The Sims 5: everything we know so far

We have news about the launch of The Sims 5 , a game that is already a classic and that everyone, even once, has created an addictive character on that interactive platform, in which you live through your avatar and with which you enjoy Disconnect from the daily routine of your life.

The Sims have been modifying their proposal over time and the generations of the game, in fact there are many new features that could greatly enrich the game, especially after the social limitations to which we have been subjected by the pandemic and that is that an offer of employment published by the developers let it be known Sims 5 could bring with it an online mode and also a competitive one.

What to expect from The Sims 5

The last chapter that Electronic Arts has released of this game was the Sims 4 in 2014 , although the title has certainly not stopped evolving since then and for this the company has made sure to periodically announce numerous expansions and packs, however the company has acknowledged that it is working on the next generation of the game and it is very likely that the time of multiplayer will come in Sims 5.

This online mode that would be present in the new episode of Sims responds to the rhythm of current games and the demands of the players themselves. If everything is fulfilled, then we would see this multiplayer that would allow you to interact with your friends and if you still do not think it is possible then look at this job offer announced by Electronics Arts

“We are looking for software engineers who can develop massively scalable and reliable web services that support millions of players, as well as other responsibilities in the gaming process.”

But it has also been Laura Miele herself, Director of Studies at EA, who has said in reference to the Sims Online that came out in 2002 that “we are certainly ahead of our time and I think that 20 years later, we have learned a lot about how the Sims interact players, what motivates them and how they can come together cooperatively”

Words that come along with the announcement of the development of the new Sims 5, so there is no doubt about the online multiplayer mode that will come to this saga .

However, it is not an easy decision, since this feature could divide the public into two large segments : at one end would be those who want this social interaction that would allow them to connect with other players; while we see the other side of the coin in those who fear that the initial objective of the game about creating your own alternative reality will be replaced by a kind of playable social network.

Monetization in Sims 5

Another of the rumors that exists about the Sims 5 and the arrival of the multiplayer mode is that the door could be opened to a monetization method in the game , something that makes a lot of sense since they could sell properties, lives and a whole submarket that has origin within all the reality that unfolds within the game.

The comments point to it being a market for creators , something very similar to what happens with Roblox, allowing creativity and all the time invested in creation to have a reward.

It is said that many advertisers and companies would be interested in entering this segment , being sponsors and advertisers in different situations of the game, such as “virtual stores” of some products, drinks, clothing and many other alternatives.

Also, the rumor is growing about the possible arrival of a free online and temporary version . It looks like The Sims 5 could have an online version that you can play for a while, or with a limit of actions and then you have to pay a subscription or membership to continue.

If true, that would confirm the game’s turn towards a model that is more adapted to the new times in the world of video games, a business that has been very productive for other developers so far.

What devices can we play The Sims 5 on?

The number of alternatives that exist in the market in which we can play a video game title is growing, but the options are growing especially on PCs and next- generation video game consoles , so it is very likely that the announcement of Sims 5 online is for computers, as well as for PlayStation and Xbox consoles .

It is very likely that Nintendo Switch will be left out of this list , because there is no known Electronics Arts plan that includes the hybrid console in its delivery plan, something that could change at the last minute if an agreement was reached. Windows and macOS would have equal access to the game, something that is to be expected since it has always been available for both operating systems.

Sims 5 Release

That is one of the main questions to be resolved about what we know so far about the Sims 5. Although there is nothing official about the launch of this game, for now its arrival is not so close, at least not for 2021 in terms of the outlet for sale.

If the rumors crystallize, it is possible that Sims 5 will be presented during the E3 fair to be held next June and the sale would begin in spring 2022. Something that has been said a lot is that Sims 5 could also arrive under a model of subscription, but it is something that would be optional for players.

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