Top 10 cars that will blow you away in GTA 5

GTA 5 has a lot of cars in it. We have brought together 10 of the fastest among them.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) contains many vehicles. The speed of each car is at different levels, so players have some difficulty choosing the fastest one. At the same time, new cars continue to be added to the production with new updates to the GTA Online side of the game . We brought together the fastest GTA 5 vehicles of 2021 . Here are the fastest cars and cars of GTA 5 …

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The fastest cars of GTA 5

Ocelot Pariah

Ocelot Pariah is currently known as the fastest vehicle in GTA 5 . According to the measurements, the highest speed that the car can reach is 136 mph, or 218.87 km/h. The car, which falls under the Sports category, is on sale at the vehicle store in GTA Online for $ 1,420,000 .


Grotti Itali RSX

The Grotti Itali RSX is another of the fastest cars in the game. When this vehicle reaches top speed, it can travel at 135.30 mph , which is equivalent to 217.74 km/h . The GTA Online price of the vehicle in the Sports category is waiting for its buyer as $ 3.465.000 .


Pfister 811

The Pfister 811 has a speed close to the Grotti Itali RSX. When the vehicle reaches the highest speed, it provides transportation with 132.50 mph . This corresponds to a speed of 213.24 km / h . The price of the vehicle in the Super category in GTA Online has been determined as $ 1.135.000 .


Principe Deveste Eight

Principe Deveste Eight is particularly eye-catching with its design. When it comes to speed, the car can reach 131.75 mph . When we look at it in kilometers, this points to 212.03 km/h . The cost of the vehicle in the Super area is 1,795,000 .

Bravado Banshee 900R

The Bravado Banshee 900R looks more like an everyday luxury vehicle than a racing vehicle. However, we see that he is quite assertive about speed. When we look at it, the Banshee 900R can reach speeds of 131 mph . In terms of kilometers, this speed represents 210.82 km/h . This vehicle in the Super category offers the player a good alternative with a price of $ 565,000 in the store .

Invetero Coquette D10

The Invetero Coquette D10 looks exactly like a racing car. We can also say that it looks quite stylish. Looking at it, it can reach 130 mph in terms of speed . This corresponds to a speed of 209.21 km / h . The car, which is in the Super category, is in front of the player with a price of 1.510.000 in GTA Online .

Overflod Entity XXR

Overflod Entity XXR is included in GTA 5, looking like a classic racing vehicle. When we look at the speed side of the vehicle , we see that it reaches up to 128 mph . This equates to 206 km/h . The Overflod Entity XXR, in the Super category, can be purchased for 2,305,000 .

Grotti Itali GTO

Grotti Itali GTO draws attention with its design similar to Mercedes Benz AMG GT Coupe. The vehicle goes up to 127.75 mph in terms of speed . This is equal to 205.59 km/h . The vehicle in the Super category can be purchased at a price of $ 1,965,000 .

Pegassi Toros

Pegassi Toros differs a little more from other racing vehicles in terms of design. Offering an average option in terms of speed, the car also has a separate level in terms of its category. While the car can reach a speed of 127.50 mph , it is considered as an SUV. The price of the vehicle is listed as $ 498,000 .

Grotti X80 Proto

Grotti X80 Proto has a very different racing car design. The car can reach the same speed as the Pegassi Toros. The price of the vehicle in the Super category is $ 2,700,000 .

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