Video Card Unavailable Error in StarCraft II

Users report frequent problems opening StarCraft II due to unavailable graphics card. Verbatim error message: “The video card is not available. Try opening StarCraft II again or restarting your computer. If the error persists, contact the technical support service for advice. ” That being said, other Blizzard games work just fine. Other users report that the picture freezes before this error during the match, while the game continues. The drivers are the freshest and the task manager does not help. After exiting the game and when trying to restart it, a message appears stating that the video card is not available. These problems can be solved in several ways.

Reboot your computer

An important point: do not restart the PC using the button on the system unit, because the system could be damaged. This action is best done using the Start button. Rebooting when an error occurs with the video card in many cases helps to eliminate system crashes. After restarting the PC, Windows turns on with the standard system settings, in which there are no longer any “conflicts”.

Performance check

Each video game is designed to meet certain requirements that must be met by a PC. If your computer is less than the minimum specifications for StarCraft II, various errors may appear, including with unavailable graphics card.

Updating Drivers

For this operation, you need to follow the following instruction.

  1. Press the Win + R combination.
  2. Enter DxDiag.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the “DirectX Diagnostic Tools” window, you need to go to the Display section.

The “Device” tab will indicate the manufacturer and name of your video card. The version code of the installed driver is indicated in the “Drivers” window of the same name. Go to the official website of your device and download the latest version of the drivers you need. Also, the manufacturer’s page should indicate how to update the driver.

Disable background apps

Third-party programs that run in the background often conflict with games, and StarCraft II is no exception. To establish the source of problems with the video card when starting the game and, accordingly, close these programs, use the instructions on this resource:

… By clicking on the link, you need to select your operating system. And below the whole algorithm of actions for solving the problem will appear.

Turn off the Xbox DVR software on Windows 10

Xbox DVR is a program that has a very negative impact on determining the right video card. As a result, Windows 10 incorrectly tries to start a video game. Simply disabling this app has helped many users.

  • Through “Start” / “Search” find the program by entering “XBOX” in the line.
  • Further settings.
  • Select the “Game DVR” tab and simply move the slider to the “Off” state.

Resetting settings inside the game

The client allows users to reset in-game settings without directly logging into the game.

  1. Open
  2. Click on Settings (the button next to the blue gear at the top of the client).
  3. Select the Game Settings tab.
  4. Find StarCraft II in the list.
  5. Click Reset In-Game Settings.

Next, “Finish” and restart the game.

Adding a parameter to the launch

Most applications support the creation of certain shortcuts with different parameters that are responsible for setting the operation of a particular program. When a StarCraft II “graphics card is not available” error occurs, one of these options can help. Step-by-step instructions for adding parameters:

  1. Open the app. go to the “Settings” tab “Game settings”.
  2. Next, next to the line “Additional command line arguments” check the box.
  3. In the field that appears, enter or copy -Displaymode 0.
  4. Save changes (click “OK”) and close the program.

Then restart your computer and try starting SC II again.

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