Top 8 Games All Time You Must Know

Games are countless virtual worlds that allow us to become who we want to be, but cannot in real life.

Top 8 Games All Time


It is a popular indie sandbox game. The graphic component of the game is a variety of cubes that serve as building material for the structures being created.

The popularity of this project is also due to the fact that it is suitable not only for lovers of creativity, but also for quests with elements of battles and interesting finds.


This is a real survival simulator that has an open world. The gameplay of the project is based on collecting resources during the day and survival in the dark. In the game, gamers expect a lot of opportunities in the form of building buildings, improving weapons, as well as gathering a team to destroy opponents. Excellent gameplay and nice design will have a great time.

World of Tanks

Acquired the status of a cult game that conquered millions of users all over the planet. This tank simulator takes place in real time in a World War II setting. Gamers are attracted by the atmosphere of legendary battles with historically accurate armored vehicles, realistic gameplay, and a variety of game maps.

Left 4 Dead 2

It is a cooperative action-shooter from the 1st person, in which elements of survival horror are traced in the conditions of a virtual zombie apocalypse. Compared to the 1st part of the game, new modes have appeared here, including multiplayer, when gamers are divided into 2 teams, the realism and complexity of the gameplay have grown. After the release, this project received a lot of positive feedback.

Far Cry 4

An open-world Action video game. Its events take place in Kirat, a region of the picturesque Himalayas. However, gamers have no time to admire the beautiful scenery. They are busy with dangerous and exciting adventures, show strength and skill in battles in the arena, create their own cards, embodying any ideas. In a word, it is difficult to break away from the game.

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

One of the most popular team-based tactical first-person shooters, the continuation of a series that has already become a legend that stood at the origins of eSports. In addition to many traditional things, completely new maps, original game modes, lobbies for fighters, etc. are introduced here. With patience, you can become a professional player.

Assassin’s Creed

It is a media franchise based on the video game series. Much of it is designed as an action-adventure game with a focus on parkour and stealth. An interesting plot that takes you back to the era of the Third Crusade, spectacular battles, a combination of adventure, fighting, stealth, action – all this makes the gamer play without stopping.


The fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series of role-playing games, which allows the player to freely move around the vast game world, find new tasks and places in it. Among the features of this game, one can single out the ability to improve the main character, thanks to which missions are easily completed and tasks are completed, as well as greater realism of game events. The project captures the gamer entirely.


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