The best online services for comparing documents

For many people, due to the nature of their activities, it is very important to compare documents in a timely manner. If this process is done manually, it will be very long, laborious and there is a possibility that the user will make a huge number of errors. This is inconvenient and unprofitable.

It is clear that it is quite difficult to deal with revisions or different versions of documents, therefore, to solve this problem, it is necessary to automate the process of comparing the contents of files in order to see the differences between them.

Of course, it is possible to view changes in different versions of an Excel or Word document using the Microsoft Office software. However, it is much more convenient to do this using special services that allow you to compare files.

A web application on a specialized service has its advantages over a program installed on a computer. The user can use the services of the online service from any device: PC, phone or tablet. To access the website, you only need a browser – a program for accessing the Internet.

There have been free and paid tools for comparing the contents of files for a long time. Moreover, the former often function no worse than the latter.

In this article, we will look at several popular web applications that are currently most in demand among users. First you will get acquainted with free solutions, and then you will learn about their paid counterparts.


Diffchecker is an online document comparison tool. The main function of this program is to compare two versions of the same document.

The service supports comparison of test files, images, Excel workbooks, PDF files. In the paid version of the web application, you can compare the contents of folders.

To make a comparison, you need to go through several steps:

  1. It is necessary to upload files to the form located on the main page of the service, in the tab of the appropriate format (Text, Images, PDF, Excel).
  2. After that, you need to click on the “Find Difference” button (Find the difference).
  3. The form fields will display the differences between the pasted content, highlighted in different colors.
  4. The result (number of deletions or additions) will be displayed at the top of the page.

The resulting comparison report can be saved for a period selected by the user, the service offers the following options:

  • For 60 minutes.
  • For 24 hours.
  • Forever.

Access to the saved report will be opened via the link. This is useful when you need to share the result with another person, such as a colleague or partner. By the way, to keep your documents safe, it is recommended to use the best VPN for Windows to prevent threats .

The service processes documents in PDF format, but during the comparison process, the formatting will be reset, and the documents will look like plain text that is available for editing.

Embedika Compare

The Embedlka Compare service is a web application that has no analogues on the Russian market yet. Therefore, the developers decided to create a convenient tool for lawyers, clerks, as well as those professionals who actively work with documents. This tool will allow them to perform the necessary work related to file comparison as quickly and comfortably as possible.

The main difference of the service is that it is able to preserve the original formatting and filling of documents. At the same time, there is no division into lines and paragraphs.

Using this service, you can work with documents saved in various formats, including the most popular ones:

  • docx, doc, pdf.

In addition, the program is equipped with a special training mode, and the service interface is translated into Russian. With the help of the program , you can switch from one found difference to another , synchronize documents, and also show the changes that have occurred with the entire amount of text.

Important! Uploaded files will not be stored anywhere. The web application will automatically delete them after the user closes the browser tab. Therefore, the user needs to process the results as soon as they are received.

Documents with comparison results will also not be saved on the company’s servers. They will not be made available to the public.

If the browser tab is closed, the comparison will have to be performed again. Despite the fact that this process is quite fast, it still takes some time.

Draftable Online

Draftable Online is an online tool for side-by-side comparison of Word, PDF, and PowerPoint documents.

The free online version of the program will allow you to compare files in the following formats:

  • PDF.
  • DOC, DOCX (Word program formats).
  • PPT, PPTX (PowerPoint formats).

In order to analyze the documents, you will need to upload both documents in a special field, after which a separate window will open, where all the differences found will be recorded.

This service also has a desktop version for the Windows operating system, which will allow you to compare two documents in different formats on a computer without access to the Internet. The user will be able to compare files saved in Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, for example between different types of formats such as “DOC” and “PDF”.

The subscription price for using the PC app will be $129 per year.

Free Online Artwork Proofing Tools (Bizongo)

The Free Online Artwork Proofing Tools (Bizongo) service is designed to verify works of art. The available tools will help you find fonts, extract colors, measure sizes, and compare two design files.

The web application compares PDF documents automatically. Please note that after the browser tab with the web application is closed, all reports will be deleted.

The online service supports working with PDF files up to 50 MB in size.

The results will be displayed on a special pop-up screen in the form of flickering, highlighted pieces of text. This somewhat complicates the use of the service.

Despite this, if we compare this program with other similar services, it can be noted that Artwork Proofing Tools will allow you to process information not only in text format, but also in tabular, as well as in the form of images.

The user may also be interested in some paid options – programs installed on a computer, some of which can be found below.


Kaleidoscope is a program designed to compare texts, file folders and images . The tool has an eye-pleasing design and also allows you to edit textual information.

This app only works on iOS and macOS operating systems. The full version for Mac costs $69.99. The iPad version is $19.99.


DeltaWalker has similar features to Kaleidoscope, except for the ability to edit documents directly in the application. DeltaWalker is designed to work with macOS (Mac OSX), Windows or Linux. The cost of the program is from 39.95 to 89.95 dollars, depending on the chosen tariff plan.

Araxis Merge

Araxis Merge is designed to compare and merge files of different formats. Comparison of Word, Excel, OpenDocument, PDF, RTF formats, archive files, HTML, XML, etc. is supported. Editing text and pictures will become available after the comparison procedure is performed.

The application works on Windows and macOS operating systems. The standard license costs $119 and the professional license costs $269.

Article Conclusions

While working with documents, users are often faced with the need to compare different versions of a file. Sometimes, it is necessary to compare the contents of files saved in different formats. To solve this problem, you can use specialized services on the Internet. The web application will do all the necessary work of comparing documents and provide a report on the differences found.

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