Top 5 games banned in different countries

Good afternoon, dear readers. We are used to playing a variety of games: from simple survival games to the most terrible horror games. However, in some countries the gaming industry is very closely monitored, and various games are prohibited for some reason: cruelty, propaganda, nationalism, and for other reasons too. Today we take a look at the top 5 games that many of us have played, but which are banned in various countries. Let’s go!

Mortal Kombat Series

The series of fighting games Mortal Kombat is known to all gamers, because this is where the real massacre takes place: close-ups show all the injuries inflicted, and there is no point in talking about fatality and brutality – everyone knows about it, because opponents there can be destroyed in incredibly cruel ways.

In Russia, and in the CIS countries, there are no problems with this series. However, in two large countries, Mortal Kombat is not sold and is completely banned. We are talking about Germany and South Korea. The punishments if you find this game may be different. And the reason is clear – this is an incredibly brutal 18+ game, where, in addition to brutality, some female characters are dressed quite openly. And we can enjoy this game without any problems!


Many do not remember this game, since it was released back in 1997. However, if you managed to play this masterpiece, then you should remember the scandal around it. And the scandal was with Great Britain.

The reason was pretty obvious – brutality. The fact is that in Carmageddon there were pedestrians who could be easily crushed. At the same time, there was a lot of blood. As the British authorities considered, the game was too cruel and was banned in the form in which it is sold.

However, a solution was found and the pedestrians were replaced with zombies. In addition, red blood has been replaced with green so that there is no analogy with human cruelty. Yes, in other countries the game was sold in the standard edition, and in Britain there were zombies instead of pedestrians. A strange decision, but oh well.

Football Manager 2005

But what is very surprising is the presence of a football simulator on the list of prohibited games. Yes, it would seem, why prohibit football, but China thinks a little differently, and then the question of territorial integrity arose.

The fact is that there are different teams in the game, and of course there are national teams from different countries. And in FM 2005, Tibet and Taiwan were different, separate states, with their own teams, national team, squad and players.

Let’s just say that China did not really agree with this decision, and therefore the game was banned throughout the state, and as far as we know, it is still banned. In general, the Chinese are very fond of prohibiting, they have many prohibitions, many of which surprise us. But what to do – these are the realities.

Arma 3

In general, in various shooters, which have their own storyline, this or that country is shown in a bad light. Russia is already accustomed to the fact that in many shooters it is the main antagonist. However, not all countries tolerate this, and the example of Arma 3 is a complete confirmation of this.

Perhaps everyone has heard about this game, and many have played it. Iran is shown in this game in a bad light, as enemies. This will please not every Iranian, which is why the game is prohibited in the country at the state level. It is a pity that the games still affect the politics of real states, because you can come up with imaginary countries, and fight with them so as not to lose the target audience in the whole country.

Grand Theft Auto series

And of course, the absolute leader is the Grand Theft Auto series. How many scandals there have been around this game since the beginning of the release of the first part. If something bad happens in this world, computer games are immediately blamed, and most often it is the GTA series.

The game is great, GTA 5 still has a very high online, although it was released back in 2013. All parts are unique and cool in their own way, and are prohibited in some countries of the world.

A striking example is Thailand, where the game was banned after an unfortunate incident where a GTA fan committed a crime, and then GTA was found on his computer. Naturally, everyone immediately began to say that computer games were to blame for this (after all, before the advent of computer games, there were no crimes at all, we all know perfectly well … everyone lived happily ever after). Well, this was followed by a ban. Simple, fast, ineffective!

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