last attempt you can make is to first reset the Smart Hub (i.e. the Smart TV application menu) and then on the TV reset . But I warn you: restoring Smart Hub to the initial state will also delete all the applications stored on the Smart TV. Therefore, carefully evaluate whether to carry out this step or not (at the end of the procedure, however, the same applications removed can then be reinstalled ).

Resetting the TV, on the other hand, will cause it to be reset to factory settings ; in other words, the TV will return exactly as it was just out of the box (if you decide to continue in this sense, once you have reset the TV, setting it up again is really very simple, as I explained to you some time ago ). To proceed with the reset of Smart Hub, press the Settings button on the remote control, or press the Home button and then move in the system tray until you reach and select the Settings icon (the one with the gear).

Next, go to Support> Self Diagnosis> Reset Smart Hub and enter your TV PIN to confirm. Once this is done, reset the TV by going again to Settings> Support> Self-diagnosis> Reset and confirm by typing the PIN . For more details on these procedures, I refer you to my tutorials on how to remove icons from the Samsung TV screen and how to reset Samsung TV .


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