Star Wars Battlefront 2 721 and 1017 error fixes: causes and problems

Lots of PS4 players are now experiencing error codes 721 and 1017 in Star Wars Battlefront 2 when they connect to the game. The appearance of specific errors means that it is not possible to participate in online matches. The problem affected all players, regardless of the selected game servers.

Battlefront 2 Error Code 721 and 1017 on PS4

These errors are caused by a massive attack on Electronic Arts servers. DDoS has affected not only Battlefront 2, but other games as well, such as Madden and FIFA 18. 

Unfortunately, the interruption in work does not lend itself to a custom fix and players will encounter it when trying to connect to online matches. EA is working hard to solve the problem, most of the servers have returned to online status, but the use of multiplayer is still causing some difficulties.

Workarounds for errors 721 and 1017 in Battlefront 2 on PS4

The prevalence of the problem does not allow you to make decisions on your own, because everything is in the hands of EA. The only thing that remains for you is the ability to connect to the restored servers to test the operation of your Internet connection.

  • Go to network settings and check the Internet connection and PS4 connection .
  • Then restart your console and open Battlefront 2 . The application will independently connect you to the global network.
  • Otherwise, press the right stick on your PS4 controller .

The method is not particularly simple, you have to try it many times, counting on your own luck.

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