How does Razer cortex work?

Got Razer Cortex software and want to use it? If unfortunately you don’t know how it works, don’t worry. Discover all the features of the Razer Cortex software here.

Razer Cortex: Key Features

Razer Cortex is a software that ensures the optimization of the performance of your computer. It ensures that your computer tool can support all games, even if they require system resources. As a result, the software switches to the automatic shutdown of all series of services deemed unimportant by the application.

The software therefore puts your processor in a special system that is focused on your game to maximize your total frame count. You must note that the maximum processor speed and RAM are part of the various minimum requirements of the games for them to run normally. Thanks to this software, you have the possibility of cleaning the RAM so that the management of your disk is optimized.

Besides, aside from the RAM cleaning feature, the Razer Cortex software also does the boosting of your processor. That said, you can play without your system crashing during playback. If you also want to find your old configurations, Razer Cortex takes care of it. In this case, you will only need to click a single button and the software will do it while restoring your system.

Razer Cortex: secondary features

Apart from all these features, the Razer Cortex software also has secondary ones. This software is not only an application to boost systems , it is also a commercial call software. It will offer you various games that you can download and even small promotions.

It should be remembered that Razer Cortex also has important secondary features. It is not only a game booster, but it has some functions related to in-game multimedia. As an example, the software allows you to record videos of your games and even capture screenshots. You also have the option to switch to activating your built -in Gamecaster overlay .

This activation adds some essential functions to your game. You can also activate the FPS overlay to monitor the various performance of your game.

Using Razer Cortex

To benefit from the various features of the Razer Cortex software, certain requirements must be taken into account. Indeed, to use this software, you will first have to create a Razer account . To do this, you need a good connection and a search engine. All you have to do is download the software from this search engine.

Once the download is complete, you create your Razer account while notifying your personal information which will be requested. You will then have in your mailbox an email from the application proving that your account has been validated. From then on, you can start taking advantage of Razer’s features by adding your games to the software

Although the application performs an automatic search for games on your computer tool, you also have the option of adding them manually. In addition, you can go to the “game booster” tab to select the available parameters and the various optimizations. To free up enough RAM for your game, the total number displayed therefore specifies the number of elements to be optimized.

Then, for the improvement of your system, the number under arrangement indicates the total number of elements that can be optimized. You have the option to do the execution of the two options “strengthen” and “twist”. Otherwise, they will be automatically executed if you launch a single game startup. If you want to know the specifications of your computer, you can consult them in the “my rig” tab.


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