Tinkoff launches Tinkoff Pay instant payment service

Tinkoff introduced its own instant payment service Tinkoff Pay. It will allow you to quickly pay for purchases of goods or services on the Internet and without entering card details. The service combines the best payment and financial-technical solutions of the company’s ecosystem, and not only customers, but also sellers will be able to use them.

All you need to use Tinkoff Pay is the mobile app. So far, only Tinkoff cards can be linked for payment, for cards of other banks this feature will be introduced in the near future. At the same time, cashback will be credited for payments, it is also planned to add additional options for it soon.

Tinkoff Pay implements such technologies as online and offline instant payments, payment by installments or shares, authorization and confirmation of payments through biometric data, cashback accrual, linking to the Wallet application, and much more.

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