How Entrepreneurs Can Set Up a Logistics Business in Dubai

If you are looking to start a logistics business company in Dubai or don’t know where to start from, simply have a read of this informative post.

The favorable business environment is a major factor in attracting investors to Dubai. Here you can choose from many business opportunities and start your entrepreneurial journey with ease. Logistics support is essential for any business. Many entrepreneurs from across the world wish to set up a logistics business in Dubai. The logistics company will provide services including warehousing, shipping and distribution. Due to this important role, it makes sense and is advisable to set up a logistics company in Dubai.

Logistics Business in Dubai

Dubai enjoys a favorable geographical location. The port in Dubai plays a key role in the country’s economy as it allows easy shipping, export and import of goods to and from European and Asian countries. This means that Dubai has almost 50% of the logistics business in the UAE.

An entrepreneur with a reliable operating plan and in-depth knowledge can maximize the profits of the logistics business in Dubai. Significant investment may also be required to establish you in this highly competitive area of ​​business. Most professional businesses set up consultants companies that can help you set up a logistics company and provide productive guidance.

Main Logistics Business Hubs in Dubai

Identifying a progressive jurisdiction is the key to growing your business. Most of the free zone domains in the emirates offer logistics business licenses. Even so, it is very useful when you can start doing business in the ideal free zone. Most businesses set up consultant companies in Dubai oversee business areas in Dubai/UAE. They have identified three jurisdictions with free zones in Dubai that are most useful for logistics businesses in the UAE.

Dubai South Free Zone

The Dubai Southern Free Zone was established by the Dubai government in 2006 and offers great infrastructure and outstanding government support. Located near the desired Al Maktoum airport, the Free Zone has an area of ​​145 km².

The planned free zone with high-tech storage facilities and good connections to the centre of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, South Dubai, offers excellent support for logistics business in Dubai. The government has made additional investments as this is a very important free zone in the future. It has recently emerged as the most preferred jurisdiction among logistics companies in the UAE.

Dubai Airport Free Zone

With a strong presence in the global business environment, the Dubai Airport free zone or DAFZA is another ideal location for logistics companies in Dubai. Located near one of the world’s busiest airports, it opens trade routes to Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Starting a DAFZA company has many advantages.

DAFZA has more than 1,800 companies and more than 15,000 professionals. Its well-designed infrastructure and unmatched equipment make it one of the best domains in the UAE not only for logistics companies but also for companies from all industries. No wonder why some logistics groups have their locations here.

Jebel Ali Free Zone

The Jebel Ali Free Zone or JFZA was founded in 1985. The Free Zone has grown rapidly for more than three and a half decades. There are currently more than 8,000 legal entities in the jurisdiction. With end-to-end solutions and optimal growth prospects, JAFZA has become one of the best free zones in Dubai. Former individuals or residents who want to start a logistics company in Dubai can choose JAFZA to start a business. It attracts about 24% of Dubai’s FDI.

How to Start a Logistics Company in UAE?

The process of starting a logistics company in Dubai is as easy as establishing any other company in Dubai. The set-up process starts with determining the right free zone for you and ends with the involvement of a logistics company.

Obtain Initial Approval

Submit the required application to the free zone authority and get the initial permission to start the business. Documents requested by the authorities must be attached to the application.

Registration of the Entity

The logistics company you want to set up must be registered with the authority. This requires the submission of the necessary documents about the company.

 Submission of Business Plan for Perusal

The business plan, logistics company legal form and other applicable documents must be submitted for review.

Company Incorporation

You can start a full-fledged business after setting up a business. Pay the fees, get the deed of incorporation from the commercial register and get down to business.

Why Choose Professional Business setup services?

Most professional business setup consultant companies have a long history of providing reliable service. They have been the first choice for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs for more than two decades. They offer great support to our valued customers with formalities to start a business in Dubai/UAE.

Professional business setup consultant companies have good relations with the royal family and the UAE’s ruling government officials. According to carefully defined rules, they help you to set up your logistics company in Dubai in the shortest possible time and make it a successful company.



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